New Head-Fier
The first iem from Aoshida Audio
Pros: 1. Very lightweight

2. Very comfortable for long periods of time

3. Great soundstage and Imaging for the price

4. Great for gaming

5. The overall sound signature is very clean

6. The case provided is very good, and would be awesome if they sold it separately

7. A great twist to the harman tuning, Nice to see something new
Cons: 1. The overall tonality and timbre is a bit on the lighter side (Now this is great for some genres like modern day Jpop, but not so good for other genres)

2. The bass doesn't hit that hard and it lacks for some songs (Although this is purely a matter of preference)

Hello guys. Today I will be reviewing the Aoshida Audio E20. The E20 iem has been made by aoshida audio in collab with lethsuoer. Aoshida audio is an online retailer like Hifigo, Linsoul and Shenzhen Audio. I was really curious as to how these iems were, Because they seem to have an open back design and they cost only $44

I have also shared a video version of the review at YouTube any support there in form of a view, A like or A subscribe is greatly appreciated. But if you so wish to read the written version you can read this.

Lets Find out!

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Would like to say a big thanks to Aoshida Audio for sending me this review unit, all the thoughts and opinions you are about to hear are my own.

I will be as usual following my bullet style format for better readability for those who are dyslexic and in general find it hard to read long paragraphs. I follow this guide in general from the British Dyslexia Association.

Build Quality, Comfort and Accessories:-

- They have a plastic shell and the faceplate is aluminium. Also they are open back!

- They have a copper cable which is terminated to 3.5mm

- They are very very light which makes them exceptionally comfortable to wear. I can wear them for hours long!

- The E20 comes with a fantastic case and is apparently made of a bulletproof fabric and the shell of the case is manufactured by a flocking process. I thought it was marketing gibberish, but whatever it is they made a damn good case. It is small and hard and also really pocketable for daily use. Great job Aoshida for giving this case, I can say that the case is easily worth $15-20 in its own and Aoshida so look into selling it separately.

- They are very hard to drive, for a budget iem I would expect them to be easy to drive. But these are surprisingly power hungry.


Sound Impressions:-

- They follow the harman 2019v2 target curve almost to the T with the sub bass being pulled down a little

- They have 10mm beryllium coated Dynamic Driver and a 8mm DLC Diaphragm

- There are 2 types of tips available in the box, wide bore and narrow bore. I use the medium sized narrow bore as that gave me a bit more bass.

- I used the fiio btr5, Hiby fc6, Muse hifi M4, Hiby m300, my smartphone with headphone jack.

- This iem pairs very with the hiby fc6 something warmer give it really that overall body it lacks.

- They have absolutely fantastic tone and timbre overall

- They have zero driver flex

- They have no pressure buildup


- Having 2DD you would expect it to have a thump punchy bass, well that's not the case here

- The bass although of adequate quantity, the sub-bass lacks that last bit of punch and dynamic-ness. When listening to waltz by sunny it is very apparent. But that lack of sub bass isnt bad at all as the overall iem sounds very clean when heard overall

- The mid bass is and I cannot emphasise is very very very clean! It just sounds right.

- Listening to Looking Up and Galactic Funk by Casiopea the 1985 Ryogoku Kokugikan Live the instruments specially bass sounds really good, I am surprised as to how good it sounds. All the instruments comes across very well for its price point!


- The male vocals sounds really good voice of Chris Cornell and Bill Withers comes across surprisingly well for an iem which costs only $50.

- The Female vocals as usual like the harman target could get a bit shouty for some. Hako Yamasaki’s Ano yumi ni and Sakura and Hanawa Sakura by ikimonogakari sound really good, but for some it could get shouty and too much specially at higher volumes.

- The overall vocals sounds very clean!


- The treble is the star of the show here in my opinion, it is done very well.

- It is very smooth were and most can enjoy it, even treble sensitive folks. The treble is very clean!

- The treble extension is really good for the price no complaints here


For the price range these are really average and I have no issues here. When listening to Casiopea live I could pick out the instruments separately and it sounded very sterile.


Being open back the soundstage as expected is very well and it is apparent when listening to live music


The imaging is too is really good for the price range

Gaming Test:-

- These perform really well while playing games

- The really good soundstage and the imaging gives me really good sense of the space and I can gauge the footsteps and also the whereabouts of the gunshots when playing FPS.

- While there is lot happening, it does get a bit spicy on the top end and if I am playing at high volumes I might have to pull the iem out.



- Do I recommend this e20? Tbh in the sea of harman tuned iem it is nice to see something a bit different. Now although the bass isn't to my liking and too many people’s liking it is a very clean sounding iem overall

- Try to use the Divinus Ear tips with these and the mid-bass comes across even well and it goes very well with the sub-bass of this iem. My entire review although done on stock tips I highly recommend these! They sound really good.

- The bass though present falls shorts in terms of punchiness and dynamicness in some songs, but sorry for sounding like a broken record. It sounds very clean.

Again a big thanks to Aoshida Audio for making this review possible. They have had no inputs in this review and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Have a great day ahead :)
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Headphones and Coffee

Previously known as Wretched Stare
Pros: Not harsh, not boring, lightweight and solid built, good accessories
Cons: nothing


Dual Dynamic Driver Design
High-Precision 3D Printing Chamber
Ergonomic Design
Open Design
Four-Strand 216-Core * 0.05mm High-Purity Copper Wire
High-Quality Earplug Sleeves and case

Technical Details

Frequency response
Dynamic drive
10mm beryllium coated dynamic driver +8mm DLC diaphragm
Wire rod
1.25m,0.05mm*216 strands of copper
3.5mm plug,0.78 dual pin interface


The Aoshida E20 is a collaboration between Aoshida audio and LetShuoer build, and packaging is much like the ARTTI. The 3D printed shell is light but strong and has a nice-looking faceplate, it comes in two color choices silver and gold, but the gold looks more bronze to be honest. The isolation is dependent on fit and for me the fit was very good with the E20 being nice and light. Build quality is on par with the E20s competitors. Acessories are actually plentiful for the cost and the cable is very good for a stock cable. When comparing the E20 to the Truthear Zero the E20 has a more Balanced Harman tuning with better texture and technicalities, while of course the ZERO Blue and Red are more attractive looking and mellow sounding. Out of those I would have to pick the E20 as it has better quallity Bass.

Sound Impressions:
The lower frequencies have a well-controlled and textured attack. Sub-Bass has a nice rumble then a fast withdrawal Mid-Bass hits with precision and speed. The Bass has subtle warmth, with fine details and clarity. It's a realy good balanced quality Bass.
The Midrange is clear and open sounding with the lower Mids having a tinge of warmth and a medium thickness, and upper mids are a little brighter but far from too much. the two strike a well balance giving both Male and Female vocals a fine tone and engaging amount of focus. Vocals are more centered just in front of instruments and the separation between them are defined nicely.

The Highs here are nicely done, there is a decent amount of air and sparkle, the Treble has a natural detail and decay with an almost BA quality. No harshness up top with very good energy, I found it well done indeed.

Soundstage ETC:
Soundstage here is wide with an equal amount of depth and imaging was also precise and could be used for gaming.

Conclusion and afterthoughts:

The Aoshida/ Letshuoer E20 is a good budget offering. It has a good number of accessories to get started and offers an exciting but Balanced signature with good technical abilities and enough fun. Comparing it to other Dual drivers, I find this my favorite Dual DD so far.