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  1. maingarden

    Looking for a warm sound - IE60? PFE 012?

    Source: sansa zip clip   Music:  varied.  fleet foxes, nicolas jaar, arcade fire, of monsters and men, the weeknd, gotye, tool, some rap for working out.  Some of this may have bright sounds but are high quality FLAC or 320 kbps files.   Preference: WARM sound signature with good bass...
  2. maingarden

    HD 595 vs HD 600 with uDAC2, computer audio

     I"m a budding enthusiast looking for more direct advice.     I've been wanting something less fatiguing than my MS1i which I can't tolerate more than at most an hour at a time.     I arrived at the HD 595 after reading extensively here wanting to see if I could avoid upping the game...
  3. maingarden

    advice on how to move on up

    Currently, 'm working with a ipod nano 1st gen + klipsch s4 or MS1 and really want to make an improvement.  already using high quality data files.  mostly 320 kbps mp3s.  i feel the soundstage could be bigger and the MS1 may be fatiguing with the nano (at least what i thought with a quick listen...
  4. maingarden


    just ordered this and the wait through the holiday weekend is painful. anyone know if MS1i can plug into ipod? the website didn't specifically say and i assumed it was going to be offered like the MS1. it looked like the MS1 had the 1/8 (im guessing the ipod friendly plug) with 1/4 inch...