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    Triplefi 10vi Amazon Price Raffle! ENDED

    Thanks for the offer Hopefully I'm chosen. "EEXO"
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    ultimate ears tripple fi 10 vi as good as tripplefi 10?

    How different are the tripfi vi wires compared to the tripfi wires? The original ones are real tough and they always entangle.
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    DEAL ALERT: westone 3

    I love this community! Sharing is caring
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    TripleFi users, what kind of tips do you use?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tnmike1 Have the same complaint about Complys for my X10s. Solved by buying some of those colored Complys. New to market, they may hide the disgusting colors the Complys get after using for awhile. Do you find that the new Complys doesn't seem to veil...
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    Is anybody else waiting to see if the Palm Pre can replace their iPhone/Touch?

    Woah... is there really a need to carry that much gear?
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    Should I cross over to the dark side???

    If you're into games and fun looking applications then iPod Touch might be for you. It also has a wonderful interface. Get yourself a refurbished iPod Touch, it's substantial savings.
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    CONFIRMATION: JVC HA-FX1000 IS the JVC Victor HP-FX500.

    Get some foam tips and save yourself from the misery.
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    -- Cowon iAudio 7 review -- with lots of pictures (no blurry cell phone shots)

    Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane ...hell no! No regrets really. I conservatively estimate my i7 to have 3,000 hours...countless charges and the battery is still amazing. Go easy on it
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    It seems like more music is audible from the right side

    I hear more on my left ear, I always had better seal on left ear.
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    2GB Sansa Clip - $20 at Office Depot (6/7-6/13)

    Again no love for non-us buyers
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    -- Cowon iAudio 7 review -- with lots of pictures (no blurry cell phone shots)

    Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane The only part I hate now about buying mine in 2007 is that now I could buy the 16 GB version for $50 less than what I paid back then for 8GB. You enjoyed the i7 for 2 years for the difference of price you pay so it ain't too bad isn't it?
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    -- Cowon iAudio 7 review -- with lots of pictures (no blurry cell phone shots)

    I'm going crazy waiting for my i7 to arrive
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    ipod video 5g vs cowon audio d2+

    I actually find the iPod pretty nice sounding. Though not on the level of the Zunes. The D2 on the other hand was sold off after 1 week or so of usage. I just can't stand how they sound and the interface is really bad.
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    Sleek cables quality issues - again

    What changes are made to the new cables?
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    ES2/UMx Series cable on SA6

    I'm currently using the SA6 and I absolutely love how it sounds. The cable on the SA6 functions very well but it tends to retain it's curly shape after I place it in my IEM case. It's alittle microphonic as well. The ES2/UMx Series cable on the other hand is the best cable I've ever used...
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    Cell Phone as a DAP

    Yes, definately iPhone 3G
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part XIII]

    Quote: Originally Posted by Homeless Meme, what tips are those? Looks like the Comply Foam Tips
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    L/R channel's volume

    @logwed That's disappointing, I would rather not get a Custom IEM. @iriverdude That's a little troublesome. Thanks for the recommendation though
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    L/R channel's volume

    I used to have the D2 but don't remember having the function to adjust the L/R channel volume. Are you using a D2? Can you help confirming?
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    L/R channel's volume

    Here's the problem I have. My right ear seems to be significantly differently shaped compared to left ear. Off all the earphones I've tried, the right will always sound softer (inbalance). I tried all kinds of tips, some help even up things alittle but still there's a noticable inbalance...
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    IEM's and air pressure inside the ears

    Make a tight seal, pull the top of my ears to "equalize the pressure"
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    I hate seeing these..but I really need some help.

    When I read it through it sounds exactly like my SA6. Doesn't have claustrophobic soundstage but you can't expect the soundstage of earbuds & headphones. Good mids & highs, bass is present but it isn't the main thing. Comfortable & easy to put on. Isolation is good but still able to hear...
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    YUIN PK3 + Sony NWZ-A729 = Excellence SQ!

    Quote: Originally Posted by mrbrad I have PK2s and PK3s. The PK3s are fantastic. Fit good. Good cables. Very handy if you want light and compact. I also have PK2s because my wife claimed my PK3s. I prefer PK2s to PK3s because of the increased clarity on mids and highs. I don't find...
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    Can I Build iPod from Parts?

    What is the main purpose of building your own iPod?
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    Looking for new earbud or IEM, price range $100 to $150

    If it's earbuds you're looking for, you will never go wrong with either the Yuin PK1 or PK2. PK1 requires the use of an amp while the PK2 doesn't. I used to own the PK2 and it's very nice sounding. It's the best sounding of all the earphones I've tried. If not for it's lack of isolation I...