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  1. bwong247

    Help me Decide on a pair of IEM'S

    Hello fellow Head-fier's i have been looking for another pair of iem's and i found a couple and im wondering on what all you guys think.   PS: I like Bass I listen to rap, dnb, electro, trance, jazzhop, dubstep   VSonic GR07 Bass Edition VS Munitio NINES Tactical Earphones VS...
  2. bwong247

    Repair shop help

    My earphones broke (miles Davis tributes) and I want to get them fixed, I found a shop called I'm wondering what u guys think, he seems legit
  3. bwong247

    Can someone make me a Modded 7th gen Ipod Classic 240gb

    I want one and i seen some people doing it so does anyone know hwo does it and how much?
  4. bwong247

    Top Bass Booming Headphones under $300 USD.

    I looked up though previous forums but cant really find a clear one on which is the best.   I was leaning towards Ultrasones or something?   I know about the sony xb series but im not sure if those are the best choice, i dont want the bass too overpowering loosing all the other sounds to...
  5. bwong247

    Recommendations on Cute earphones for my friend

    My friends is coming up and she has no earphones i noticed cause she has those plugs that cover up the hole haha, :P she likes cute stuff so im thinking of a cute earphones that sound DECENT :) none of those cheap sound. Price range around 30-50 :) 
  6. bwong247

    Is the Sony MDR -XB500 Best Bass Booming Headphones under $150?

    Hello guys im not that big of an audiophile but im getting into it more. Im looking to spend 150 and under on a bass booming headphones, i heard great things about the xb500 and im wondering if theres anything better? Im looking at the Pioneer Steez 808 but i hear good things from both sides, im...
  7. bwong247

    Which Portable Amp do you think is better!!

    Fiio E17 Vs JDSLabs C421   I listen to Trance / Dubstep / Dnb / Hip Hop ect.   Which one is better and why! Thanks!
  8. bwong247

    Help me find good headphones under 250usd please!

    I want them to be portable on the go but not small and ugly. I listen to various types of music such as electronic , dnb , hip hop , ect. I think i heard about ultrasones being good but i want to know what you guys think. Im looking for some headphones around beats by dre SIZE or little bigger...
  9. bwong247

    Help me choose AMP for AKG Q 701 Quincy Jones!

    Portable ONLY:   Either: Fiio E11  Fiio E17 JDS Labs C421 JDS Labs O2'S   Which one would be best overall????? add suggestions if needed* 200usd and lower please
  10. bwong247

    Portable amp for AKG 701 Quincy Adams:

    I know that they are meant for home use and stuff but i want a amp thats under 200usd? that can power them at ALMOST full potential :P give me a list?   Im still new audiophile and im sure that the AKG + a portable amp will sound better then my current monster copper turbines or miles davis...