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Audio Technica ATH-CKN50

  1. bharathss
    Value for money..! Detail diggers
    Written by bharathss
    Published Aug 28, 2014
    Pros - Balanced sound, Rich mids & Smooth highs..!
    Cons - Adequate bass - Not a bass head Iem, Burn in is compulsory & uncomfortble wearing them initially (due to special ring design)
    I'm not much of a audiophile nor a reviewer just a regular audio enthusiast.. Apologies & correct me if I'm wrong..
    Absolutely "StUnNeD" by these gems thought of sharing my experience..
    Firstly I'm from India & CKN - 50's are priced Rs.1600 roughly 24 USD.
    Few options at this price point were
    TDK EB-900
    JVC FX101
    SONY XB30
    After searching for reviews narrowed on to CKN50 as I own TDK EB900
                 - Good build
                 - cable is not good as it gets tangled very often
                 - Found it very uncomfortable in initially to get a good seal due to ring which supports the earphone's body
    Performance :
    Bass : It has good presence but is not to the extent of bass head iems. It does'nt extends very low  but really blends with other frequencies. Its tight & adequate, Unlike EB 900 which has enormous amounts of bass. Initially bass does nt sound good but after 80+ hours of burn in it starts to sound & extend really well but the quantity of bass remains unchanged to most part
    Mids : This is the part which absolutely love abt them, vocals sound so good, rich, detailed & crisp. very Lively presented  without any harshness combined with a wide soundstage its a delight to listen vocals especially female voices. Instruments like guitar, flute, Piano & tabla never sounded sounded so rich, precise & so detailed, but Burn in/Break in is very much required prior to burn in it sounds a bit harsh & raw
    Treble : This is the interesting part, Out of box it sounds harsh & very dominated. After 80+ hours of intense burn in. Then  the magic starts, they calm down, smoothens out, sounds so rich Yet so balanced & detailed at the same time, slower decays than the Eb-900's absolutely love them. A.R Rahman songs & Instrumentals come alive with these gems.
    Details :
    Its a "Detail Digger" as said earlier, brings in a lot of detail never heard in Eb-900s