Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
New take on a classic
Pros: Fun V-shaped signature with more mature tunning
Cons: The accessories are basic, cable is meh

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Silver-plated cable
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The box of the KZ ZSN PRO-2 is as expected simple and efficient, inside the IEM, a cable and small, medium and large tips this time they are a translucent white starline tips. The Build of the ZSN Pro-2 is actually better than the original with a robust faceplate that reminds me of the classic ZS10 pro. It comes in three color options, Blue with silver, silver and gold. comfort is as always good with nothing to complain about, that classic guitar pick shape is always a good choice. Isolation is good with just the stock tips I found it worked well for me. The tips are fine and a tried-and-true staple in the industry, years ago I'd always keep a set of original starline around. The cable is a good choice for KZ, its simple and it works for most applications and while it is not my favorite from them it works fine.

Sound impressions:
Starting at the Bottom the Bass of the New ZSN-PRO-2 is impactful and deep. Sub-Bass presents with good weight and texture and a nice well controlled rumble that has a decent speed and decay. Mid-Bass has an excellent punch and speed to it. While the Bass in general is powerful it is by no means overpowering and Bass head levels, maybe just a little under Bass head. Just a well-controlled and powerful performance overall and without fatigue like some V-shaped IEM.

Midrange: While not a Mid centered IEM the Midrange particularly lower Midrange has some warmth but not a lot and vocals and instruments present with good clarity and separation. Upper mids and female vocals are not overly stressed and therefore no shouty or spiciness is heard just nice, pleasant mids, vocals are forward just a little and midrange can be a little recessed depending on the music and source.

Treble: The Highs present with an open and airy brilliance, they are bright and have a good extension. I found the sparkle of the highs to be very pleasant without any over emphasis. There is details and brightness but for the most part the Treble is well controlled.

Soundstage: The Stage is well done with aa nice expansive width and great depth; imaging is precise, and I do think this one is great for games and movies on the go.

The new KZ ZSN pro-2 is definitely an improvement of the original in many ways. A fun Vshaped IEM with great Bass, good midrange and treble and wide soundstage. combined with a quality build and cool retro looks this one is a winner.

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i have same iem - like it