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    Official ♦♦ Chord Hugo2 Canada/U.S.A. Tour ♦♦ Thread

    Canada/U.S.A. Chord Hugo2 Tour Chord Hugo2 Webpage I don't think anyone really needs an introduction to the Hugo2, but here's a brief summary: The legend, remastered. The world’s most advanced transportable DAC/Headphone Amp has undergone a drastic redesign - Welcome to Hugo 2...
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    New ALO Rx - IEM only - Portable Amplifier Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Thought I'd take the discussion out of the sponsor forums and bring it to the portable amps forums. ALO Rx LINK The new Rx is a re-imagining of the tried and true original portable amp offered from ALO Audio. It's tuned to drive IEMs only, but with IEMs it sounds sublime to these ears. It's a...
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    FiiO X5 II Custom Themes Thread

    Fair WARNING: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This is for the Second Generation X5. Using the First Generation custom FW will not work on the X5 II and vice versa. Please make sure you are using the proper FW for your generation of X5. Load Custom FW at your own risk. FiiO, Head-Fi, and modders will not...
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    FiiO X5 2nd gen Impressions and Discussion thread

    The latest generation of the outstanding X5 DAP from FiiO, released June 15th worldwide. General Specifications: Model/Number - X5 (X5 2nd gen) Headphone Port - Standard 3.5mm Headphone Port Color - Titanium Drive Ability - 16~150 Ω Dimensions - 109 mm× 63.5 mm× 15.3 mm Volume...
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    JH Audio Angie Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Hello everyone. I've recently aquired a pair of this little 'Siren' and see there isn't a dedicated impressions thread for the youngest sister in the JH Audio Siren series. Hopefully this is a place where owners can chime in with their experience and impressions of this solid IEM without the...