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  1. Hun7er

    Need to choose an new DAP

    Hello, My Shanling died :frowning2: I need a new DAP Here is my selection : -iBasso DX80 -HiFiMAN HM-650 -Astell&Kern AK Jr -Thebit Opus#1 -FiiO X5 III -Pioneer XDP-100R -Lotoo PAW 5000 -FiiO X7 -Shanling M5 Criteria are : -neutral sound -fluid UI -can drive HD650 Thank you
  2. Hun7er

    AMR DP777 vs Auralic Vega vs Exasound E20

    Hello,   These DACs intruigue me. Anybody has made a comparison between them ? Which are the others contenders at this price range ?
  3. Hun7er

    Jecklin Float QA or Taket T2 or SR009

    Hello everyone,   I want to upgrading my system. Currently my 2 preferred headphone from my collection are the Sennheiser HE60 and Hifiman HE6.   I need 2 newest headphone that give me significant upgrade in order to sell all my headphone and simplify my system.   The Jeckling seems more...
  4. Hun7er

    Need a person in EU to repair my B22

        Hello,    I have buy a 4 channel B22 preamp/amp from a american seller, it is to american voltage. It tooks me the recommandation to never plug and unplug a headphone when the amp is on power on.   However I did this thing, I have my HE6 plugged in one input and my HD800 plugged...
  5. Hun7er

    Worth to upgrade to $2000 DAC ?

    Hello everybody,   I currently own a Audio GD 19DSP.   There is a audible difference that could justify to spend $2000 on a new DAC ?   I have made a list of recurring DAC.     Anedio D2 Hegel HD20 Antelope Audio Zodiac+ Benchmark DAC1 HDR NAD M51 Wadia 121 DAC Lavry...
  6. Hun7er

    Amp recommandation for Stax SR507

    Hello,   I'm looking to buy a Stax SR507.   I need a amp for this new headphone, I can't decide between SRM-006tS, Stax SR-007t II ?   I have see a SR-007t II with 240voltages, I'm in France and the voltage is 230. Must I buy a transformer ?   Best regards