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  1. lauinbeta

    help me decide ER6i vs. Um1

    I've read many many threads on both of these IEM's and I still have trouble deciding between the two. ER6i pros: Its cheap at palm right now! FWIR, it has a sound sig that I like. cons: Not too into sticking things in my ears, and they require deep insertion UM1 pros: comfort...
  2. lauinbeta

    clix2 availabilty

    Since the Spinn came out, is the clix2 sold by iriver anymore? Ive been saving for a clix2 for a while and it would be disappointing if I can't get it anymore given the mediocre reception of the Spinn. So, anyone have any information about clix availability?
  3. lauinbeta

    looking for a cheap sound card with midi interface

    hi, I have a few extra dollars to spend to upgrade my onboard sound and I would like to get a new sound card. I would prefer not to spend more than 50 dollars, would like a midi interface port, and its not necessary to have more than 5.1 sound. I've been looking at a cheap turtle beach card, and...