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  1. chancelot

    Quick Tip: Grado Lettering Aesthetic Maintenance

    hrmmm, in certain pictures the ms2i looks silver instead of gold. I would totally go for a silver pair ala the ms2. how do they sound?
  2. chancelot

    preamp or phono stage for mmf-5

    thanks guys, much appreciated. The bellari seems to be the ideal choice.
  3. chancelot

    preamp or phono stage for mmf-5

    hey head-fi peeps, I've been looking for a good solution to get my dusty old records off the ground and working for a living. I'm pretty much set on getting the mmf-5 as I'd like to keep a <$1k budget. What are some reccomended phono stages or preamps or a combination of both that i could DIY...
  4. chancelot

    Pink Floyd Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by bubbamc119 Make sure you check out the high res dvda mlp version of Dark side that has shown up recently. Some say it's better than the SACD. PM me. Ive heard the sacd through R10's at the Sony building in Ginza and thought that it was so-so. maybe i...
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