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  1. ThanatosVI

    Need advice on Speakertap-> estat Energizer for the new Audeze estat

    Hey guys, With Audeze releasing their new estat tomorrow I'm looking for a fitting energizer. I already have an amazing speakeramp and for cost efficiency reasons I'd like to use it in conjunction with an energizer. I don't even know what's on the market and which of these things are any...
  2. ThanatosVI

    [Help]Looking for WLAN to LAN devices

    Hey guys, I am planning on getting a Rockna Wavelight Server in the near future. However the Device has only LAN functionality and no WLAN. Which options are there to "upgrade" it for high end audio purposes? I know that LAN is superior for Sound quality but im my current Appartement this...
  3. ThanatosVI

    PS Audio Stellar Power Plant 3

    Does anyone have any experience with the most affordable of PS Audios Power regenerators? I'd be especially interested in comparisons to the Audioquest Niagara 1000/1200/3000 models.(which are powerfilters and no generators but in a similar price region depending on where you live)...
  4. ThanatosVI

    New production 12au7 tubes

    hey guys, Looking for a list of all 12au7 tubes which are currently in production. Ideally with a short sound description. Hope the experienced tube rollers can help here.
  5. ThanatosVI

    Digitizing CD collection

    hey guys, hopefully someone can answer my questions about digitizing CDs. Does it make any difference in sound quality wether you rip them with any cheap CD rom drive from a PC or a high quality CD Player? Does it make any difference in sound quality if you use Windows Media Player for the...