Canpur CPBA7


500+ Head-Fier
The whole package at $999
Pros: Incredibly lush, very satisfying bass, top notch vocals along with mids that are to die for. Treble is well extended but not sibilant or harsh at all. Overall texturing and layering are extremely impressive at this price. It’s a note weight phenom!
Cons: Sub bass may not be enough for bass heads. More of a mid bass set. Detail retrieval may not be as in your face as some would like.

Canpur Audio is a hot topic around here lately. Their flagship iems (CP622b and CP54b) have been causing quite a fuss, particularly the 622b with it’s out of this world bone conduction bass performance. I get the feeling having read so many comments about it that the 622b may be about as good as any other flagship iem currently out there. It was this buzz that piqued my interest in their number 3 sett, the CPBA7 which retails at $999. I grabbed a set from Andrew at Musicteck and have been thoroughly impressed by it’s overall performance.

Quickly, the retail packaging and accessories are quite nice. The iem comes with a very nice leather case, an excellent stock cable that appears to be very similar to the Eletech Prudence and a nice selection of eartips. Nothing to complain about at all at this price.


This set fits me like a glove. Almost a custom-like feel. The iems are incredibly light weight making for a super comfortable listen whether you pop them in for a half or are in for a long Friday night jam. The Two pin socket is nice and tight but not so tight that you’re having to shoehorn them in with all your might.

This is a very attractive IEM with a wonderful green tiger stripe pattern. Nothing crazy but very very nice looking. It‘s similar in look to the Faudio Mezzo….so much so that I had to do several double takes to make sure I was grabbing the set I intended on listening to. Top notch build quality. Everything very clean and classy.


Ok, onto the important thing. How do these bad boys sound? I did most of my listening with the IFi IDSD Signature Finale and the iBasso DC-ELITE. The overall point the CPBA7 is going to get across to you is that it’s a smooooooth criminal. I’d describe it as warm and lush but with PLENTY of air and detail. It‘s fairly balanced and absolutely never sibilant or aggressive in the upper mids at all.

Starting with bass, this set brings the thunder but not in a way that we associate with typical “big bass”. It mostly hits in the lower mid bass and up, but doesn’t encroach on the mids other than with note weight which is substantial and very pleasing throughout the signature even into the lower treble. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard an iem that has such substantial note weight, particularly with acoustic guitar plucks. It’s a really interesting and unique attribute that I am enjoying even as I type this.

The mid range is succulent. You’re in for a real treat with the male and female vocals here. Natalie Maines’ incredibly dynamic voice can be heard in its full glory as she creeps from upper mids into the treble with the ease of a true virtuoso. While George Jones, who can literally do anything with his voice that he wants also shines, from the deeepest bass he can muster into the upper mids, the greatest country singer of all time may as well be in your living room with this set. As I said, instruments carry an amazing level of weight and layering throughout. This is among the best mid ranges I’ve heard and was reminded often of the Vision Ears Elysium.

The treble region is, to my ear, preposterously well done. This iem hasn’t once shown me a single bit of sibilant or harsh top end. Make no mistake, all the information is there….and it’s tucked in with the weight of the mids expertly. This isn’t a set that’s going to knock your socks off with way up in your face resolution but one that will show you all that, while maintaining a pleasant balance thoughout.



I hear a very nicely expanded stage on the CPBA7. It’s a bit wider than it is tall, but overall nicely formed. Not quite holographic but not exactly lacking or constrained in anyway. This iem puts you in about the 5th row in a 500 seat venue.

Instrument layering and placement is quite well done on the 7. Nothing ever seems out of place nor is there any artificial out of bounds placement of notes. It’s a very “correct” sounding IEM.


I definitely feel IIke BA bass has come a long way, even in the last couple of years. The timbre of this set excellent. These balanced armatures put in major work here and I think they’ll satisfy most. The CPBA7 has certainly piqued my interest even more in heading up the line to their two flagship models and I hope to be able to hear those two soon!


I’ve owned many iems over the past 9 months. Some well over twice the price of the Canpur CPBA7. I know it’s become cliche to say, but this iem definitely punches well above its asking price. This is a fantastic all rounder for anyone’s collection. Give them a shot imo!


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Great review! Love the Jason Voorhees headphone stand 🔥
Very nice read!
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Stu Paddasso
You got me interested :L3000: