German Maestro GMP 8.35 D Monitor Headphone


My name is grizzlybeast and I'm an audioholic.
Pros: tight solid bass, nice mids and highs, can't find any flaws right now sound wise.
Cons: Looks maybe. But it looks good on me.
Sturdiest pair of headphones I have ever bought. You would be hard pressed to find a better build despite its mostly plastic parts. They may look cheap at a glance but in person they do not. Very well planned build. 
Also for those who like high listening volumes you can expect them not to fry easily. 
These do clamp decently but I actually prefer that so this part is subjective just as well as all others. The pads are soft but not deep. I do not have a trustworthy perspective here because I find most headphones comfortable. They are not heavy and I do find them a little more comfortable than the he-400. Ears get a little warm. With a lot of movement these will not fall off the head or slip in anyway.
If you got the velour pads from the german site it would bump the comfort up to an 8.5. The cups envelope the ears. The headband is simple and not the best either.
Bass 7.5/10
The bass reaches really low and is tight. Quantity can be a tad more for my preference but is sufficient
Mids 8/10 The mids are clear and strong. The mids are def not what I would call recessed here. Not as transparent as a momentum, but clear none the less. 
Highs 8/10 Not sibiliant in most cases. 
I am a little bit baffled with the combination of bass mids and highs here. I am impressed to say the least. 
The instruments are distinguishable and easy to tell apart.
These don't need an amp to get pretty loud but responded to my budget fiio e11 nicely. I was nervous about using the fiio e11 on it because it tends to darken the sound but they did fine. They did not distort at high volumes and easily become an engaging listen. 
Genres: For some reason I can't imagine a genre that these would mess up. It seems like they are colored but everything is somewhat even sounding. The lows, the mids and the highs don't seem to take away from each other. I don't understand how these headphones do this but it does. 
While my wife is vacuuming i cannot hear a thing. Also while she is sleeping she cannot hear a thing. Well maybe a little but not enough to matter at all. This is at high volumes and she is able to sleep. Other headphones were not even close to this.  I was surprised and believe that only in ears can do better than these in this regards. Very minimal leakage and great isolation. If you are into recording and like to feel the music while recording but don't want it bleeding into the mic to mess with recording GET THESE FOR SURE!!!!!! better than the dt770 for recording for sure.
I have always had to be cautious of recording with the headphones loud because of leakage and not with these. 
Basically If I were to design a headphone in this price range to fit my listening preferences I would just add a bit more taming in the sound. I would also make it a little more minimalistic and modern in the looks department. BUT since I can't design headphones then these will be the clear, near perfect winner. 
These headphones make an engaging and accurate listen perfect 
The aiaiai tma1 is similar to this headphone in the way that it makes it like a headphone without many parts and simple in design. But the sound of these IMHO is superior and no way would I trade these for the tma1. These sound like almost everything I wished the COPS to be - Solid bass, strong mids and clear highs without much sibilance. It is the more high fidelity listen of headphones in competition and the sturdier built can. 
Great review. Glad you like them and welcome to the club :)
right on! just trying to find earpads for them. to let them breathe a little and look cool lol.
Good stuff! Your quote "While my wife is vacuuming i cannot hear a thing.", put them straight up on my "must listen to before I buy my next pair" list...


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Pros: Literally everything about it.
Cons: For a comfortable use you have to get used to it but then it is wonderful.
Don't forget that also when you purchase them from German MAESTRO online shop, you can get a 'free' cable or jack modification done by German MAESTRO itself.
Best money ever spent in my whole life. For the ones who wants neutral sound and closed acoustic, you can not get better than these HPs. Also I assure you, these headphones would survive judgment day. Buy it and your grandson will use it years and years later. Now they become signature of me, wherever I go, they are with me.
Ps: I will improve this review but nowadays I am incredibly busy with my master exams. In February I will try to give a more detailed review with the photos I will take.
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about m50s, I think everybody knows that they are not actually monitor headphones, they are wonderful fun headphones but not flat sounding, they are so colorful for me. great for fun and for specific genres but not my taste. I didnt add it into the list cuz I tried them only like 30 mins from my friend.
What do you mean with cable or jack modification?
Can you get the cable removable?
I didn't ask for a removable cable mod, you have to contact them to learn it. But if you send them your cable (one sided) they can put it on the headphone. Also you can choose between straight or cailed cable with the length you want. You can choose the jack, too. Right angled or straight it is up to you, both of them comes with a 6.3mm adapter.


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Pros: Fantastic sound quality, Isolation, comfort.
Cons: Heavy cable
After trying a bunch of closed headphones like the Beyerdynamic DT770 pro 80 ohm, Sennheiser HD25-1 II, Shure SRH840 and also the Shure SE225 IEMs I was never really satisfied. Either the sound quality wasn't good enough, which was the case with the DT770's and the HD25-1's, or the fit was completely wrong like with the SRH840.
I have the Sennheiser HD650 and a pair of Mackie MR8 mkII studio monitors, and I'm very satisfied with the sound these systems give me.
I love music, and playing the drums is my passion.
Pics or it didn't happen:
The HD25-1 II failed to deliver which is why I started searching for a better headphone. This is when I found the GMP 8.35 D, which took some pretty good internet searching because this headphone is not very well known!
Compared to the Sennheiser HD25-1 II
-The sound is more detailed on the GMP 8.35D, less sibilant and harsh in the highs. It also has a much better soundstage and more musical sound overal. The bass has more detail and also extends lower. I actually don't think of the HD25-1 II as a headphone that should be used for casual music listening. It has a very tight sound, with quite a bit of room between the notes (especially in the bass). This is very important when you're a dj and have to sync beats manually.
The GMP 8.35 D is firstly a monitor, and the sound is much more natural, yet it does isolate quite a bit better than the HD25-1 II. After AB-ing the isolation on both these headphones the GMP 8.35 D seemed to isolate about 5 decibels more around the 1 khz region and up. When I clapped my hands the HD25-1 barely isolated, while the GMP 8.35 D isolated most of the sound.
Compared to the HD650
Soundstage is more lush on the HD650, highs are less extended than on the GMP 8.35 D and the bass is less tight. The hd650 does have this fantastic timbre, and this is the only reason why I'm even considering to keep it.
EDIT: I sold the HD650...
Compared to the Mackie's mr8 mkII
Wow, the sound is so close between these two. It is like German Maestro tried to make the headphones out of the Mackie monitors.
Sound is about equally punchy, detail is maybe a tiny bit better on the Mackies and soundstage has a bit more depth on the mackies.
EDIT: with the oval pads detail and soundstage is atleast as good as the mackies on the gmp 8.35D!
The cable is coiled, and the coiled bit is pretty heavy, so I did feel the weight pulling on the headphone a little bit. It's not a big problem at all, but there is an easy solution; I attached a clamp unto the cable so I can attach the cable to a piece of clothing (see below).
Ear pads
They are a bit weird aren't they? I do like the provided sound, and the isolation is probably better on these thick ear pads than on the alternative ear pads.
The sound should change quite a bit when changing the ear pads. This particular thread provides a lot of information on this:
Extended detailed crisp highs without sibilance, extended tight bass and full detailed mids. Combined with a very good seperation, a punchy sound (PRaT?) and with a realistic soundstage. This is how I would desribe the sound quality of the GMP 835 Ds.
But the fantastic isolation and lack of leakage shouldn't be forgotten, when I would play along to the drums with the HD25-1 I had to turn the volume up way too loud. I don't want to be deaf when I'm fifty, so isolation is really important.
EDIT: Paired with the oval ear pads (product number 41-6050) the sound changes radically. The soundstage just comes to life and the amount of detail improves.
It seems a nice job but I am sure I can't do such a mod :) Maybe if I go some audio shop and can they do some things without losing a sound quality? or as you mentioned in your pm, providing some useful links for 'noobs' like me about cable modding can be helpful too I guess. I really dont want to lose from sound quality.
I am gonna drive them with ipod nano without an amp but with low impedance I believe that's ok.
Btw, this question may seem awkward but, since I am in Belgium and it rains quite a lot here, do you think I should cover them from rain drops? or as long as it is not a heavy rain I shouldn't mind a few drops?
HANDS DOWN THE BEST CLOSED HEADPHONE I HAVE TRIED. I was originally going to buy the momentum but these do the trick. But tell me where you guys are getting those earpads from. Do they isolate as good at the stock pads?
Just placed my order - now the wait begins!


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Pros: Clear and accurate sound, good sound isolation, built to last forever
Cons: Utilitarian design will not win any fashion awards
The German Maestro GMP 8.35 D (and it's higher impedance relation the German Maestro GMP 8.300 D) are without doubt the toughest headphones I have come across.  German Maestro call them "nearly indistructable" and I agree!
Sound quality is very nicely balanced.  Bass response is rich, with accurate and precise trebles.  The GMP 8.35 D and 8.300D are both serious audio monitoring tools that are refined and insightful.
This is a reference quality headphone that is suitable for studio, home Hi-Fi or portable applications.  At a push you could hook up the relatively low impedance GMP 8.35 D to a portable audio player and take them out on the street. If you have a decent headphone amplifier then we would recommend the GMP 8.300 D.
The closed back design keeps you well isolated, ensuring a minimum of sound leakage in or out of the cups - as you would expect from a monitor headphone.  The ear cups fit comfortably and the headband keeps the headphones securely on your head.  As with all closed back designs you will need to vent the earcups every so often to keep your ears cool.
The GMP 8.35 D is sturdily made and will survive the the harshest environments (they look and feel military grade).  The headband is made from a band of steel and the earcups are made from a lightweight PE material that will withstand impact.
Built to a very high specification the 8.35 D and GMP 8.300 D will last forever and sound superb. Not everyone will like the no compromise, utilitarian design, but I rather like it!