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  1. diver110

    Checked out Sony M4 Earbuds Great Noise Cancelling

    I recently bought the earbuds to check out and yesterday flew with them. The noise cancelling was truly excellent. I felt no need to use my headphones. But after about two hours the earbuds got uncomfortable to wear. I switched to my wired Sony iers and found them much more comfortable and...
  2. diver110

    Chord Hugo v. Mytek Brooklyn

    I realize the Mytek does not count as portable, though it is small enough to be fairly easily transportable. Some would say this is not apples to apples. Be that as it may, in my comparison, the Hugo won by a nose using Focal Elear headphones. It is hard to quantify the difference, but I would...
  3. diver110

    Pioneer 300R

    There is a thread with a gazillion answers—sort of useless. Is there any consensus on how this player ranks, say compared to A&K ( and which one). I like that it can do mqa and, I gather, play Tidal. Mostly I will digital out to my dac, but here and there will listen to it directly.
  4. diver110

    Focal Elear v. Utopia

    I recently had the chance to compare these two sets of headphones. It was fairly brief, but FWIW: The both have the same sonic signature. At four times the price, one would hope that the Utopia would be better and it was, but no where near four times better. If I push it, maybe I can say 20%...
  5. diver110

    Samsung 8 versus HP Laptop

    I was not quite sure where to put this post, so I hope this forum works. There is a way to get a digital out from the Samsung phone via a cable that plugs into the charging port. So I compared the Samsung to my newish HP laptop (via USB port), both running to a Mytek Brooklyn. The headphones...
  6. diver110

    Hugo with which portable source?

    Has anyone noticed a difference in sound quality with the Hugo with different portable sources? If so, with which?
  7. diver110

    Will new AK gear hurt Kaan sales?

    Kaan just came out last year. Will, say, the SE 100 hurt Kaan sales? Seams like much new gear too quickly can make people want to wait for the latest, greatest....
  8. diver110

    Meridian Prime versus Chord Mojo

    Has anyone ever compared these two?  I like the idea that Meridian can do MQA, except for the fact that who knows if anything will come of it.  But the Mojo is half the price....
  9. diver110

    Audeze LCD2 with Pono?

    I am new to the headphone arena. I am going to be on sabbatical and wanted transportable music. Right now I am trying out the Sennheiser 650 plus the Pono player. On the whole, I find it satisfying. I wish it had more bass, though. If I wanted to splurge, could I use the Audeze LCD2 with the...
  10. diver110


    I am a long-term audiophile with pretty much a class A component system (Legacy Aeris, Quicksilver 88's, CJ ET3 SE, Oppo 105 with Modwright mods). I will be living away from home for up to 7 months next year, so was looking for something transportable (not necessarily portable). As an experiment...