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  1. eriktheg

    Is It True

    Is it true that if you buy your first set of entry audiophile headphones and you get used to their sound signature and you listen to them for at least a year before getting a second pair of audiophile grade headphones, you will prefer the sound signature of the first a lot more than the 2nd...
  2. eriktheg

    Music and Math Relationship

    So has anyone heard of the theory that Music is very closely related to Math and is nearly Identical? I just checked google over a few pages, and the explanations make sense, but at the same time doesn't make sense.   I love music and I love...
  3. eriktheg

    ATH-M50 Impedance of 32ohm?

    Simply put. Do the M50's really require an amp since it takes so little power?   I just ordered some M50's and am wondering if an amp or amp/DAC combo is necessary if I will be plugging it into my PC. My cheap headphones have 32ohm and they seem to be working fine without any amp.
  4. eriktheg

    ATH-M50 Headphones restocking soon!

    From my sources, some resellers that have sold out their ATH-M50 Headphones due to the cheap prices that were set on them will be restocking early Feb. I heard that some are restocking on Feb 7-9 so this is just a notice. What I'm absolutely NOT sure of is whether the prices will remain at...
  5. eriktheg

    DAC/Amp help

    If I have realtek HD audio in my computer, is the FiiO E7 all I need to get extremely good quality sound out of a pair of ATH M50's?