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100+ Head-Fier
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Pros: Build, aesthetics, mids and upper mids...
Cons: Lack of subbass and roll off in upper frequencies...

TLDR version on YouTube: TDLR - Dunu Alpha 3

The Dunu Alpha 3 have been sent to me as part of a tour organized by Dunu here on HeadFi. Dunu have not requested anything specific and I will do my best to be unbiased in my opinions.

The official page for the Alpha 3 can be found here: https://www.dunu-topsound.com/product-page/alpha-3

As always, this is a non affiliate link.



I really haven’t reviewed many buds, or flathead earbuds to be precise, no do I have a very vast experience with them. I do appreciate some of the qualities they bring to the table in comparison to IEMs but I also dislike some of the negatives (to me) that they bring.

There is no doubt that there are some earbuds out there that can provide some excellent sound quality but they usually come at the expense of isolation, lack of bass and discomfort, again, to me personally. This means that, although I am trying to be as unbiased in my evaluation of the Alpha 3 as possible, I do find myself having to make an effort to actually spend time with earbuds. There are many people who are big fans of earbuds and can give much better comparisons than I can, all I can do is give my opinion on what I feel when listening to the Alpha 3.



I recently reviewed the Falcon Ultra, a set of IEMs that were also included in the Dunu tour (great IEMs by the way!), and the packaging of the Alpha 3 is very similar.

A rather simple outer sleeve (although this one does have an image of the buds on it) slides away to reveal a simple black box inside of which we find the same transport/storage case that is included with the Falcon Ultra. As I said in my review of the IEMs, I think this is my favourite Dunu case so far, as it is spacious and rather elegant.

Inside the case we find the buds with their fixed cable ending in a 3.5mm TRS connector, although I understand that there is also a 4.4mm balanced option if you prefer. Personally I would have liked it to have the interchangeable connector like on the Q-Lite cable, with bonus points for detaching from the buds, but the price (around 80€) is obviously lower and I understand them not including it.

Underneath the case we get an accessories box which includes a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter, a bag full of foam pads and another full of donut pads (basically foam pads with the center missing. We get a cleaning brush and the usual documentation.

As I said, very similar to the Falcon Ultra which I praised at over 200€, so no complaints here at 80€, even if we do get less contents.


Build and aesthetics…

I don’t know enough about buds to say if the design of the Alpha 3 is unique or not but it is completely made of metal with a rather modern design to it. There is a small silver filter on the top of the stems, which are completely black.

The cable is also similar to that of the Falcon Ultra (although not interchangeable) and the titanium colour scheme works well with the black buds. The splitter and connector, both metal, are more of a silver colour which looks good but I think black would have matched the buds a little better. You can tell I don’t have much to say when I start talking about the colour of the connectors 😊

I really can’t comment too much on comfort as it has been quite some time since I used buds, so they do feel weird in my ears, but they stay where they are supposed to and they are not as uncomfortable as some other designs I have tried in the past.

In general, I can’t really complain about anything in the build category as they are well built. I can’t really complain about anything in the comfort category as I am not really used to them. And I can’t complain about anything in the aesthetics category because they do look good.



I am not going to share a graph of them because the way of measring them is quite different to IEMs (or headphones) and because I don’t have any other sets on hand to compare against and make sure I am measuring correctly, I don’t trust my measurements enough to share them. Therefore, you are going to have to put up with just my subjective opinions.

First the subbass and, as is to be expected, there isn’t a whole lot of it. This isn’t really a fault of the Alpha 3. Subbass is dependent upon either a good seal, which is not something that earbuds offer, or a large displacement of air, which is not possible with such a small driver. Therefore, do not expect these earbuds to rumble your eardrums. I don’t know if there are models of earbuds out there that can manage to do this, if there are, I haven’t heard them. Therefore, the lack of subbass is something I expect and not something I am complaining about.

The midbass is a different story. There is more presence of midbass than there is of subbass, again to be expected, but it is the quality of the midbass that is the positive thing here. Midbass is clean and articulate, while also being very realistic. I found myself preferring the full foam pads rather than the donut style, which do make it a little more rounded in the low end but I found that this worked very well for my enjoyment of these earbuds.

The lower mids are also very clean and articulate, which a good sensation of detail and a very realistic timbre. Instruments such as acoustic guitars sound very life like and there is no additional boomyness to them, staying clean and detailed in their low end.

As we move higher up in the ranges, the upper mids are where these buds place their focus, although I did find that the full foams took some of that focus away. Vocals are again nicely detailed and realistic, although I found once more that the full foams were preferable to my ears, giving a bit more lushness to some of my favourite female vocals. With the donuts, things were still good but a little more brittle in this area.

The extension into the upper ranges does lack a little, especially with the foams, but not enough to feel like you are missing something. It is more a sensation of things not being quite as airy as they should be, although they do maintain detail well, which stops them from becoming dull.

Soundstage is good due to the natural performance of buds in this regard. 99% of the time you will get better soundstage from a set of earbuds than from a set of IEMs, just due to the way they sit in your ears. This is one of the main things I find with earbuds, you trade some of that low end power in exchange for a more open and spacious sound.



I am going to repeat the fact that I am not an expert on earbuds in any way, shape or form. Therefore, please take my opinions with and even bigger grain of salt than my usual reviews. Saying that, I feel that the Alpha 3 are a very pleasurable set of earbuds.

I find them to sound natural and realistic with a lot of my preffered music (a lot of female vocals and acoustic instruments) and I find them to give a very good sensation of detail and spaciousness. They are lacking a little in the upper treble and they are obviously not a good choice if you are going to listen to EDM with plenty of subbass content, but for more instrumental things and general pop etc. I think they do a pretty good job.

While I would love to say if I recommend them or not, the only thing I can really recommend is that, if you are interested in a set of buds, check some reviews of the Alpha 3 by people who know what they are talking about. In fact, I think I may just do the same and see how different my opinion is to theirs!

As usual, if you want to brush up on your Spanish, this review is also available in Español both on my blog (www.achoreviews.com) and on YouTube (www.youtube.com/achoreviews)


1000+ Head-Fier
Appreciable Effort
Pros: Very good design and ergonomics.
- Very good presentation.
- Technical bass.
- Good feeling of initial brightness.
- Remarkable musical potential.
Cons: Slightly heavy.
- First half of the midline slightly receding.
- Lower end slightly coloured.
- Subtly dark.

Thanks to a European Tour organised by Head-fi.org I have been able to test two Dunu models. One is the Dunu Falcon Ultra and the other is this present Dunu Alpha 3. They are earbuds and the first thing I would like to say is that not many IEMS brands dare to release earbuds. So I appreciate the effort of a brand with as much tradition as Dunu to make this effort. Furthermore, these earbuds do not have the usual classic shape, but Dunu has created a relatively special design. It uses a dynamic driver with a liquid crystal polymer composite diaphragm with a highly flexible surround suspension. The capsules are made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy. Let's take a broader look at what these Dunu earbuds can do.

Dunu Alpha 3 01_r.jpgDunu Alpha 3 02_r.jpg


  • Driver Type: Dynamic with liquid crystal polymer composite diaphragm.
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz - 40kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 105 ± 1 dB at 1kHz.
  • Impedance: 32Ω.
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.5% at 1kHz.
  • Cable length: 1.2m ± 0.1m.
  • Jack connector: SE 3.5mm gold-plated.
  • Cable conductor: High purity silver-plated monocrystalline Litz copper type 1.
  • Weight: 30g.

Dunu Alpha 3 03_r.jpgDunu Alpha 3 04_r.jpg


The Dunu Alpha 3 comes in a medium-sized black box with dimensions 134x96x70mm. On the front side you can see a dark and realistic photo of the earbuds. At the top is the model name and at the top is a sentence reminding the 21st anniversary of the brand, why wasn't the 20th anniversary celebrated, does the 21st have a special connotation? On the back are the specifications in several languages, including Chinese and English. Underneath are the brand's brand designations. The outer cardboard is removed vertically to reveal a black box with the brand logo in white in the centre. After opening the box, a large zippered case with the Dunu brand name in reverse relief can be seen. Underneath is a second level with a black cardboard case carrying a portion of the accessories. To sum up:

  • The Dunu Alpha 3.
  • Zippered case.
  • Cleaning brush.
  • Complete foams.
  • Doughnut type foams.
  • Warranty certificate.
  • User's manual.

I have not opened the bags with the foams and other accessories because it is a tour. I will use my own foams.
Inside the case come the earbuds, inside another plastic zip bag. And, in turn, each capsule comes in another zip bag. Dunu has a penchant for storing each part in a different pouch. This is appreciated for the level of protection, but you also have to be a bit more environmentally friendly in this respect.
Finally, the box has a seal of guarantee and authenticity.
For 80$ the level of accessories is good, there could be more foam and the case is too big for the product itself.

Dunu Alpha 3 05_r.jpgDunu Alpha 3 06_r.jpg

Construction and Design

The capsules of the Alpha 3 are made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy. The cable consists of four strands of high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline Litz type 1 copper.
The design of the capsules is a classic and rather regular cone which is anchored to two very elongated trapezoidal bars by means of a thin rib protruding from the top of the cone, where the apex should be, there is a horizontal cut from which the cylindrical rib protrudes. The side of the cone has small brand logo motifs of different sizes. At the upper end of the trapezoidal bar is a grille. On the inside face of the bars there is a small torx screw and also the lettering indicating the channel, inside a circle, all in white. The cable comes out of the bottom of the bar.
The driver is protected by a thick metal grille. The edge of the capsules is glossy, while the side of the cone is matt. It might look like the rods are plastic, but they are metallic with a rougher matte finish. The capsules are heavy, even individually.
The cable parts are metallic, matching the dark gold colour of the conductors. The sleeve of the 3.5mm SE gold-plated plug is cylindrical, with a roughened ring close to the cable part. The splitter piece has a similar design but is subtly more tapered on its long side. The pin is a translucent plastic piece that fulfils its role well.
Very good construction, remarkable cable, but the whole thing feels heavy.

Dunu Alpha 3 07_r.jpgDunu Alpha 3 08_r.jpg

Adjustment and Ergonomics

The conical, splayed shape of the Alpha 3 gives it a special playfulness when it comes to fitting. The cone tilt itself is fine-tuned, in conjunction with its diameter, to fit properly in the ear canal. The bars even allow for some rotation to find an alternative setting that will face the drivers more directly into the canal. I have commented on certain occasions that I usually rotate the capsules of the earbuds until they are almost horizontal. This way the driver is placed more towards the channel, opening it up a little more. This results in a fuller sound, better detail, even more bass. The elongated spigot of the Alpha 3 allows this, but not as much as the classic MX500 capsule earbuds, although I must also comment that the shape of the spigot and its edges can be a little less comfortable for this rotated use.

Dunu Alpha 3 09_r.jpgDunu Alpha 3 10_r.jpg



It's been a while since I've tried earbuds and I haven't had much time to shoot the Alpha 3s. The profile is somewhat dark, warm, slightly V-shaped, with good mid-bass presence. It has a nice puch in the early treble, with a touch of crispness. The vocals are a bit far away, with that darker and more opaque touch that is usual in many earbuds. I recommend using dunuts to gain clarity.
Due to the fact that the Tour only allows a week for two models, the Alpha 3 has not been able to be worn for many hours. It is possible that over time it may change its temperament and improve in clarity.

Dunu Alpha 3 11_r.jpgDunu Alpha 3 12_r.jpg


The bass is quite punchy, but, as usual with earbuds, the sense of depth is limited. In the very low-frequency pure tone test the Alpha 3 performs the lowest tones in a coloured way, with the vibration being felt rather than the actual sound. However, it performs rather better than expected. The lack of sensory capability limits depth perception, but there is good presence, quantity and speed of execution. The hit feels quite tight, concise and recovers early, but its roughness is low and it feels more smooth than textured. As I say, there is punch, but without overwhelming, without generating too much feeling of volume, nor dominating too much in the environment. It is well balanced and even its V-profile is not bass-heavy. On the other hand, in the dirty, complex and unfiltered bass test, the Alpha 3s suffer as soon as the volume is turned up. Their behaviour in this case is not very adequate, providing a coloured and not very reliable sonority.

Dunu Alpha 3 13_r.jpgDunu Alpha 3 14_r.jpg


The first half of the midrange feels somewhat opaque and distant, with the upper-midrange working better. Likewise, the micro detail is not very visible, being out of play due to the conjunction of the darkness and opacity of the area. The male vocals have a somewhat low physicality, they don't feel very full, lacking body and a little more nuance. The instrumentation of this lower mid-range zone is also on the simple side of musical representation. It suffers from a certain level of resolution and resolution, feeling warm and relatively dark. The feeling improves in the second half, reaching a more descriptive and explicit level, but without reaching a sense of clarity, luminosity and full transparency.

Dunu Alpha 3 15_r.jpgDunu Alpha 3 16_r.jpg


The treble has a good initial sparkle, with good representation in the next phase. But these are not overly clear or bright IEMS, accentuating that V-profile feel. The high notes are not too fine and feel detrimental to the dark character of the ensemble. I miss a greater sense of sharpness and cleanliness in this area.

Dunu Alpha 3 17_r.jpgDunu Alpha 3 18_r.jpg

Soundstage, Separation

Normally, earbuds tend to have a wider stage feel. The Dunu Alpha 3's present a rather front and centre stage. The laterality and stereo feel is focused and the angle is always well below 180°. It doesn't feel too high and the depth is average. It's not a congested scene, it's rather intimate, without too much sense of air or transparency. The light is dim and the separation is average. The level of detail is based on the V-profile, offering more visibility at the sharp peak, being more restricted in its representation of the central area.

Dunu Alpha 3 19_r.jpg


ISN Rambo II

Priced at $69, with MMCX connection, metal construction and a similar shape, based on two cones attached to a spigot, are the ISN Rambo II. They are not a new model but a good point of comparison.
The Rambo's standard cable is simpler, but allows any other much better cable to be used. The presentation is more classic like other earbuds, with a typical ISN zippered case, 3 pairs of full foams and three pairs of donut foams. The build quality is as good as the Alpha 3, but I prefer the ergonomics of the Dunu, as the Rambo IIs have capsules that are more slippery to my ears. The improvement is in the ISN's rounder, more rounded spigot, which is more comfortable, in case it rubs against any part of the ears when rotated inside the pinna to find a better orientation of the capsules.
Rambo IIs are easier to move and at the same volume they sound louder. Their profile is less V-shaped, with less noticeable bass, but more balanced in the mid-range and with more light.
In the low range, the reproduction of very low frequency pure tones is similar, although it is more compact in the Dunu. The colouring is repeated in both, perhaps the Dunu's are more defined and their reproduction is cleaner and more precise. In the real bass representation, I find a little more gentleness in the ISNs, they feel a little more elastic, less dry and concise. Perhaps that superior elasticity in the ISNs gives it a feeling of superior projection, as well as a slightly more accentuated depth. The greater dryness and speed of the Dunu makes them more technical, but also shorter. Maybe it's the ISNs' longer roll-off, but they perform better in complex, unfiltered bass situations. Not that they are the best suited, but they sound better and closer to reality.
The central range of the ISNs is fuller than that of the Dunu. The male voices are fuller, wider from bass to treble, as well as closer. However, they seem to be better defined in the Dunu. It is noticeable that the technical aspect prevails in the Alpha 3s over the Rambo IIs, although their voices are thinner and a bit more sibilant. However, the mid-range of the ISNs is fuller and more representative, there is more life and music in their mid-range, with a more noticeable closeness of instrumentation, but it can also be somewhat more diffuse than the Dunu, better defined and sharper.
In the upper range the same discourse persists, softer the ISN, finer, more defined and marked the Dunu.
In terms of soundstage it feels wider and deeper in the ISNs, because of their fuller sound.

Dunu Alpha 3 20_r.jpg


The Dunu Alpha 3 are earbuds with a great design and construction. They feel slightly heavy but the ergonomics are quite good. I might miss a design with a detachable cable, but the standard driver is quite good. It has a V-profile and good technicalities. The bass is compact and fast, the mids are a bit distant, but crisp, well-defined and defined, while the treble has a good initial sparkle. I'm glad to know that a brand like Dunu dares to continue producing earbuds with a great potential like the Alpha 3 and I think that if I had been able to try them for a longer time I would have felt improvements in their sound, due to the lack of break-in. In my last listens with them, I could perceive a sensation of improvement in the clarity with respect to their adversaries.

Dunu Alpha 3 21_r.jpg

Sources Used During the Analysis

  • Burson Audio Playmate II.
  • Aune X8 XVIII Magic DAC + EarMen ST-Amp.
  • Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha.
  • Aune Yuki.

Dunu Alpha 3 22_r.jpg

Dunu has lent me this model as part of a European Tour, in exchange for writing an honest review. I want to make it clear that all my opinions written in this review have not been conditioned by this fact, nor will I ever write anything that I do not really think or feel here. I will only write about my personal opinion in relation to the revised product.

Dunu Alpha 3 23_r.jpg

Purchase Link
Dunu Alpha 3 24_r.jpg

You can read the full review in Spanish here
Dunu Alpha 3 25_r.jpg
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Headphoneus Supremus
Dunu's budget earbud the alpha 3 naturalness glore
Pros: Natural sound , fit , build , price.
Cons: For me it's a nitpick , need more subbass 😁
Dunu is a old school player in the game as long as I've been in the game . I've been a fan of iem and earbuds since the beginning and dunu had 3 other earbuds before alpha 3, one flagship and the first hybrid earbud with ba and a DD and a regular looking mx500 shell one called ex150 and another one which I forget what it was called . I have bought the alpha one when it came out and it was a marvel in sound and build . So when hearing dunu is coming back with earbud I got super excited , I thought we were getting a flagship but then I heard it's a budget which is still awesome. I bought it right away, no question asked from hifigo . The fits is comfortable and build is excellent being metal shell and cable braiding is great as being nice and tight. Accessories for dunu is always excellent, came with 3 different types of foam.


The bass for alpha 3 natural being balanced with treble, it's not like a subwoofer but like real tone bass that flows naturally with the flow never to thick and never spilling in the midrange. Midbass is tight and fast. Bass has some air , so close to what I want if we could improve bass response more maybe like 9db more then I'll fall in love better.

The midrange is the star being right in the middle not thin or thick , just right in tone balance and positioning is out of the head just enough to be realistic not not overly done . The micro detail is nice and clear too not thin .

Treble :
The treble is same lane as bass being clean and smooth and not too sparkly. Just right to have some crispyness and airiness it's open like the midrange and balanced Like the midrange. I'd say if the extension was just a tad more it'll be nice .


The soundstage is out of the head but not so massive as some others . It's just enough to be realistic and analogue.


I can recommend the alpha 3 for looking for a relaxed listen not the fun sound I was looking for as always. But hope dunu does more better next round because I know what they can do as I've been buying dunu since the beginning.
Here is the links to buy them :

HiFiGo DUNU Alpha 3 1DD Earbuds, Single 14.2mm Dynamic Driver in-Ear Earphones with Hi-Res Certification and Wide Sound Stage (3.5mm) https://a.co/d/eNLRW68




My picture, I've made the dunu alpha 3 gear thread 😁
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New Head-Fier
Does DUNU makes exceptional Earbuds too? The DUNU Alpha 3
Pros: 1. Sounds natural
2. Balanced sound
3. Captivating mid range
Cons: 1. Over emphasised mid bass
2. Lack of spark in the treble

Review Of The DUNU Alpha 3



IEMs and cables are Dunu's two main product categories, and the company is well-known for producing high-quality goods that many seasoned audiophiles praise. I've been a fan of their latest offerings, particularly their cables, such as the Kima classic, Talos, Falcon Ultra, etc. DUNU used to be involved in the production of earbuds, but this would be my first time reviewing one. I was unaware of it because it was unexpected, and I was unable to control my urge to try these. So today I'll be discussing Dunu Alpha 3, their most recent offering, but first let me clear up a few things.



*Since this unit tour was organised by the grateful people at HiFiGo, I am grateful to them. And as I've said in all of my evaluations, the same is true for this one: all of the concepts I've expressed below are entirely my own, original ideas that haven't been influenced by anyone else. If interested, go to this link.
*I am not associated with the connection, and I receive no financial assistance from anyone.
*For the remainder of the review, I will refer to these Earbuds as "Alpha."
*The earbuds being compared are the NiceHCK EB2S and TGXear Serratus.
*Finally, I will only evaluate the Alpha based on their performance, even though I will explain how it feels and seems physically and aesthetically.


Liquid crystal polymer diaphragm drivers measuring 14.2 mm are housed in the Alpha. The back of the shell of the earphones has a surround multi-channel acoustic vent design. Additionally, it has an inner hollow that was specifically designed to lessen standing wave reflection. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel are used to make the shell cavities. The shells' forward center of gravity enhances the stability of the heavily loaded earphones while being worn. However, I did find them to be somewhat unsteady in my situation—but only when I didn't use sponge covers. They are somewhat hefty for earbuds while in use or in the hands, but I had no trouble using them for extended periods of time. High purity single crystal copper silver litz braided cable with a straight 4.4 termination plug makes up the non-detachable cable that is used. Six pairs of sponge coverings in two distinct styles, a carrying case and a cleanish brush round out the other accessories. In terms of the technical details, the sensitivity is 105dB, and the impedance is 32 Ohms. The total harmonic distortion is less than 0.5%, and the frequency response ranges from 5Hz to 40kHz.



The Alpha's sound is exceptionally well-balanced, with ample exposure to vocals and extension; naturally, this will result in an airy sound due to their design. However, the mid bass, to which I shall return later, is the only aspect that I didn't really enjoy. I've listened to a lot of earbuds, especially those in the inexpensive range like the VE Monk, Vido, EB2S, etc., but the Nicehck EB2S is by far the best-sounding model I've heard. The TGXear Serratus, which I recently heard and fell in love with but which is quite expensive, is the only other earphone I actually like to the EB2S. Although I don't really have any criterion for the earbuds, I feel the sound of the Alpha to be somewhere between the Serratus and the EB2S, and the sound makes it an excellent upgrade over the EB2S. Despite not being as strong as the Serratus. However, I continue to think that the Alpha has some problems with it, which I will address later. Regarding Alpha's audio, it has a generally well-balanced sound with good, extended treble that is dominated by the vocals, which dominate the mix in the upper mid range and lower treble. When I listen to instrumental music, I get the impression that the instruments are playing on a vast stage that has a holographic quality. The vocals' ability to sound natural and tonally appropriate is greatly influenced by the lower mid range. They sound pleasant and clean whether they are male or female vocals. It sounds harmonious because the lower mid range adds just the right amount of warmth. However, this is also where the mid bass comes into play, which has an impact on the vocals and the instruments. When given priority in the mix, the mid bass has a strong presence and overpowers the upper midrange and lower treble vocals and instruments. When listening to complicated mixes and tracks, it is likely to be audible. Although it adds slams and thump at the expense of sounding clumsy, the bass becomes a little puffy. The signature is not entirely destroyed, but it does have an impact on the mix. While the mid-bass provides adequate energy, it is focused on higher frequencies, where the energy ought to be controlled and the sound made to sound more realistic. Even though the EB2S lacks the dynamics to produce powerful bass, it still adds enough to the mix to make the midrange sound crisp and airy. Speaking about sub bass when discussing earbuds would be pointless, but I do think some earbuds exist that can deliver good enough sub bass, so I believe the serratus is very capable of delivering the desired sound. Even though Alpha is capable of producing a sizable amount of sub bass, the subbass is masked by the presence of the mid bass. As a result, I think the Alpha's overall signature sounds expansive, forward, and boomy.


Technical Performance

The Alpha outperforms most other earbuds in this price range that I have tried in terms of technical performance. The Alpha achieves the airiness and open sound that any other earbud can when compared to the majority, which sound either incredibly detailed or vaguely open sounding where the treble lacks sparkle and crispness. In terms of open and airy sound, the EB2S outperforms the Alpha, but falls short in the category of more tonally accurate sound. The soundstage is wider and deeper than any other pair of earbuds I have tried, with the exception of the Serratus. The Alpha strikes a better balance between tone and technicality than the Serratus or EB2S. The Alpha does a great job, in my opinion, in terms of details and resolution. Overall, the Alpha delivers excellent stage, resolution, and detail performance.


Sound Impressions


Tempotec V6 - The details are clearer and more expressive when paired with the V6. Due to the vocals' forward placement and the instruments' sharper notes, the presentation is less sentimental and more analytical. The bass's boomy presentation is under better control, and the treble sounds more forward. I can't think of any technical skills to improve besides making the details in the mix more noticeable. In my opinion, the V6 is a good match and the pairing is acceptable.


iFi Hipdac - I don't notice any differences in the details when using the Hipdac, but I do notice that the bass is more noticeable. I find that the midrange is more prominent in the overall mix, but the treble is less approachable. Perhaps the stage is getting closer. I don't hear any other changes to the sound besides this. I find the pairing acceptable but not to my taste because the signature sounds more like fun from the perspective of the overall presentation.



Luna Haruna - Glory days
Luna Haruna - Overfly
Rokudenashi - The Flame of Love
LMYK - 0 (zero)
Marina Horiuchi - Mizukagami no Sekai
Indila - Love Story
Indila - Tourner dans le vide
Earth, Wind & Fire - September
Tom Petty - Free Fallin'
Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Blue Oyester Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Guns 'N' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine
The Police - Every Breath You Take
Gojira - Amazonia
TV on the radio - Wolf Like Me
Bring Me To The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart
Bring Me To The Horizon - sTraNgeRs
Avril Lavigne - Dare To Love Me
Travis - Love Will Come Through
Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know
DJ Shadows - Six Days (Remix) [feat. Mos Def]
Lady Gaga - Just Dance
Lil Wayne - Lollipop
Flo Rida - Low
Sebastian Lopez & Flug - Electronic Measures
Federico Mecozzi - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
Wayve - Not Enough
Kai Wachi & TeZATalks - Ghost
NGHTMRE, Zeds Dead & Tori Levett - Shady Intentions
Zeds Dead, DNMO & GG Magree - Save My Grave
Skrillex, Noisia, josh pan & Dylan Brady - Supersonic
Skrillex & Nai Barghouti - Xena
Skrillex, Missy Elliott & Mr. Oizo - RATATA
Kaifi Khalil, Eva B & Wahab Bugti - Kana Yaari
A.R. Rahman, Javed Ali & Mohit Chauhan - Kun Faya Kun


I'll agree that the Alpha 3 is among the best earbuds, especially for the price range, where the balance between the technical and tonal aspects is pleasing and superior to that of most competing models. It sounds comforting to me. I thus encourage anyone who enjoys a friendly and warm signature to do so. In either case, I advise trying these.

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100+ Head-Fier
Alpha 3 - Flatheads Vocalist
Pros: Praiseworthy tonal balance
Natural timbre
Good resolution
Excellent build quality
Cons: Lacking a sense of macro & micro dynamics
Performance varies depending on isolation or positioning (with/without foam & buds' placement/movement)
Fixed cable (scaling limitation)

(total 6 mins read)
I believe a company as big as Dunu needs no introduction whatsoever, especially a name with products that I’ve been writing about lately, so let’s skip this part.

To be frank, I haven’t been interested in any earbuds for the past years since I left all my Venture Electronics & other Chifi buds in the drawer waiting for the redemption day that never comes. It could be simply because they’re not giving me the isolation, the proper diffused projection, & the sort of immersive audio reproduction that most current budget IEMs can provide. Yes, it is known that such a comparison is unfair given the nature of earbuds begs for a different usage & different approach in music listening; say while working with heavy machines, in bed, or in the office. In general, I think tonality is the main reason they have been neglected or ignored, at least in my case.

A quick search on the internet shows there was Alpha 1 which is interestingly a hybrid earbud (dynamic driver & balanced armature) that seemed to have undergone a freak accident out of an experimental lab back in 2015. Everything about it from the shape to the reviews doesn’t look so pretty. There’s no Alpha 2 in between but looking at Dunu’s prowess with single dynamic driver releases in recent years forcing me to voluntarily take on HiFiGo’s request to give Alpha 3 a review. Its release is somewhat random in my opinion, even though it sports no less than a “flagship” dynamic driver with an LCP diaphragm that seems very well-built.

Packaging & Accessories
The packaging is rather simple that comes with a medium-sized box in a sleeve. There are 3 pairs of each donut & full foam and a cleaning brush inside a sturdy carrying case which I think looks way better than those that came with Dunu Kima or Talos. Still, they are all Dunu's standard and I have no complaint.


Single Dynamic Driver - Liquid Crystal Polymer Composite Diaphragm with Highly Compliant Suspension Surround
Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 40 kHz
Sensitivity: 105 dB at 1 kHz
Impedance: 32 Ω
Housing Material: Stainless Steel & Aluminum Alloy
Cable Wire Material: High-Purity Silver-Plated Monocrystalline Type 1 Litz Copper
Net Weight: 30 g

Gears Used & Source
Tidal via Windows 10 Pro -> Topping EX5
Apple Music via iPhone XS Max -> Apple dongle
Tidal / Apple Music via LG G7 -> with/without Hidizs S9 Pro / Ovidius B1
Apple Music via MacBook Pro

*Please note that I used everything stock for this review for 2± weeks of listening time. My preferred signature is neutral with or without a bass boost, but truly I'm a signature agnostic when it comes to gear review.

Additional details:
  1. I don’t review earbuds, yet here is my first earbuds review ever.
  2. I’m using donut foam for most of this review as I believe they provide better sonic enjoyment versus full foam and without foam to my ears. However, I find full foam to be equally satisfying at times while giving better isolation & comfort.
  3. There are slight differences in tonal balance and technical performance between full, double, donut, and without foams. Comparisons and differences are mostly minor unless stated.
  4. Earbuds don’t isolate well naturally, and naturally, the objective of usage is different than IEMs.
  5. Note that earbuds can be perceived as “colored” or “warm sounding” because of the effect of the foam which acts as a filter or “blanket” over the frequencies other than lacking isolation.
  6. Because of the lack of the same tier earbuds for comparison, terms and definitions are relative to IEM, though, I’m reviewing an earbud, not an IEM.

Signature & Presentation
To my ears, with the donut foam, the sound signature of Alpha 3 can be described as warm neutral for the lack of sub-bass and treble response while accentuating the mid-bass area. Pinna gain peaks at around 3kHz that’s gradually depressing towards both ends of the frequency spectrum with a smoother drop towards higher registers. The presentation is rather "forward" and “in-the-face" with extreme coherency across the board. The other type of foam that’s provided in the package is the common full foam which can alter the overall tonality to fuller sounding or perhaps to the warmer side of things.


As expected with any earbud, the bass is overall thumpy and punchy than rumbly. Though, that doesn’t mean Alpha 3 doesn’t rumble at all. The lowest octave is almost muted due to its isolation issues just like most cases with earbuds, hence the bold forwardness of the bass presence on top of much-needed sub-bass volume nullifying a more correct tonal balance or perhaps an ideal bass response to me. The deficiency, however, is not up to the level where I would call the bass “wrong”, but it definitely leaves something to be desired.

Drake’s One Dance is an example of the maximum sub-bass replay that Alpha 3s are capable of without sounding too lacking. On the other hand, the intro bass drop in Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack that exhibits, and requires a deeper sub-bass reach is where Alpha 3 hits its limit. Unless you want to listen while holding and pushing the earbuds towards your ears for full range effect, it is going to give what a typical earbud does typically; poor to “boxy” bass quality relative to IEM.

The only thing that Alpha 3s do properly and well is the midrange. Vocal reproduction is arguably close to realism, be it male or female singers without the “thinness” that plagues plenty of neutral-style IEMs. There are no shrill or shouty-ness thanks to its appropriate lower treble quantity that evens out the peak for a smoother and crisp replay while giving good texture to the notes. Lower midrange to mid-bass is well-tuned so the vocal frequencies (especially female vocals) can take the main stage without being bassy, honky, or husky like many other Chifi earbuds I've heard.

There's no outright offensive characteristic to be reported, and though Alpha 3 may also be perceived as too smooth towards the top end yet there’s ample energy and "bite" to be interesting enough to my ears. Alpha 3’s treble is a little subdued compared to say, Truthear Hexa, but minus the boosted treble of Hexa, the overall tone and extension is pretty much about the same. I wouldn’t resist if anybody ever said Alpha 3 has little amount of clarity, given how high frequencies function within the realm of frequency response and to each HRTF. However, removing the foam or at least using the donut foam will improve the clarity by a good margin.

Overall, I think Alpha 3 is simply the best-tuned pair of earbuds I’ve listened to so far. I'd gladly recommend it just for the tuning alone, plus with a timbre that’s more palatable than most earbuds in the market.


Technicalities +
In terms of the intangibles, I’d consider Alpha 3 as simply good for general music playback. To be honest, I’m going to say that Alpha 3 is performing at the same level among IEMs from the same price bracket such as Truthear Hexa, if not slightly better.

Transient attack is not as sharp per se, yet fast enough to retrieve a good level of detailing up to micro details only with slightly lesser clarity on the nuances. The decay is natural, and the notes show little to no hints of smearing into one another, especially with the full foam. Instrument separation and positioning are distinguishable and fairly accurate while decently layered in the sense of depth.

Despite showing a good level of detail & separation, Alpha 3 might get a little congested on busy passages and fast tempo lines as heard in the first minute of Extremophile Elite by Between the Buried and Me. Though I don’t think it should be a real concern because it rarely happens throughout my huge playlist.

Imaging is not great yet not completely bad. It lacks the little essence to make it “pop” relative to its roll-off treble perhaps. It’s not vivid or thick. Soundstage-wise, it’s somewhat typical and not too dissimilar to many IEMs, except that it lacks depth because of its “forwardness” in projecting images.

One thing that I want to point out the most is its overall sense of dynamics. Alpha 3 seems to suffer from “flat dynamic syndrome” where its volume swing capacity is lacking when needed most. Be it macro or microdynamics, it relatively feels flatter compared to most IEMs, especially the Hexa. To give an example, horn attacks in We’ve Just Begun by Sinne Eeg require a good sense of dynamic shifts that is necessary to convey the big jazz group's musical liveliness, yet it’s almost absent on Alpha 3.

All in all, I still believe the driver used in Alpha 3 is a good one only bottlenecked by the nature of the earbud itself, which is the form. And because of this, it’s difficult to show and see what the driver is truly capable of, especially for those who prefer IEMs.


I'm not going to talk about any lower-price earbuds here because it would be an unfair comparison, and as you can see, I’ve been comparing Alpha 3 to Hexa from the start, so, please let me elaborate a little bit more.

It’s understandable if one said Alpha 3 sounded dull especially for the first timer, though I’m still going to say that it’s oddly resolving regardless of how little treble it seems to put out. In my opinion, there's enough “snap” although not as boosted as Hexa. Heck, in an A/B test, I find the resolution is larger with better coherency than Hexa, only with a slightly different presentation in detail retrieval. And because of the boosted treble, musical nuances are easier to be perceived on the Hexa, though the note weight is thinner with a quality that’s grainier, especially at a high loudness level. Hexa’s treble also can sound “compressed” which is commonly known as “BA timbre” while there’s no distortion whatsoever on Alpha 3.

Regarding which is the best pick, I wouldn’t be superior to the other either so it’s really up to your needs. While I like Hexa for the isolation and overall sonic qualities it delivers, I find Alpha 3 is similar if not more satisfying in a different fashion.

Synergy & Drivability
With 105 dB sensitivity and 32 Ω impedance, it’s evident that Alpha 3 is easy to drive even with smartphones. Any neutral and transparent source will be a perfect combination, though, with a more capable amplifier, Alpha 3 shows a significant improvement in terms of soundstage depth & sense of dynamics. Its scaling ability also begs the question if Alpha 3 should be packed with swappable terminations for balanced output to give it more power.

Who Is It For?
It’s obvious that Alpha 3 is targeted to cater to earbuds connoisseurs and to those who'd want to experience a pair of earbuds for the first time without leaving bad impressions. While it’s different from IEMs in terms of overall presentation and usage, it’s able to retain almost every aspect of good-quality audio reproduction. If you’re someone who’s looking for the utmost isolation & clarity combo, you’re looking at the wrong place.


Evaluation & Conclusion
As with many earbuds out there, especially those expensive ones coming from the DIY community, I think the release of Alpha 3 is going to be special and perhaps set a new standard in a price-to-performance ratio within the realm of flatheads. It is well-tuned plus Dunu’s high standard build quality and rich accessories, the price seems just & right. With a performance that also can match a good IEM from the same price bracket (and maybe higher), it gets a recommendation with caution from me, so, know your needs.

*I would like to thank HiFiGo for sending this unit to me in exchange for a review. All words are mine and I'm not compensated or influenced by any party.

Dunu Alpha 3s are currently priced at $79.90

Purchase Dunu Alpha 3 here:


New Head-Fier
DUNU Alpha 3 Impression: The Flathead That is Closest to an IEM?
Pros: Good accessories
Excellent build quality
Deep, thumpy bass
Good, natural timbre
Lower midrange doesn't sound overly bloaty or muddy
Female vocals is forward and engaging but never shouty
Treble is quite smooth
Good technicalities
Cons: Treble can be a little intense with prolonged listening
Non-detachable cable
Lack of air/upper treble
  • Huge thanks to HiFiGo for providing the opportunity for me to win the Dunu Alpha 3 in a Twitter giveaway. I really do appreciate it. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own, and are not influenced in any way.


  • Truthear Shio
  • Donut foam

  • Comes with a decent amount of accessories
    • Earbud
    • Large, high quality case
    • 2 different types of foams
      • 3 sets of donut foams
      • 3 sets of balanced foams
    • Cleaning brush

Build Quality
  • Feels premium, has a good heft to it and is very sturdy.
  • Cable is good with decent thickness but feels a bit stiff
  • One of the best fitting earbuds for me, the weight from the earbuds helps to make them stay on my ears comfortably



  • One of the most impressive aspects of the Alpha 3 to me.
  • Mid bass focused
  • Bass goes really deep, and it is very well defined.
  • Quite well controlled as well, compared to a lot of other flatheads I tried.
  • Lower midrange has some warmth and body to it but it is relatively clean and crisp compared to most of others that I have tried, which I find it to be muddy and bloaty.
  • Upper midrange is boosted, very engaging and forward without sounding overly shouty.
  • Treble is slightly on the brighter and smoother side.
  • Details can be perceived quite easily.
  • However, it does get a little bit intense and fatiguing after long hours of use.
  • It also lacks a little bit of airiness from upper treble.

  • Resolution and detail retrieval is very good, somewhat above its price point
  • Soundstage is decent, width is average but stage goes fairly deep.
  • Separation and layering is good, vocals and every instruments are quite distinct.
  • Imaging is decent, I don't find any problems with positioning of instruments in songs or gunshots/footsteps in games for now.


  • Personally, I have tried some flatheads in the past which are in different price ranges, which includes the $350 TGX Sunniva, but I still think that the Dunu Alpha 3 really stands out as a $80 flathead.
  • The Dunu Alpha 3 somewhat sounds the closest to an IEM with the characteristics of a flathead like soundstage, at least to my ears.
  • If I were to recommend a flathead for a person who only uses IEM as a start, it will definitely be the Dunu Alpha 3, it really is that good, in my honest opinion.

Thanks for reading!


Headphoneus Supremus
Pros: Decently accessorized
Robust build
Great ergonomics and comfort
Moderately easy to drive
Good tonal balance on full foams
Above average technicalities for a midFI earbud
Smooth upper treble
Cons: Non-detachable cable
Not for diehard bassheads or trebleheads due to roll-off at both extremes
Instrument separation may occasionally smear in complex tracks

I would like to thank HIFIGO for furnishing this unit. It can be gotten here (no affliate links): https://hifigo.com/products/dunu-alpha3 or https://www.amazon.com/HiFiGo-Alpha-Earbuds-Earphones-Certification/dp/B0CB2XRDML

Alpha 3 5.jpg

  • Driver configuration: 14.2 mm liquid crystal polymer (LCP) composite diaphragm DD
  • Impedance: 32 Ohms
  • Frequency response: 5 Hz - 40 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB
  • Cable: non-detachable; option for 3.5 mm or 4.4 mm; single crystal copper silver-plated
  • Tested at $79.99 USD


Other than the earbuds, these are included:
- 3 pairs of full foam covers
- 3 pairs of donut foam covers
- cleaning brush
- semi-rigid carrying case

Alpha 3 1.jpg

The included stuff is pretty par for the course for a midFI range earbud, and everything is quite usable out-of-the-box.

2 types of foam covers are included - the full foams increase bass and warm the signature, whereas the donut foams are less bassy, and boost the upper midrange. Do explore with what suits you sonically and in terms of fit - adventurous folks can even use 2 types of foams in combination to thicken the density for fitting and sonic purposes.

Alpha 3 6.jpg

The cable is unfortunately not detachable, which isn't uncommon even for TOTL earbuds. Said cable is a single crystal copper silver-plated wire, and is covered with insulation in a Litz braided design. Although it is on the thinner and tangly side, this cable has minimal microphonics and has a chin cinch. During ordering, one can opt for a 4.4 mm (balanced) or 3.5 mm (single-ended) termination.

A cleaning brush is included to remove debris. Last but not least, we have a semi-rigid carrying case, which should withstand compressive forces. It is a zipper case of moderate size, with the innards having webbing and cushioning.

The rest of this review was done with the stock full foams installed. No aftermarket accessories were used, so as not to add any confounders to the sound.


Alpha 3 9.jpg

Fashioned from aluminum alloy, with a stainless steel cavity, the Alpha 3 is very solidly built. It comes in an elegant jet black matte finish, with chiseled edges. DUNU's logo emblazons the chassis in a Celtic like motiff, with the top of the earbuds housing a vent.

Alpha 38.jpg

The Alpha 3 is only meant to be worn cable down. Weighing in at 30 g, the housings are on the slightly heavier side. However, with a very well-placed centre of gravity, the shells fit extremely well, and I've not encountered discomfort despite longer listening sessions. The long stem rests snuggly in the intertragal notch, and the ergonomics are very well designed.


The engine of the Alpha 3 is a 14.2 mm LCP composite diaphragm DD, with a flexible suspension. The Alpha 3 also has a specially designed multi-channel acoustic cavity at the handle, to boost low range and redirect resonances. Central acoustic vented tubes are drilled to the posterior cavity to increase dynamics and control air flow accurately.


I tested the Alpha 3 with the following sources:
- Apple dongle
- Cayin RU7
- Colorfly CDA M1 DAC/AMP dongle
- Creative Sound Blaster X5
- E1DA DAC/AMP dongle
- Hiby R3 Pro Saber 2022 DAP
- Khadas Tone Board -> Schiit Asgard 3 amp
- Khadas Tone Board -> Topping L30 amp
- Questyle M15 DAC/AMP dongle
- Sony Walkman NW A-55 DAP (Walkman One WM1Z Plus v2 Mod)
- Sony Walkman NW A-55 DAP (Walkman One Neutral Mod)
- Sony Walkman NW WM1A DAP (Walkman One WM1Z Plus v2 Mod)
- Smartphone

This earbud is moderately easy to drive. It benefits from amplification, with a tighter bass, more expansive soundstage and improved dynamics noted with juice, and this is highly recommended to eke out the optimal sound.


Alpha 3 3.jpg

As alluded to above, the Alpha 3 will have different tonalities, depending on whether full foams or donut foams are utilized. On the former (full foams), the Alpha 3 boasts of a well-balanced neutralish-bright profile, whereas this earbud is transformed to a colder netural set with the donut foams installed.

Personally, I'm not a fan of an over-zealous upper midrange, and the donut foams made the Alpha 3 a bit too bright for my liking. I found a kindred spirit with the full foams installed, and this bestows a thicker lower mids/mid-bass to balance the top end, making the sound a bit smoother and more "balanced" so to speak. With the full foams on, I think the Alpha 3 should be quite all-rounded for most music genres other than basshead stuff.

The rest of the sonic impressions will be with the full foams installed:

As per the majority of earbuds, the Alpha 3 is mid-bass focused, with a sub-bass roll-off. Bass is about neutral in quantity with just a tickle in the sub-bass. For bass forward genres, some may find the Alpha 3's bass not adequate in terms of "thump", and arguably this flathead will not be for bassheads. In terms of quality, bass speed is moderately fast, with a hair of mid-bass bleed, and average texturing.

The lower midrange with full foams is quite sweet, with the upper mids pushing vocals forwards, and at the edge, without overly veering to shoutiness (unless used at louder volumes). Unlike some rivals (cough cough looking at you Smabat), we don't have an icepick 3 kHz region with the Alpha 3, though this region will be boosted with donut foams used (instead of full foams).

The Alpha 3's lower treble continues on from the upper mids boost, though the upper treble rolls off early and is quite smooth - this earbud will be a safe bet for treble sensitive listeners. I did not encounter any sibilance, though on the flip-side, we lose some resolution, sparkle and air. Hence, trebleheads might perhaps need to consider alternatives.

As per most DD containing earbuds, the Alpha 3 is very natural in timbre for vocals and acoustic instruments. Timbre-heads will have no complaints on this front, and this flathead shines at acoustic, jazz and classical pieces.

In terms of technicalities, if compared against other midFI buds, the Alpha 3 is probably above average. Imaging and micro-detailing are quite decent, and clarity is fine due to the upper mids boost. The soundstage is about average in depth and height, though with above average width. The Alpha 3 can get a tinge congested when complex music comes out to play.


The Alpha 3 rests in a price bracket that is probably considered midFI in the earbud world. Comparisons were made with some other $50 - 100 priced rivals.

Alpha 3 4.jpg

Smabat ST10 (original)

The ST10 is a V-shaped set. It sports a labyrinth acoustic tube to provide massive sub-bass (for a earbud). The ST10 definitely has more copious bass with a larger rumble, though the midrange is more recessed and hollowed than the Alpha 3's.

The ST10 has a thinner note weight and a more metallic timbre, and sounds less natural than the Alpha 3.

When it comes to technicalities, the ST10 has a smaller soundstage, with weaker imaging. Micro-detailing and instrument separation are about on par.

The ST10 is harder to drive, though it has a detachable cable, and can be worn over ears or cable down (more versatile in terms of fit).

Sivga M200

The M200 is a U-shaped earbud, with a smoother upper midrange.

The M200 is behind in technicalities, with a smaller soundstage, and weaker instrument separation/imaging.

Both sets have good timbre and a non-detachable cable, with both also having similar driving requirements.


Alpha 3 7.jpg

The Alpha 3 is a fine addition to the midFI pantheon of earbuds, showcasing generous accessories, top-notch ergonomics and robust build. It is moderately easy to drive, and has good tonal balance while on full foams. Our treble sensitive brethren should be quite at home with the tuning. Additionally, in terms of technicalities, this earbud is probably above average in the midFI market.

Some nitpicks are the non-detachable cable, though this cable is quite decent haptically. Bona fide trebleheads and bassheads might also find the tuning not to be their cup of tea, but for most other lay consumers, the DUNU Alpha 3 is a suitable option for earbud connoisseurs who want to migrate from the budget segment to sample something in the midFI rabbithole.
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100+ Head-Fier
Dunu Alpha3 Review: A Flathead Earbud Revival
Pros: Very balanced tuning
Relatively resolving
Excellent fit
Top tier build quality
Great cable
Above average technicalities
Fun mid-bass punch
Great instrument timbre
Lush vocals
Cons: Bass is slightly rolled off – it does still rumble but subbass quantity might be a bit lacking for bassheads
Treble is rolled off, which does keep it from being sibilant but does lack that last bit of air
Can sometimes struggle and sound slightly congested with busy passages



  • Those looking for a very well balanced earbud with good detail retrieval
  • Anyone looking to see what earbuds are capable of these days without breaking the bank
  • Those looking for an open sound
  • Timbreheads
  • Anyone who finds IEMs too isolating


  • Bassheads
  • Those who spend most of their time in noisy environments and need isolation
  • Those who are adverse to a brighter tuning

Build, Fit, Accessories:​

What’s in the box: In typical Dunu fashion, you can expect a quality kit. Dunu’s new case (which is also found with the Falcon Ultra) is included and it is, by far, my favorite IEM/earbud case. Along with the buds come copious foam covers (these do alter the sound quite a bit, even more so than pads for headphones, so definitely try all of them)!

Build and fit: The Alpha3 is the best built flathead earbud I’ve handled. The all metal build is solid and well machined, and the attached cable is quite nice. It is a bell shaped shell with a simple, angular and almost mecha-inspired stem. It’s a very nicely fitting earbud and I don’t think many, except those with the smallest of ears, will have issues wearing them.

Overall Sound:​

The Alpha3 is a very nicely tuned, slightly bright-neutral earbud with decent technicalities and excellent timbre. It’s not a technical monster by any means but it is above average in stage, imaging, and resolution. The tuning is one that many will appreciate!


Midbass is the star of the show here and might I say, the midbass punch is quite excellent. Unfortunately the bass does roll off compared to IEMs. That said, bass does not disappear in the lowest registers but subbass quantity will be reminiscent of other flathead earbuds or most open-back headphones.


Mids on the Alpha3 are great. Both male and female vocals have a good amount of body and lushness without any offensive dips or peaks, with female vocals a bit more forward in the mix, but not offensively so. Good amount of clarity in the mids. Instruments sound crisp and clear. For the most part, flathead earbuds do mids very well and the Alpha3 is no exception.


The treble on the Alpha3 is more lower-and-mid-treble focused with a bit of upper treble roll off. There’s a good amount of sparkle but not as much air as I’d like. The overall tuning of the treble region is slightly bright but pleasant and smooth. Percussive hits sound natural to me as do most brass and woodwind instruments. There is enough bite to give life to violins but not so much as to make it sibilant. If one were to be excessively critical, it does lack that last bit of air that would make this stand out even more, but at $79, it’s hard to count this as a fault.


Details and Resolution:

Details and resolution on the Alpha3 are above average for flathead earbuds and quite good compared to similarly priced IEMs. I’d say that they probably are on par with what one might expect from a $300 IEM. I’ve always contended that flathead earbuds are a great value proposition – one can generally expect better sound quality for the price than would be found in IEMs or headphones. And for the price of the Alpha3, you would be hard-pressed to find an IEM that can compete in sheer detail retrieval.

Soundstage, Imaging, and Separation:

Due to the openness of the transducer type (they are completely open as with all flatheads), soundstage will be quite large compared to what one might expect coming from IEMs. However, in comparison to other flathead earbuds, stage is average to slightly above average in size. Stage is wider than it is deep. Imaging and separation are decent as well but it can struggle and start to sound congested with busy passages. Switching to thinner foams does help with this, but this also comes at the expense of increasing brightness and decreasing warmth for those who might be sensitive to treble and/or upper mids.

Dynamics, transients, and decay:

Transients on the Alpha3 are very nice – the initial attack on notes is crisp and well defined. Note decay is on the quicker side but not too quick and this helps keep the sound clean and precise while not being too clinical. Dynamics, however, are about average for flathead earbuds – nothing too standout here, and this, I suspect is why it can sound a bit congested with too many instrumental and vocal lines playing at the same time and I suspect better differentiation in volume would help separate instruments and alleviate some of the congestion. Nonetheless, at $79, it is already much more dynamic than most IEMs available.


Timbre is excellent. Most earbuds I have tried are more natural sounding to my ear than most IEMs. The Alpha3 is no exception to this – vocals and instruments sound correct to my ear. Nothing sounds glaringly wrong to me.


The Dunu Alpha3 is an excellent offering and a worthy addition to the flathead earbud pantheon. It’s something that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who is, by default, considering an IEM or a headphone and does not need sound occlusion. No, it’s not the best earbud I’ve heard, that title still belongs to the Venture Electronics Sun Copper, let alone many models I have heard from DIY makers, but those are all more expensive. With it’s unparalleled build quality, versatile sound signature, and decent technicalities, the Alpha3 is a new benchmark and one I’d recommend over almost anything else under $100 given one is open to trying something that isn’t an IEM or a headphone.

As a huge fan of flathead earbuds, I have greatly enjoyed supporting the DIYers and smaller companies that have been keeping the medium alive. But at the same time, it’s great to see larger manufacturers re-entering the fray, innovating, pushing boundaries, and introducing a larger audience to flatheads that might never have discovered them otherwise! Kudos to Dunu for knocking it out of the park and I’m excited to see other manufacturers follow up. (From what I have heard, Moondrop and Fiio are both planning releases later this year so stay tuned.) Most of all, it’s great to see interest in flathead earbuds pick back up again!
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Headphoneus Supremus
Dunu Alpha 3 - Solid Buds
Pros: Excellent build quality and included accessories.
Comfortable fit, enhancing the overall user experience.
Natural tonality, particularly when using the full foam configuration.
Good resolution, allowing for the retrieval of fine details in the music.
Cons: Lacks some dynamic contrast, impacting the sense of energy and impact in certain tracks.
Does not offer a 4.4mm connector option, limiting the choice of balanced output.
Could have pushed boundaries further and introduced more groundbreaking features or innovations.
Flathead earbuds (or “buds”) are one of the most delightful surprise for me in the audio hobby. They offer the open sensation and comfort that many IEMs struggle to provide, at a way lower costs. However, they also have a lot of limitations, making them niche product in an already niche market of “audiophile” products.

For a while, the niche market of earbuds was dominated by DIYers. However, Dunu is coming back to the segment with Alpha 3, the continuation of the Alpha line that started back in 2015. How does a big manufacturer do in a market dominated by DIYers? Let’s find out.



  • What I look for in an IEM is immersion. I want to feel the orchestra around me, track individual instruments, and hear all of their textures and details. I’m not picky about tonality, as long as it does not get in the way of immersion.
  • I rate IEMs within with a consistent scale from 1 (poor) to 3 (Adequate) to 5 (outstanding). Ratings are assigned by A/B tests against benchmark IEMs, regardless of the retail price.
  • Ranking list and measurement database are on my IEM review blog
  • This review is based on a review sample from Hifigo (Thank you!). I have no affiliation with or financial interest in Dunu or Hifigo. The unit retails for $80 at the time this review was published. You can find out more info and get yourself a unit from Hifigo.


  • Driver: 14.2mm dynamic drivers
  • Connector Type: fixed cable.
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 105dB

Build and Comfort​


Accessories: The Alpha 3 maintains Dunu’s tradition of providing generous and practical accessories. Included is a nice case with ample space to comfortably store the earphones and replacement foams.


Stock cable: The stock cable exhibits a braiding pattern similar to the Hulk Pro Mini cable that comes with the SA6II. However, the wire material appears to be different. While the cable does retain some memory and can lightly coil upon itself, similar to the SA6II’s cable, it does not cause significant inconvenience during real-world use. It’s worth noting that the cable terminates with a 3.5mm connector and does not support an interchangeable plug system. Personally, I would have appreciated the option to use a balanced output with these earbuds.


Earpieces: Dunu has designed the earpieces for the Alpha 3, featuring large bass tubes at the back that also serve as the stem of the buds. Constructed from metal, the earpieces offer a reassuring heft. Surprisingly, the added weight contributes to the stability of the fit rather than causing the earbuds to easily fall out. The surface of the earbuds is coated with a matte finish. Additionally, the drivers in the Alpha 3 are slightly smaller than those found in the typical MX500, potentially resulting in a better fit for individuals with smaller ears.

Comfort and isolation: Wearing the Alpha 3 is a very comfortable and stable experience. These flathead earbuds do not provide any significant level of isolation.


Frequency response of Alpha 3. Measurements were done with an IEC-711-compliant coupler and might only be compared with other measurements from this same coupler. Visit my graph database for more comparisons.


It is helpful to think of an IEM as a filter that highlights or subdues different parts of the incoming audio signal. This effect can be measured objectively by the squiggly lines above, called Frequency Response (FR) graphs, which measure how loud an IEM is at different frequencies from 20Hz (bass) to 20kHz (upper treble). Subjectivity is how your ears and brain interpret the effect of that filter on your music and decide whether it is “enjoyable.” There are some “rules of thumb” when it comes to tonality, but most interesting IEMs usually bend the rules masterfully.

The Alpha 3 provides two types of foams, each creating a different signature. When using the donut foam, there is a notable emphasis on the upper midrange, bordering on the tonality known as “female poison” sometimes used by ChiFi earbuds. This emphasis becomes evident when listening to songs like “Jolene (feat. Dolly Parton)” by Pentatonix, where Dolly Parton’s voice is highly emphasized while the bass voices are comparatively harder to hear. Due to the overtones being more emphasized than the fundamentals, Jon’s voice in “Livin’ On a Prayer” exhibits a somewhat bright, tinny and slightly metallic quality.


Switching to the full foam configuration boosts the lower fundamental frequencies, creating a more balanced midrange reminiscent of the Blessing 2. With the full foam, it is easily to discern and track the bass voices in “Jolene (feat. Dolly Parton)” by Pentatonix, while Dolly Parton’s voice becomes more balanced and less tinny, resulting in a “sweeter” tonality. Additionally, the cellos and orchestra in “Game of Thrones Medley” by 2CELLOS sound more natural with proper body and weight to the sound. However, even in this configuration, the Alpha 3 does not produce a thick or full-bodied sound. When listening to Bach’s Violin Sonata No.1 by Isabelle Faust, the violin’s tonality still leans towards the upper harmonics. Personally, I would prefer the ear gain region centered around 3kHz to be pulled down by at least 2dB.

Contrary to the emphasis on upper midrange mentioned earlier, the Alpha 3 exhibits a somewhat treble-shy nature. This means that cymbals and hi-hats are not very present in the overall sound. For instance, in songs like “Livin’ On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi, careful attention is required to pick out the cymbals and hi-hats as they are overshadowed by the voices and guitars. The treble itself is slightly soft and overly smoothed, although it doesn’t reach a level that would be considered negative. Interestingly, I did not detect much sibilance with either type of foam, suggesting that the treble tuning of the Alpha 3 is quite smooth.


The bass of the Alpha 3 also takes a backseat to the midrange in terms of emphasis. For example, in “Hotel California (Live on MTV, 1994)” by Eagles, the thump of the drums and the bass guitar can be heard, allowing for discernment and following of the bassline. However, the bass does not stand out as it would in IEMs with boosted bass. Alpha 3 is also noticeably behind bassy earbuds like the FiiO FF3.

The bass quality and sense of dynamics in the Alpha 3 are also only adequate. On the plus side, the attack of bass notes, such as in “Battle Bar” by Yuki Hayashi, is snappy and clean, while the decay of bass notes is decent. My main criticism of the Alpha 3 lies in its weaker sense of dynamics. In simple terms, it does not deliver a hard-hitting “slam” when the music calls for it. For example, in “G.O.A.T.” by Polyphia, where there are many bass guitar and drum “slams” from around the 1:00 mark, the Alpha 3 reproduces the sound of the drums and bass guitar, but it lacks the aptitude and speed to convey the volume swings needed for an impactful slam. Similarly, in “Let the Battles Begin!” by Square Enix Music & Nobuo Uematsu, where big dynamic swings carried out by the orchestra are crucial for conveying a sense of pulse and rhythm, the Alpha 3 falls short in reproducing these swings with the necessary power I expect.

Soundstage Imaging​


Stereo imaging or “soundstage” is a psychoacoustic illusion that different recording elements appear at various locations inside and around your head. Your brain creates based on the cues in the recording, which are enhanced or diminushed by your IEMs, your DAC, and your amplifier. Some IEMs present a wide but flat soundstage. Some present a “3D” soundstage with layering, depth, and height. In rare cases, with some specific songs, some IEMs can trick you into thinking that the sound comes from the environment (a.k.a., “holographic”)


The Alpha 3 offers two types of soundstage, which depend on the type of foam used. When using the donut foam, the stage is focused tightly around the center where high vocals and instruments are placed. However, this center image feels predominantly in-the-head, overpowering the rest of the stage and resulting in a subdued overall presentation. Due to the dominance of the center image in the stereo image, the soundstage can feel overly forward and compact, even though it still expands wide to the surrounding environment.

Switching to the full foam configuration produces a more spread-out soundstage. The center focus remains upfront, so the illusion of depth or a “phantom speaker” in the middle, in front of the listener, is not particularly strong with the Alpha 3. However, there is sufficient space and separation between instruments in the mix, which prevents a congested sensation. The near-to-far placement of instruments is also decent. For example, in songs like “Hotel California (Live on MTV, 1994)” by Eagles or during the busy section around 3:30 in “Jolene (feat. Dolly Parton)” by Pentatonix, there is noticeable layering of instruments and vocals from closer to further away. However, the separation between layers is not as razor-sharp as some other IEMs.

Similar to most earbuds, the Alpha 3 performs decently in projecting the background layer of the stage into the surrounding environment. In songs like “Hotel California (Live on MTV, 1994)” by Eagles, when focusing on the cheers in the background, they are perceptibly separated from the center of the stage. The cheers feel like they are in the background, but not too far away, as if one is standing on the stage behind the lead singer and guitar, and the cheers come from the first round of the audience.


Soundstage imaging with games (CS GO Gameplay by Throneful)

The soundstage of the Alpha 3 gives the impression of an oval shape, with more width from left to right than depth from front to back. Despite this, it was still relatively easy to identify the direction and distance of various sounds such as footsteps and gunshots. The sounds do not feel confined strictly within the head, which is a characteristic often found in many IEMs. Instead, they seem to float slightly around the head. This level of performance aligns with my expectations for earbuds.



Resolution is a fascinating subject due to the difficulty of pinning down what it really is. To me, “resolution” can be broken down into three components: (1) Sharpness, incisiveness, or “definition” of note attacks (see the figure above). (2) The separation of instruments and vocals, especially when they overlap on the soundstage. (3) The texture and details in the decay side of the notes. The first two give music clarity and make it easy to track individual elements of a mix. The last provides music details and nuances. Smooth and well extended treble response plays a crucial role.

Resolution and Separation: The Alpha 3 exhibits adequate resolution, and in the grand scheme, it can even be considered good. There is decent separation between overlapping instruments and vocals, allowing for individual voice lines to be followed. For example, in songs like “Jolene” by Pentatonix, with careful attention, it is possible to discern and track the individual voices. When using the full foam configuration, the tonality becomes more balanced, making it easier to hear the overlapped elements, such as a female vocal floating on the right side of the stage. While it still requires some effort to separate and track all the voices, the overall presentation does not feel muddled or congested.


Detail Retrieval: The Alpha 3 demonstrates good detail retrieval. It is capable of revealing micro details, such as the breath and subtle movements of the pads on Emmanuel Pahud’s flute in “Bach’s Flute Partita in A Minor, IV: Bourree Anglaise.” The notes exhibit proper decay and texture on the tail-end, rather than being abruptly dropped off like some IEMs with lesser detail retrieval. However, due to the rolled-off treble, the reverb and decay of the flute in the venue are not particularly prominent unless one pays a significant amount of attention.

Source Pairing​


The Alpha 3 is capable of producing loud sound from any source. However, I noticed that the dynamic swings become stronger and instruments spread out further when adding the Topping G5 as an amplifier to the L&P W4 dongle. This could potentially be a limitation of the 3.5mm output of the dongle itself. It would have been beneficial if Dunu included their interchangeable plug system with the Alpha 3, allowing users to utilize a balanced output if desired.

Comparison and Rating​

Sources for listening tests:

  • iBasso DX300
  • L&P W4
Local FLAC files ripped from CDs or bought from Qobuz were used for most casual listening and A/B tests. My playlist for A/B tests can be found on Apple Music here.

All of my listening was done with Spin Fit CP145 ear tips. I listen at a medium volume. I usually turn up the volume until the midrange is fully audible and detailed, unless a treble peak or overwhelming bass prevents me from doing so.

Tonality: The Alpha 3 offers a mid-centric tonality with different flavor profiles. Overall, it delivers a sound that feels accurate and inoffensive, exhibiting fewer tonal quirks compared to some alternative earbuds. I would rate it as good (4/5).

Percussion Rendering: Aria (3/5) <= Alpha 3 (3/5) < Blessing 2 (4/5) < U12T / E5000 (5/5)

The bass quantity and quality of the Alpha 3 are satisfactory. I am impressed by the snappiness and precision of the bass attacks. However, the overall presentation lacks the necessary dynamic contrast that some tracks require, resulting in a reduction of their sense of energy and rhythm. This is an area that could be improved upon in future iterations. I would rate the bass performance as adequate (3/5)


Resolution: Aria (3/5) < Blessing 2 (4/5) = Alpha 3 (4/5) < Andromeda 2020 (4.5/5) < U12T (5/5)

The Alpha 3 offers good resolution, although it may not reach the level of high-end IEMs or earbuds with high-impedance drivers. However, considering its ease of drive, it performs admirably. In A/B tests, I found the Alpha 3 to be more resolving than my benchmark for adequacy, the Moondrop Aria, and it approaches the level of the Blessing 2 in most cases. Therefore, I would consider the resolution of the Alpha 3 to be good (4/5)

Soundstage: SE215 (3/5) < Blessing 2 (4/5) = Alpha 3 (4/5) < Andromeda 2020 (5/5)

As an earbud, the Alpha 3 offers a good soundstage by design. However, it does not push the boundaries in terms of imaging precision or conveying a stronger sense of depth and layering. Therefore, I would consider the soundstage of the Alpha 3 to be good, not outstanding (4/5).

Special Comparisons​


Serratus (Test track: Beat It by Michael Jackson)

  • The Alpha 3 is noticeably warmer with a thicker lower range compared to the Serratus.
  • The Serratus offers sharper, more present sounds, with more details popping up across the stage, possibly due to its brightness. In contrast, the Alpha 3 creates a more focused spotlight on Michael Jackson, as if turning off the surrounding light.
  • The soundstage of the Serratus seems to wrap around more, providing a wider sense of space.
  • At the same time, the Serratus can be more fatiguing to listen to, while the Alpha 3 remains more enjoyable and comfortable.
FiiO FF5 (Test track: Hotel California by Eagles)

  • The FiiO FF5 has a more V-shaped sound signature, emphasizing pronounced bass, kicks, and guitar at the expense of the vocals.
  • There is a hint of recess in the slope leading up to the ear-gain peak with the FF5, resulting in a slight “hollowness” in the lead vocals.
  • Overall resolution between the Alpha 3 and FF5 is similar, but the FiiO’s tuning allows the guitars to stand out more, creating the illusion of slightly better detail.
  • The cheers of the audience feel slightly further away with the FF5 compared to the Alpha 3. The stage presentation of the FF5 has a slightly better sense of depth, although the difference is not significant.
FiiO FF3 (Test track: Hotel California by Eagles)

  • The FF3 conveys the strongest sense of distance between the audience and the center of the stage, creating a more pronounced 3D effect.
  • The FF3 still exhibits the boldest bass response among the compared models.
  • The FF3 has a warmer tonality compared to the Alpha 3.
  • The Alpha 3 complements rather than replaces the FF3, offering a different sound signature and presentation.


The Alpha 3 inherits the advantages associated with Dunu products, such as impressive build quality and generous accessories. The tuning is mature and generally easy to listen to. One notable aspect is that the Alpha 3 feels like a complete product rather than an experimental prototype. Whether this is viewed as a positive or negative aspect is subjective. Personally, I find it exciting to see big manufacturers with their research and development capabilities returning to this niche market and offering interesting options. I would love to see more breakthrough performance, but Alpha 3 is a good starting point.


  • Excellent build quality and included accessories.
  • Comfortable fit, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Natural tonality, particularly when using the full foam configuration.
  • Good resolution, allowing for the retrieval of fine details in the music.

  • Lacks some dynamic contrast, impacting the sense of energy and impact in certain tracks.
  • Does not offer a 4.4mm connector option, limiting the choice of balanced output.
  • Could have pushed boundaries further and introduced more groundbreaking features or innovations.

Updated: July 16, 2023
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OK! I wasn't absolutely sure it was listed on their website since I ordered mine from Amazon (where there WAS a choice). No biggy, I just thought I would bring it to your attention if you didn't already know. :)
Pretty much detailed review. I'm really look forward to your updated 4.4 version review.
@chaiyuta I already used a strong amp to drive the 3.5mm version. I don’t think it would scale up any more. Anyhow, if you buy one, I highly recommend getting 4.4 version


Headphoneus Supremus
DUNU Alpha 3: Earbuds WIth Strong Sound & Stunning Build!!
Pros: Strong and powerful sound presentation.
Warm in tone.
Excellent tone and timbre especially for vocals.
Staging has a nice 3D feel(Immersive, rounded).
Treble response is smooth and well-rounded note definition.
Smooth sound with no hint of sibilance or harshness.
Easy driveability.
Comfortable to wear.
Cable look and feel is really good.
The new DUNU Carry case is better than the orange one that they use to bundle before.
Cons: Mid-bass is a little prominent with full foam cushions.
Micro-details could be improved.
DUNU is a highly regarded audio in-ear monitor brand from China. Over the years, DUNU has developed several successful models that have always kept the brand different from the others. They have plenty of successful products under their brand name such as the SA6 series, Zen series, Falcon series, etc. But today, I am not here bringing you another one of their IEM reviews, rather I am here with one of their latest set of earbuds, the DUNU Alpha 3. DUNU has recently revived its Alpha series of flathead earbuds or traditional earphones as we know this form factor, with the upcoming Alpha 3. DUNU Alpha 3 incorporates a large-size 14.2mm dynamic driver unit with LCP composite diaphragm. I got a pre-release sample from DUNU for the Alpha 3 and I have spent a good one-week period with the set. Today, let’s see how this one fares as an earbud in a world that is usually dominated by IEMs.

Short Disclaimer before I begin:-

This was a review sample I received as a part of a review tour in my country organized by HiFiGo. The pair is supposed to release soon with an expected price of around 100-150$, The pair will be released on HiFiGo, you can check out more information on their website from the link below(non-affiliated). DUNU Alpha 3 will also be released on their Amazon and Aliexpress platforms as well, you can grab it from Amazon US, Amazon Japan, and Aliexpress stores as well. (none of the links provided here are affiliated).



DUNU is known for its premium packaging and rich set of accessories with its products. The Alpha 3 comes in a compact package yet packs everything beautifully. We have a simple black package with an image of the pair on the front of the outer cover, on the back we have the technical information. Inside we have DUNU’s new large-sized earphone carry case that packs the pair itself.

All other contents such as the, six pairs of foam covers(three complete and three donut foams), etc. are placed in a box right underneath the case. This new carry case from DUNU is very good, it has a hint of yellowish-green textured finish and the space inside is enough to even carry a small USB DAC/AMP with the pair. Overall, simple package, but rich in contents. Now let’s move ahead to the design and build quality of the pair.

Design & Build Quality:-

I have always loved DUNU as a brand for its outstanding craftsmanship. Every product of theirs that I have auditioned/owned to date, including the DK3001 Pro(My very first premium IEMs), EST112, Zen, SA6 Ultra, and the SA6 Mk2, all have excellent build quality characteristics. Same I can say for the Alpha 3, the shells are completely metallic, and they look and feel quite premium. We have the Dunu logo printed on the back of the shells, and the rich black finish of the buds is simply eye-catching. When I got the pair 8-9 days back, I was literally blown away by its designer looks. Ah what can be said man, most earbuds in the market are usually simple looking, so this one is quite premium in its looks and the all-metallic build is premium to hold. The cable is non-detachable but feels premium(thanks to DUNU’s craftsmanship). It has metallic connectors to add to the premium feel of the cable. My unit has 4.4mm termination(personal preference), users can also get it in 3.5mm termination.

We have a properly vented structure here with multiple vents present on the back of the earbuds. There’s also a speaker grill on the top of the stem of the earbuds(I think we call it a stem, refer to the images below), what can I say more about the pair itself, it looks amazing, will just include some beautiful shots below to help you appreciate its build as well.



Fit & Isolation:-

The Alpha 3 earbuds sit comfortably into my ears, with no discomfort or anything. I used the pair with both full foams and donut foams, no issues with the fit for me even for long hours. Isolation, since it’s an earbud, I had zero expectations for isolation, and I got my expectations met perfectly lol. Outside noise is easily introduced and isolation is average just like every other earbud.

Power Requirements:-

DUNU Alpha 3 doesn’t require a lot of juice, it can be powered easily with a decent enough device. I have personally used the pair directly with my MacBook Pro output(using a 3.5mm adapter), Shanling UA3(4.4mm output), and HiBy R6 Pro II(4.4mm Direct output). It is paired well with all three of the sources with me never going on high volumes for adequate listening level. So, easy driveability is there with the DUNU Alpha 3.

Sound Impressions:-

For me, Earbuds have a different use case. While I prefer IEMs and Headphones most of the time, I prefer using earbuds when I am in my bed and need a comfortable listening session in the silence of the night. The Alpha 3 serves well in this purpose with its strong sound. Basically, the pair has a warmish sound with some prominence on the mid-bass region. Please don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t sound boomy or overwhelmingly bossy, it’s just has a little emphasis on the mid-bass adding weight to the midrange and instruments. It feels strong, powerful, and dynamic in its sound presentation. The mid-bass surely adds a punch to the output of the pair, complementing the vocals and instruments nicely. While writing this review, I am listening to some of my favorite tracks including “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor, the vocal clarity, the drums in the background, and the piano as well, everything is presented in such a captivating way that it sounds really impressive.

As mentioned earlier, the sound is a little prominent in the mid-bass region. It takes the main attention in the lower end of the pair, sub-bass is a little subdued in comparison. Mid-bass also has a little influence on the lower-mids as well, but it doesn’t sound muddy or dirty, just adding a bit of weight and texture to the instruments in the mid-range. Changing the foams to Donut definitely tames the mid-bass and makes the sound more balanced, so people who are more into getting more clarity in the midrange, can opt for the Donut foams. IMO Once switched to Donuts, Midrange shows its true colors. It sounds crispy, and vocals and instruments show a good presence in the mix. I love the timbre and natural tone of the vocals here. Both the male and female vocals sound really nice and pleasing. There is no sign of sibilance or harshness present on the pair. It sounds smooth and strong throughout the midrange. Treble presence is well-rounded. Instruments such as electric guitars, violins, and flutes, have a smooth presentation, they don’t have any sharpness or harshness even on busy tracks.

Technically, the DUNU Alpha 3 sounds good. It has clear instrument presentation, Imaging, and separation are above average I would say. I enjoyed the pair for gaming as well while playing Valorant, footsteps, and location were easily recognizable. The soundstage is quite open and airy. It doesn’t feel congested or narrow at all, but it isn’t super wide either. The pair actually creates an enveloping 3D soundstage while enveloping the listener with decent enough width and depth, giving a proper 3D feel. Micro details are not much I would say, they could be a little better in their presence!!

Well, that’s about the sound of the DUNU Alpha 3 from my side, now it’s time for some comparison. I will put it straight against the TGXear Serratus, a 200$ earbud. The one I have is bell Serratus with metallic buds.

>DUNU Alpha 3 has better fit and comfort for me compared to the Serratus. The cable here also looks and feels better.

>The prominent mid-bass of Alpha 3 gives the pair a strong presentation, while the lovely midrange of the Serratus gives it a musical presentation. Serratus has a clearer sub-bass response.

>Both the pair have lovely timbre and tone. They both sound quite natural and open in their timbre for vocals giving them a lovely touch.

>Serratus has more micro-details, and its treble is crispier, while the Alpha 3 sounds rounded and has smoother notes in the treble region. I would say Serratus has more extension in the treble region as well.

>Soundstage-wise, Both have a 3D feel, Alpha 3 sounds a little wider while the Serratus sounds more immersive of two.

In comparing both, I spent hours A/B’ing the same tracks again and again. I would say both are really solid, one has more mid-bass, and a more 3D feel, while the other has more sub-bass and treble extension, they both have a natural timbre that makes vocals stand out in the mix!!

Final Words For DUNU Alpha 3:-

For many years, I have kept my distance from earbuds. Earlier in the hobby like 4-5 years back, there was a time I had like 15-20 pairs of earbuds, but with time my use case changed and I switched primarily to IEMs. But recent times have made Serratus grab a place in my everyday pouch, DUNU Alpha 3 with its eye-catching design, its impressive sound, and mainly it is a direct companion to the sound that I get from the Serratus, the pair definitely finds a place in my heart and my everyday carry pouch as well. It sounds really good, the mid-bass dive, the lovely vocals, and the smooth instruments, make the DUNU Alpha 3 an exciting package. If you are looking for a set of earbuds to add to your collection for everyday use, the DUNU Alpha 3 definitely gets my recommendation!!

Well, that’s all about the DUNU Alpha 3 from my side, I hope you guys liked reading my review for the pair, if you have any further questions or queries, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.
Beautiful buds
Nice detailed review, looking forward to try these earbuds.
Just a head's up: Alpha 3 can be purchased in a 4.4mm option