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  1. Neil27

    Looking for decent budget computer speakers

    I am looking to get some computer speakers as a christmas gift. I don't know much about active speakers so would like to know what is good for no more than the £60-70 point.   they can be a 2.1 system or just a pair. Cheers for any advice.
  2. Neil27

    HD 650 but more detailed?

    I am looking for a new set of phones to use along side my HD650's, as much as i love the Senn's sound I would like to have something a little more detailed, clearer plus bigger soundstage would be great. I have been looking into the DT880/990 600ohm. Any other Suggestions?
  3. Neil27

    Headphones for studio recording

    Looking to get some closed headphones for a home studio i am setting up, isolation must be good plus good sound quality and comfort.   Interested in DT770, HD25 II and ATH-M50.   How do these compare for use in the studio?   Cheers, Neil
  4. Neil27

    Recomendations for IEM's with good Isolation

    I have a cheap set of JVC fx34's for portable use, as good as they are for the £5 i paid for them, they are not exactly brilliant, they do not have much midrange so not so good for guitars and vocals.   I am looking for something around £50 - £60 with a balanced sound and very good isolation...
  5. Neil27

    Buying Blindly, HD650 or DT880

    I cant find anywhere around that stocks these and will let you try them. So i guess i will have to buy without listening to them. From reading about them the HD650 and DT880 sound like they would suit my taste best. Which would you recomend? I like a detailed and balanced sound with a good...
  6. Neil27

    Amping a HD600 with a EMU 0404??

    I am looking into getting a EMU 0404 DAC for my computer audio. From what ive gathered, it sounds like a good product for the price, the only thing im unsure about is the headphone output and if it will have enough drive for HD600's, that i am also looking into purchasing. If anyone with...
  7. Neil27

    Best Headphones around £100 max

    Hi, I am looking for the best headphones for around or under £100 as an upgrade for my current Technics rp-f350 phones. I listen to many types of music Rock, metal, electonic, classical... mainly Rock though. i would like a detailed sound with a nice soundstage. I have had my eye on the...
  8. Neil27

    Removing tone pot from B-Tech BT928

    Ive heard that removing the tone pot from this amp helps with the sound quality alot. how would i go about doing this. could i just unsolder the six conections from pot to the pcb or would i have to also bridge the connections on the board (im not too good with circuits) Thanks for any help!
  9. Neil27

    Sennheiser IE 6 or something else?

    So ive been using Sennheiser cx95's for a year and i liked their nice warm sound.. but now i am looking for a bit of an upgrade. I would like something with a bit more teble responce. while keeping that nice mid and low that i like from Sennheiser. As nice as the cx95's sounded, i always...
  10. Neil27

    New Earphones for a CX95 User

    I've been using Sennheiser CX95's for about a year and they have just recently cut out.. I returned them under warranty for cash... I feel like trying out some new in ear headphones for around the same price (£50-60), I am looking for some recommendations.. Things i liked about the CX95'sWarm...
  11. Neil27

    Sennheiser CX500 vs CX95

    I was wondering how these two compare in terms of sound quality. Thanks for any input.