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Han Sound Audio Zen 8

  1. Cinder
    Han Sound Zen 8 Review: Inner Peace, Outer Beauty
    Written by Cinder
    Published Mar 27, 2018
    Pros - Excellent construction, nice packaging, visually appealing, comfortable
    Cons - Price?

    Han Sound Zen 8 Review: Inner Peace, Outer Beauty

    Han Sound is a high-end cable maker from Taiwan. They specialize in making… well, cables! They have a pretty impressive lineup, ranging from unique looking cables like the Muse II to the functional Zen 8 + bass controller. Today we’ll be looking at the Standard Zen 8.

    You can find the Muse II for sale here, for roughly $270.

    The Zen 8 comes packaged in a simple, yet stylish cardboard box. It is neatly wrapped and then tucked into a circular foam cutout.

    Build Quality
    The Zen 8, like everything built by the guys at Han Sound, is very cleanly made. It is an 8-core cable that makes use of the double-chain braid. Its way more sturdy than any cable I have in my inventory, and yet it still isn’t the heaviest. The plastic coating over the gorgeous copper strands is “soft” and doesn’t have any bad behavior tangle-wise.

    Han Sound Audio used a gunmetal-black Y-splitter and chin-slider on the Zen 8. It contrasts phenomenally well with the deep copper color the wires hold. The cable’s split is cleanly and neatly, a mark of a skilled craftsman.

    My Zen 8 is terminated with a 2.5mm jack housed in a standard chrome jack. It’s got teardrop-shaped engravings regularly spaced across its surface, a nice touch that I haven’t seen on any other cable-makers products.

    As I mentioned, due to the increased thickness of the Zen 8’s 8-core braid, it is heavier than average. That said, its increased width negates any potential discomfort that may occur from wearing the Zen 8 behind the ears.

    There are very little microphonics. Walking produced no noticeable sound artifacts, though running did a bit.

    The Zen 8 is another masterfully crafted cable from Han Sound Audio. The 8 Core braid they went with is not only stylish but quite durable. Audiophiles looking to compliment their IEMs visually will be very pleased with the durable and aesthetically pleasing Zen 8.
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    2. Cinder
      @audio123 I used an adapter for 2.5mm balanced to 3.5mm balanced for my SuperMini and 2.5mm Balanced to 3.5mm for everything else. Han Sound told me that these wouldn't affect the cable's performance.
      Cinder, Mar 27, 2018
    3. audio123
      @Cinder Oh I see but you have not answered @twister6 question yet. He is curious about the sound.
      audio123, Mar 27, 2018
    4. Cinder
      Cinder, Mar 28, 2018
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