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  1. ac!d-rxn

    Being single sucks...

    Holy crap. I read your post and had to do a double take to see if I posted it. Just got out of my 3.5 yr relationship for EXACTLY the reasons you stated. However, it took me a bit more than 12 months to get out... And when I read your Scorching, soul-withering hell line, I was thinking "I...
  2. ac!d-rxn

    Emmeline "The Shadow"

    Quote: Originally Posted by Audio Addict I talked with Ray about his serial numbers and he is very flexible and willing to accomodate his client. You asked for 000 and he gave you 000. He mentioned he has had a few unusual requests for serial numbers. I tend to be a difficult...
  3. ac!d-rxn

    Emmeline "The Shadow"

    Quote: Originally Posted by Audio Addict Can we see a picture of that as I didn't think Ray did a 000 other than his prototype. Taking some photos now. Ill edit once I upload them. I could be mistaken on the serial # if Ray doesn't do #000. Mine literally reads "S000"...
  4. ac!d-rxn

    Emmeline "The Shadow"

    Quote: Originally Posted by Woody469 The Shadow can't be used without special cable? It would have been nice to know this upfront instead of being shown 300+ dollar cables at ship time. Not true ^^ - shadow can be used as any other amp. Just need some kind of interconnect from...
  5. ac!d-rxn

    Emmeline "The Shadow"

    Ray- Please reserve one for me as well! Thanks! I can't wait
  6. ac!d-rxn

    Boston Acoustic E-50's

    Just to update- I demoed and purchased a used pair of these last night. Take my impressions below with a grain of salt because I am to complete speaker novice. I know what I like to hear from IEM's and full sized cans, but I am not speaker experienced enough to perfectly describe what I...
  7. ac!d-rxn

    Boston Acoustic E-50's

    Anyone have any experience or opinions on these? ( Boston Acoustic E-50's ) There is not much info/many reviews online.... I can get a set of 2 for $300 and I am considering these instead of the AV123 525T's I was looking at. Any input/opinions welcome! Thanks in advance!
  8. ac!d-rxn

    sleeping with custom IEMs?

    I regularly sleep wearing my westone es3x's - To me, they are far more comfortable than any universals I ever tried to fall asleep listening to purely because they lay so flat in your ear. I sleep on my side which normally causes pressure on one side and not the other which distorts the...
  9. ac!d-rxn

    About to buy- first set of nice speakers

    Understood- thanks for the clarification and input. I will have a fair amount of tweaking capability due to my projected set-up, and if they are too bassy, I can deal with it for the 9 months or so that I am in the room. I would rather have too much than too litte as I think that affords me...
  10. ac!d-rxn

    About to buy- first set of nice speakers

    Quote: Originally Posted by iriverdude If you have a tiny room and plonk floorstanders with low end response it'll sound crap, I know I made that mistake. If you have floorstanders you don't need a sub (for music) only for movies is it worthwhile. Trust me your neighbours will...
  11. ac!d-rxn

    About to buy- first set of nice speakers

    One more quick question - Here is what I am planning on getting- The only question/concern I have: "Is it going to be a pleasing set-up if I buy just the pair of floorstanders or do I NEED monitors + sub?" I like the idea that I...
  12. ac!d-rxn

    About to buy- first set of nice speakers

    Wow- thanks for all the good advice- You have convinced me to do more in-depth research on a deal that I thought was a grand slam. Thanks- you may have just saved me $350 in disappointment (not a trivial sum to me right now!) This almost makes up for the $800 this site stole from my bank...
  13. ac!d-rxn

    Replacing IEMs, with a twist?

    Well this is easy - if you can afford the Triple Fi's, there is no reason to look at the others (IMO). From my limited listen (~30min on the tripFi) they are far and away better than the SuperFi 5's. (never heard the 3's or the UE700's, but I am going to assume, just based on price that they...
  14. ac!d-rxn

    Emmeline "The Shadow"

    Yep - I told myself that when I bought my ES3x, that was my last audio purchase for a year. HA - right. I am definitely getting in on the first order of these guys. Ray - looks awesome, please keep up the good work (and please release the shadow quickly and at an affordable price! )...
  15. ac!d-rxn

    moved to the full sized section

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gatto full, I doubt I could wear any IEMs for more then a few hours Hmm - I have almost always found IEMs more comfortabl than full headphones. The most comfortable IEMs so far have been (aside from customs which are far and away the best) probably my...
  16. ac!d-rxn

    Isolating IEMs or closed cans for portable metal listening

    I only really know IEMs so I don't have anything worthwhile to say about closed headphones. I would recommend looking into Westone UM2's($180?) or Phonak PFE's ($100). I have owned both and they were very pleasing for metal!
  17. ac!d-rxn

    Worst headphones you've ever heard? / Low-fi experiences?

    What do you mean when you say they are both "BA" IEMs?
  18. ac!d-rxn

    Major problems choosing the right IEM around 100 bucks

    Sounds like you and I have similar taste in music - Now while the MRSP of these aren't quite inside your budget, you can certainly find them for ~$120 new, under $100 used. I would heartily recommend the Audeo PFE. They are incredibly comfortable, GREAT sound and range (sounds great with...
  19. ac!d-rxn

    UM3X, SE530, TF10 or any suggestion? A Trance, Techno, and Rock listener

    Quote: Originally Posted by Scott_Tarlow IF you can get a fit with them, I think they are tough to beat, but I would also read up on the IE8, as I have heard them are very nice as well. For the price, it seems like the IE8's are hard to beat. Great bass, slightly recessed...
  20. ac!d-rxn

    Westone ES3X Appreciation Thread

    I am definitely looking into the mustang, thanks! I would kinda prefer to build something myself - I am just wondering if a mini3 would be worthwhile?
  21. ac!d-rxn

    Getting your eam impressions! How did you do it? Open Mouth? Closed Mouth? or Chewing Gumds?

    I also had mine done with a bite block - I do not think it was quite one inch, probably 1/2 - 3/4". Will let you know how they turn out once the ES3X arrive!
  22. ac!d-rxn

    Westone ES3X Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rdr. Seraphim Re #1: When I ordered my ES3X, Westone made sure that I requested full ear molds with the ear canals beyond the second bend. I mentioned this with my audiologist, and I'm glad I did. While she is very competent--and knew what I was talking...
  23. ac!d-rxn

    Custom IEM's need amps?

    Quote: Originally Posted by music_4321 You could always say 'thank you' first before you ask for more help. Ah!! I am sorry! Your post was very helpful - thank you very much! Apologies for my rudeness.. That applies to everyone who has posted thus far - its great to have this...
  24. ac!d-rxn

    Custom IEM's need amps?

    Anyone have more reccomendations for me? I feel myself leaning towards the C3's, but my mind if far from made up!
  25. ac!d-rxn

    About my Super.Fi 5 Pro replacements...

    NuForce NE-7m's get a lot of praise: there is a thread here that compares them quite favorably to a lot of $150+ IEMS