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  1. Strauss95

    Over ear similar to the GR07 BE

    I'm looking for a pair of over ear headphones with a sound signature that is similar the the GR07 BE IEM's. I own the GR07BE's and I absolutely love them. I also have a pair of Yamaha Pro 500's that I wear when I'm feeling the need for a lot of bass. The Pro 500's still sound good overall, but...
  2. Strauss95

    $200 budget, BASS heavy IEM

    Alright, as the title says I'm looking for a "basshead" IEM with a budget of under $200. I currently have a pair of Vsonic GR07BE that I love for overall sound quality and balance, but I'm looking to add a pair of bass heavy IEM's to go with them. I like to listen to hip-hip, and for that I like...