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  1. Drsparis

    Need money, looking to downgrade from HD800. Thoughts?

    Head-fi has turned me into a crazed headphone/music lover and as much as I love it I have spent much more than I should have... I know I know, warnings were there (forum slogan :P). Anyways, I think I have to let go of my hd800's (new version 25***). Any suggestions for a good mid-fi headphone...
  2. Drsparis

    Schiit Lyr hum/buzz coming from unit even when nothing is plugged, NORMAL?

    Hey,   Just purchassed a Schiit Lyr from the trading forum. So this unit is used but still in great condition. I am hearing a hum/buzz coming out of the amp, not the speakers or headphones that are connected to it (it happens when everything is disconnected). It is unnafected by the volume pot...