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  1. aconteceu

    Can't get a good seal with the Mc5, any tips suggestions?

    I use Shure Grey Soft Flex silicone tips on my MC5 after trying a bunch.
  2. aconteceu

    RE0 vs. Etymotic mc5 mini

    Well, none of the supplied tips with MC5 worked for me or sounded any good. But things changed when I got Shure grey soft flex tips on them. I now prefer MC5 over RE0 unamped out of my Fuze. MC5 has better bass extension and presence, fuller mids and comparable treble. I don't find MC5 any less...
  3. aconteceu

    Which in ear to replace UE Superfi 5 ??

    Wear them with the cable up and behind your ears, that should significantly reduce microphonics.    Most earphones when worn cable straight down will have some cable noise. 
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  5. aconteceu

    Comparison between RE0 and Fischer Audio Silver Bullet

    SB has a lot more bass, a bit more forward fuller mids, much larger soundstage and less detailed and extended (but still very good) highs.
  6. aconteceu

    Some considerations on Hip-Hop oriented IEMs.

    My guess is that DBA-02 will probably be insufficient in bass for you as well.
  7. aconteceu

    ADDIEM, NE-7M or Klipsch S4

    The point I was making was not about what the thread said or didn't, just that I found SF4 a better choice than ADDIEM for myself.
  8. aconteceu

    Looking for new IEMs (~$80)

    Silver Bullet is fairly fast and energetic, more so than Eterna, it just not harsh.
  9. aconteceu

    Best IEM between Q-Jays, IE7, PFE 012, DBA-02. Help my decided

    If you find PL50 metallic you may want to stay away from all BA driver phones, which would be most on your list, but Eterna, RE0, Panasonic and IE7.   Eterna is quite very bassy (Silver Bullet would be a better choice, perhaps), RE0 is quite the opposite and microphonic to walk with...
  10. aconteceu

    Cheap IEM for Folk/Rock & Classical

    Overall, I prefer SQ of SF4 over my PL50, even though PL50 are very able and have wonderful mids.
  11. aconteceu

    news from fischer audio

    These Tau seem visually almost identical to Meelec M6
  12. aconteceu

    A couple UE Superfi 4 quesions...

      Quote:   No, mine came with the silicone tips and one set of Comply's.
  13. aconteceu

    A couple UE Superfi 4 quesions...

    No, SF4 are not bass heavy, they are analytical phones, but they have great bass for that type of sound. Unicron, you could try squishing down the foam tips around the inner tube first to make the tube as narrow as you can and then insert rather deep into your ear, hold your hand there until the...
  14. aconteceu

    Need Running Headphones

    I'd jump on the current Meelec M6 deal, if still possible.
  15. aconteceu

    UE Superfi 5 pricing

    SF5 sound as good as a single driver BA ever could. I find them fantastic.
  16. aconteceu

    A couple UE Superfi 4 quesions...

    My guess is that the dynamic driver NE-6s won't completely satisfy after Custom 3s. Nuforce is bassier, but also less detailed and the highs are somewhat rolled off. I don't quite understand the hate of SF4, but then all the included silicone tips were really microphonic and very uncomfortable...
  17. aconteceu

    Please help me to choose a right in - ear phones!!!

    I don't think Sony will disappoint you, but I'd suggest Fischer Audio Eterna - the bass is probably much more impressive than Sony, while the overall price for sound quality ratio is better and Eterna should be much more comfortable laying down with your ear against the pillow.
  18. aconteceu

    A couple UE Superfi 4 quesions...

    All the included silicone tips didn't work for me either. I found great relief with Sony Hybrids or Soundmagic Foam tips (from PL50). Comply tips were much better than stock still. I also used Shure E2C orange foam and the sound was good for me, though not very isolating.
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    Basshead needs new earphones. Narrowed it down but need help to decide which one!

      Quote:   Well, I find that so if one happens to like the midbass hump. Otherwise, v2 is just fine, not lacking.
  20. aconteceu

    need help finding warm sounding IEM

    I'd also look into Thinksound Rain, more resolving than PL50. Eterna, even rev2, is way too skewed towards bassy to be qualified as a well-balanced phone, imho.
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    Way to reduce wind noise with IEM's?

    Soundmagic Pl-50 or Meelec M6 do the best with the wind noise.
  22. aconteceu

    Sony Hyrbrid tips improve just about any IEM

    Hybrids work really well for me with my SF4