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  1. InfiniteZr0

    Looking for good all around IEMs for ~$200 USD

    Looking for a pair of IEMs that I can use for general use while on the computer. They'll be used for everything from youtube, movies/tv, music and non-sound intensive gaming. I'm looking more for a neutral headphone. I'd rather lean toward warmer sound if I had to deviate. Another thing...
  2. InfiniteZr0

    E17 doesn't seat into e09k properly

    Hi headfi So I have a e17 and e9 and for the most part it works fine. But sometimes the e17 loses it's connection with the e9 and in order to get it working again. I have to put some firm pressure on the e17 into the e9 and it'll get connection again.   I heard a while back this was a...
  3. InfiniteZr0

    Simple mod to make UE 600 wire a bit sturdier?

    I got these headphones a couple weeks ago and the wire feels extremely flimsy and pretty much every problem I've had with past headphones was wire related That being said, anyone know of any thing simple I can do make it a little stronger?
  4. InfiniteZr0

    Decent/Cheap amp with a built in DAC?

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for an amp ~100 A really important thing is that I could plug in a toslink into it I found which seem to be the the cheapest solution. Other than that, I'm not really picky about it afaik at least lol Just...
  5. InfiniteZr0

    Good headphones for gaming?

    I'm looking for a pair of headphones that would be good for gaming. Budget is about $100 but I can go over if it makes a big difference Basically I'd use pretty much just for gaming. Mostly games like Battlefield 3 where there's lots of gunfire popping and explosions. I also like to listen to...
  6. InfiniteZr0

    Any good all-in-one portable speakers out there?

    So I take my laptop to work every day where I have a lot of free time to pretty much to do w.e. Needless to say laptop speakers are pretty bad so I was wondering if there were any good(I use that term loosely) portable speakers that would fit in a messenger bag. my laptop has HDMI and 3.5mm...
  7. InfiniteZr0

    Coupld of questions about the Audio-Technica ATH-ANC3

    They're ~$60 and I'm looking for noise canceling headphones I gave my friend my ER6i headphones so I'm in the process of looking for a fitting replacement.
  8. InfiniteZr0

    A cheap step above onboard audio?

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew which sound card(or other device) I should go with to listening to music on my PC. Right now I'm using onboard audio which has the standard outlets and a digiout. I'm trying not to spend more than $50-$75 but I'll go higher if need be. I listen to all...
  9. InfiniteZr0

    Harx-700 or Harx-900, that is the question.

    Hi guys. I'm looking to buy headphones mainly for gaming, listen to music casually and watching movies at home. (My brother is buying another TV for the basement, so if he's using it, I'll be using the headphones when I'm doing what I'm doing) I've decided that the JVC HARX model line is the...
  10. InfiniteZr0

    General question about headphones coupled with PMPs

    I've checked the portable audio forum and noticed that everyone has amps to go with their MP3 players and stuff, which makes sense considering that they would give better sound to headphones(I'm guessing). I probably won't be using an amp to go with my PMP, so is it worth using "good"...
  11. InfiniteZr0

    Know what headphones are the best fit for me?

    I've been directed here from another forum because they said you guys know your stuff. I'm here asking if someone could give me a recommendation on a set of headphones. I'm mainly going to use them on my MP3 player, and probably not much on anything else. After the research I've done, I've...