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  1. mattcalf

    Sub AU$300 phones for mid-fi

    I'm having a dilemma at the moment, I have a great system ready to go: Modded Jaycar SCHA and an AMB Gamma2. I don't, however, have any headphones! TBH I do, except they currently dont work and from all opinions are the cans that benefit from amping. I just sold a pair of HD650's which I...
  2. mattcalf

    Lampizator in a box

    Many have probably stumbled upon Lukasz Fikus' Lampizator, the guy strikes me as a cross between Patrick and Ti Kan (no disrepect to any parties). Reading through his pages, he of course rates his work very highly, which peaked my interests. Trying to find objective opinions was hard but...
  3. mattcalf

    Ipod Classic Screen Problems

    One day about 4 months ago I took my classic out of my bag and found that when I turned it one the screen was frozen, however, it would play music. The screen has a strange blue/green tinge to it and I've been meaning to take it into a local shop to see if they can fix it. I can connect it and...
  4. mattcalf

    What images sound like!

    AFAIK it hasn't been posted before but I came across some very interesting noises last night. More specifically, I was brushing up on some NIN and I saw that an image had been 'synthesized' into a track. Investigating further I found that another artist had done it. Upon finding these I...
  5. mattcalf

    Better quality better for ears?

    I had a slight ringing in my ears last night which can be attributed to some fairly intense flac listening last night. And that got me to thinking about the levels of quality in relation to damage to your ears. I figure it would be ever so minute, but wouldn't listening to high end rips of...