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  1. m3thm1n

    New Inear Prophile-8

    Mine arrived today!!!   And they are AWESOME! No comparison to my StageDiver 3.. Heard almost 3 hours now and they are insane for iems... the sóund from mid to bass that is coming out of this Little Things is astonishing​ and exactly the bit more that i hoped for bý upgrading.... (i have...
  2. m3thm1n

    Astell & Kern Junior (AK Jr.) Impressions Thread

    Ordered mine today... pretty exciting because im stepping into the unknown... i'm also awaitin' the brand new ProPhile-8 from InEar and are not released right now. I've tested the Jr. with my StageDiver 3 (also from InEar) and this was already mind blowing cant wait to check my IEM's with my...