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  1. brconner broken?

    Hey All,   So I've have my's for a fews now and I really like them. Had them remolded by fisher hearing and they're great. The problem is a couple days ago they started sounding really strange, very tinny and harsh.    Any suggestions? Did one of my drivers go bad or somehow...
  2. brconner

    Fostex T50RP alternative ear pads

    Hey Guys,   So I love my Fostex T50RP's but the only problem I have with them is that my ear touches the driver. Are there any other earpads that would fit these cans? Something that would push the driver further from my ear?   Thanks,   Blair
  3. brconner

    Grado SR80i Review

      The Grado SR80i’s are often said to be a good pair of headphones to get into the audiophile community and I was lucky enough that a pair of these pretty much fell into my lap. I was really excited when I got a hold of these headphones because of all the praise I’ve read about them, but was...
  4. brconner

    Replacement Cable for Fisher Remold

    Hey All,   I got my's remolded at fisher hearing and am loving the custom fit. When I had them remolded I bought the cable that they offer. Well, I'll admit that I can be a bit rough on cables, or at least I've gone through a few for various headphones. The cables I'm using now are...
  5. brconner

    UE4's or 10

    I've read the "Ultimate Ears UE4 Pro Review (Well, A Mini-Review Anyway)--The Poor Man's UE10 Pro" and read many different reviews on the's. One concern I have with the's is the fit. It sounds like many people have a hard time getting these to fit correctly as they are quite...