Denon AH-C260 Acoustic Luxury In-Ear Headphones (Black)


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Pros: boom boom bass , nice sound tage , okay is the mid .
Cons: boom boom base , bad microphonics .
i got it for bass , cuz headroom says its the best in bass .
now i will compare it to the klipsch s3 .
package ;- 4 pair of tips , here i got the cable clip , and manuals too many  . cable winder is good , thats it .
s3 had a pouch . the cable is too cheap even cheaper then my she 3580 , too filmsy . design is common . a cable slider is loose , the cable clip is cheap too , only thing looks good is the cable winder , it seems solid .
sound :- lows is huge , muddy and okay deep ; s3 is a bit low in this , less muddy , mid is good too : not better then the s3 , high is avg. : s3 is better , sound stage is better ;like the s3 . lacks some defination compared to the s3 . isolation is good , not too comfortable , falls sometimes while walking , so stay home and have fun .
should you bag it ? :- if you want big bass . i must say its good and really fun to hear . might have some fitting issue for less inserting canals . better then any can in the department of bass .
updat:- i got an meelectronics m9 , and the m9 is over it in every department , and has the best bass , even bigger then this ..
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Pros: Good mids, out-of-head soundstage with good recordings, impressive after EQ / warm amp
Cons: Extremely harsh treble (before EQ / warm amp), slightly boomy bass
A concise review for the Denon AH-C260. It has about 50 hours on them.

Gear used : iPod classic 7G / iBasso CB04 / New iPod Line Out / iBasso T4

Bass: Slightly boomy with a decent punch, not so much sub-20hz rumble, though. Decent for a sub-$30 IEM. Electronic music sounds good on them, where accuracy won't matter a lot. They are not accurate enough to portray the "twang" of a bass guitar,  it sounds much larger than it really is. A very small nitpick for the price, though.
Mids: I found the mids quite good, if not slightly recessed. Violins sound great, and voices sound recessed, with somewhat inaccurate tonality. Nothing to complain about, really, since it is cheap.
Treble: Harsh. Piercing. That's what you'll hear when you play them out of the box, slightly less when burned in for about 20 hours, but still quite harsh. Properly EQ'd though, they are quite impressive for the price. Cymbals splash with good decay, and okay-ish tone. Strings and woodwinds at higher notes sound delightful.
Soundstage: The soundstage is good with impressive recordings such as the "Audiophile Reference I", where some tracks sound like 5-10 cm away from your head. With most music, I don't see much soundstaging.

Overall: They are quite comfortable, but they get loose very quickly when walking, as it is a shallow-insertion IEM. Very low microphonics. Acceptable sound for the price.