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  1. 2000impreza

    Ipod classic - rockbox - its happening.

    I am trying to update emcore on my ipod and it appears is down. Is anyone able to upload r880?   Thanks in advance.
  2. 2000impreza

    Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus: possibly the best value DAC today

    I believe the dacmagic plus is fully balanced. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
  3. 2000impreza

    9th Calgary Headfi Meet! Sept 8 2013

    Hi Everyone,   Here are my pictures from the meet. Till next time!                                          
  4. 2000impreza

    REVIEW - Yulong Audio Sabre DA8 Reference DAC

    Wow. This deserves a separate anticipation thread.   The DA8 is already very impressive. It will be interesting to read the reviews for the D8/A8 once they are released. Given the limited production run, not sure how many units will be out there.   Quote:
  5. 2000impreza

    Review: Violectric HPA V200 amp

    Quote:   Agreed for the most part. The V200 would be able to drive to louder volumes due to higher current and voltage gains. Quality is subjective from that point on. I would give the edge to the DA8 over the D100/v200 in overall quality.
  6. 2000impreza

    Audeze LCD-2 magni?

    Based on Schiit specs, the magni should have more than enough power for the LCD-2. I have used amps of lesser power with my LCD-2's. The magni is cheap enough to buy and try out. I applaud Schiit for coming out with a high value amp in this price range.
  7. 2000impreza

    Schiit Bifrost or DACMagic Plus?

    Quote:   Jason, any chance you can add output impedance to the measurements published? The lack of this measurement is one of the reasons I have never considered a Schiit amp.
  8. 2000impreza

    Sennheiser MOMENTUM Review

    Good point. I may wait it out hoping they will eventually on sale. I did the same for the sennheiser 558 and ended getting a set for $120 from futureshop.
  9. 2000impreza

    Sennheiser MOMENTUM Review

    I got a chance to test out the Sennheiser Momentum for the first time today. It is a decent sounding semi portable headphone. The pads are fairly soft and feel nice. It sounded decent for the most part. Bass was a bit boomy and sound stage slightly congested. IMO this headphone is in the same...
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  15. 2000impreza

    Grado Fan Club!

    ^^^ That's a good deal. I would have bought those if I didn't get my Magnums recently.  
  16. 2000impreza

    Grado Fan Club!

    I have both SR325is and PS500. The 325 is definitely brighter sounding while the PS500 has stronger mid bass punch and less aggressive treble. IMO it really comes down to preference. I use to dislike the 325 which grew on me over time. IMO the PS500 is a better all around performer matching well...
  17. 2000impreza

    Little Dot 1+ with LM4562 and Blackgate NX Hi-Q --- why?

    That is a capacitor, not a resistor. Looks like it is used as a power supply bypass capacitor. Typically bypass capacitors are integrated into the circuit to stabilize the op amp. I doubt there would be much if any benefit in adding the additional bypass cap to the LM4562. 
  18. 2000impreza

    Some LME49600 implementations

    I'm very interested as well. Missed out on "the wire" awhile back.
  19. 2000impreza

    New AKG Headphones "By Tiësto"

    AKG seems to want a piece of the celebrity endorsed headphone market that Beats/Monster pioneered. I don't blame them since this is where the profits seem to be in the headphone market. Hopefully the AKG "by Tiesto" headphones don't sound too bad. I'm surprised Sennheiser has not jumped on board...
  20. 2000impreza

    Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Vs Audio Technica ATH-M50

    I haven't been able to find the HD-25-1 II for less than $240 in Canada. I'm having a hard time convincing myself they are worth that much. If I came across the adidas version going for $150 I would definitely jump on it. The U.S. prices are a lot more reasonable at $200 for standard HD-25-1 II.  
  21. 2000impreza

    Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Vs Audio Technica ATH-M50

    Most of the suggestions above (ie. DT-770, K550, srh-840) are too big for portable use.   I'm in a similar situation and currently looking for small portable headphones. Both the AiAiAi TMA-1 and Beyerdynamic DT-1350 appears to be comparable in terms of portability to the Sennheiser HD-25-1...
  22. 2000impreza

    post your grado mods....

    Thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping to find something a bit more refined. Definitely post pictures of how the copper end caps turn out. Thanks for the link. The bb3 cups is exactly what I am looking for. I e-mailed bb3 hoping they will get back to me. Since the cups are not available yet...
  23. 2000impreza

    post your grado mods....

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask. I am looking for aluminum cups for a up coming project. Does anyone have suggestions where I can get these made? I know the common Grado modders ie. MCA works mostly with wood cups.    My first choice was Jaben aluminum cups but they have been out...
  24. 2000impreza

    What is the most comfortable headphones you've worn?

    Stax O2 is top of the list for me. Nothing came close in comfort. Of course they sound amazing as well.
  25. 2000impreza

    Sennheiser pricing logic

    I agree with most on here in that Sennheiser is nuts with the new pricing policy. I passed on both the HD650 and HD800 earlier this year. If I decide to buy either headphone in the future, I will be scouting the used market or looking for alternatives.