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  1. Gadget67

    Love my LCD 2's but thinking of "upgrading" to LCD-X or LCD-3--need a little help from my friends!!!

    I recently purchased the Mjolnir/Gungnir stack for my LCD-2's and love the obvious improvement (to me, anyway) of going the balanced route. Now, after reading all of the (mostly) positive reviews on the new LCD-X, I am considering an upgrade to either the LCD-X or LCD-3s. I have PM'd some...
  2. Gadget67

    Wadia 121 balanced output question

    My Wadia 121 DAC has three pin balanced XLR outputs on the rear of the device. Can I use those to drive my LCD 2 headphones if I re cable them with balanced cables? The Wadia documentation isn't helpful. Obviously I don't want to spring for balanced cables unless I'm sure it will work. Any...