AKG M220 Pro


New Head-Fier
Pros: Soft and inviting sound
Good mids, great midbass
Recessed treble but very good extension
Cons: Requires an enormous of power to come alive
Stock pads are garbage
No subbass
The overall sound is clean and balanced. The highs are clean and not sibilant or in your face. They are fairly recessed but have great extension which keeps the music alive and not sound dark. Hence these make a great candidate for long listening sessions without fatigue. Vocals sound amazing in these. Been listening to a lot of Jim Morrison, Sam Smith and Freddie Mercury lately and I can definitely confirm that the vocalist takes a step forward. The mids are surprisingly very well detailed and cozy. any vocal based music will sound fantastic in these. the presence of a good amount of midbass which doesn't bleed into the lower mids gives a good heft to the sound . The drawback is that it seriously lacks the sub-bass punch and rumble but hey, you're already getting much more than your money's worth.
Soundstage is fairly well (lesser than the crazy Koss KSC75X at 17$) but the imaging is quite good.
Surprisingly at 55 ohm and 91dB/mW this is classic AKG i.e needs more power than it should. So an amp is absolutely must to even get sufficient volume. I have to keep it at 12 o' clock on the Magni 3 high gain all the time. On quiet recordings I have to keep it at 2 o' clock.
The comfort is crap if you're using stock pads. The stock pads are shallow, hard pleather that doesn't breathe. Gets sweaty and hot very soon. A brainwavz XL Round Perforated pad is recommended (the non XL is a tight fit and hence not recommended)
For 50$, this is epic, give it a try.
Thanks. For me, even when it's warm, the stock pads feel clammy.
Nice concise review! I have a lot of headphones, but I still keep my pair of M220s around because they have a unique soothing/relaxing quality to them that I have always appreciated. Just swap out the stock pads and give them some amplification and you're good to go.

For pads, I ended up trying a few pairs before settling on a pair of velour pads that I grabbed of AliExpress at some point that give the low end a little boost.
Haha yeah, it was my first proper headphone. Eventually I had gone back to the stock pads although they were uncomfortable, because to me the midrange sounded the most open and cleaner. Still, good headphone.