Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

  1. Fox2twenty
    Great improvement over Earbuds
    Written by Fox2twenty
    Published Sep 29, 2012
    Pros - Good bass, spacious sound and separation.
    Cons - They can still fall out of my ears.
    Ear Pods are cool.  They sound much better than the old earbuds, because the old earbuds didn't fit me!  Compared to the Meelec M6 the bass is better and the sound is more coherent.  The bass is a little bit louder, but it is also has better impact, as if it's coming from a larger speaker.

    Edit:  I am enjoying using the EarPods with foam earbud covers.  Imaging and instrument separation is still far superior to the Meelec M6p.
    Bass - With the foam earbud covers applied the bass on these is big and bold.  Sound wise, I really like the "breathier" feel of the vented Apple EarPods for bass response.  The seal and punch of the M6p is uncomfortable for me in comparison.  Additionally, the imaging and separation of bass guitars and drums is far superior to the M6 - the bass instruments are properly positioned in the mix.
    Mids - Midrange is delightfully warm and sweet.  Especially when male vocals and electric guitars come out and play.  The sound is captivating, energetic, and clear.  Guitars sound like they are swimming around my head and I can still hear the strike of the pick on the guitar string.  I am hearing background vocals and effects that I have never heard before in the midrange.  Right now I'm listening to "Majesty by Delirious?" and the acoustic guitars sound simply amazing - I can hear every cord change as the fingers slide across the fretboard.  The background choir is lush and seems to be positioned behind the lead singer near the top of the headstage.  Really wonderful mids.
    Highs - The treble on the EarPods is slightly recessed when compared to the slight boost in mid-bass and mids.  The treble is still wonderful and non-fatiguing, and even though it is slightly recessed in the mix, the imaging and instrument separation are still present and cymbals still sound like they are next to the drum kit.
    Soundstage - The soundstage is the best part of the Apple EarPods!  The size is primarily inside the headstage (meaning my skull :)); however, on some recordings sounds can appear to be projecting from just outside my ears and this effect can be quite incredible on ambient techno. The soundstage is aided by the great clarity and separation of instruments and sounds.  Instruments sound like they are precisely placed around the inside of the cranium and stereo effects seem to travel in a wide arc across the front or back of the headstage depending on the song.  I really think this "shaping" of stereo effects is what makes the soundstage seem incredible.
    Source - The EarPods strengths - mids, separation, clarity; all come out and are much more present when I use my Dell laptop compared to my iPhone.  I guess the laptop must be a more powerful source, so maybe the EarPods would respond well to amping.
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    2. Craigster75
      If you are a basshead on a budget looking for an IEM under $100, I would suggest the Velodyne V-Pulse
      Craigster75, Sep 30, 2012
    3. Dolan Duck
      Klipsch s4 or A-Jays 4.
      Dolan Duck, Oct 1, 2012
    4. Fox2twenty
      @ Mr. BP, I don't really know. But Extreme Explosives with mic are only $17 or $18 on amazon, so that can't be too hard on the budget, right? All I know from limited experience is EarPods > M6 > Sennheiser Sport (old orange band version) > Moto BT (HD9?)
      The ranking is based on perceived clarity and fullness of bass/mids; not form factor. I like memory wire, so for form factor M6 would switch with EarPods.
      Fox2twenty, Oct 1, 2012
  2. Arve
    Worth it? Yes
    Written by Arve
    Published Sep 21, 2012
    Pros - Soundstage
    Cons - Isolation
    Ok, I'm not going to paste my entire review in here  it's over 4000 words, and quite probably the most comprehensive review ever of a product being delivered as a bundled product, so I'm just going to point at my actual review:

    If you want a short TL;DR (Which I can understand, given the length):
    1. Much better than expected bass - much better than the Nuforce NE-700X, but not quite as good as Senn HD 558 or B&W C6
    2. Average detail reproduction: On-par with the Nuforces, but not as good as the Senns or B&W's
    3. Sound stage that beats just about any headphone, I've heard, ever! 
    4. Look elsewhere if isolation is a requirement
    5. It's popular to hate Apple, and some other reviews reflect that - but these are worth $29, even as a standalone purchase, provided isolation is not an issue.
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    2. milan425
      Great review, read it in one breath. Good to know that Apple finaly made it. If the cable remained the same, well, ther's room for an improvement for next gen :)
      milan425, Sep 22, 2012
    3. kazsud
      They sound great and I am pleasantly surprised how good they sound. I think they are better than the apple in-ear model and senn 218
      kazsud, Sep 22, 2012
    4. Arve
      @milan425: The cable is not exactly the same as before - the old one had two different materials, with different grippiness - the new cable is grippy all over, but less so than the old cable, and perhaps less prone to tangling than the old one. I'm saying perhaps because I'd have to test it over time.
      Arve, Sep 24, 2012