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  1. ForShure

    iBasso D-Zero or get new Schiit?

    Hey all, my first DAC/Amp combo I purchased was the iBasso D-Zero and it has given me noble service. I am moving away from portable audio into desktop audio now that I am not on the go as much so instead of being used as an Amp, my D-Zero is being used strictly as a DAC. It seems to sound great...
  2. ForShure

    Review- VPI Nomad Turntable

    Intro- There are a few times in every audiophile's life where one is simply overtaken with how good something sounds. This reaction can usually be identified by an unstoppable smile and the sound of laughter. Sadly as we grow more and more into this hobby it seems that those special moments...
  3. ForShure

    HE-400 vs. HD-600

    It's that time again! I've spent the past year or so upgrading my amp and dac selection but I think it's time to get some better cans to match. I am between the HE-400's and the classic HD-600's since they are both around the same price. I've heard great things about both headphones and need...
  4. ForShure

    Never Meet Your Heroes

    I don't know how to really start this post but this has been on my mind for a while. So a few weeks back I attended my first official Head-Fi meet. For days I was excited about getting to listen to many of the headphones I had dreamed about one day owning coming from rigs that cost as much as my...
  5. ForShure

    Portable DAC vs. Desktop Dac

    Good day fellow headfiers, I am currently planning on purchasing a Schiit Asgard2 amp as the first component in my desktop setup. I was also thinking of getting the Schiit Modi DAC to go with the Asgard. The problem is that I already have a iBasso D-zero which I am using now as a DAC. Would...
  6. ForShure

    Beginner Desktop Amp+DAC on the Cheap.

    Hello all, I've been doing a little research on starting a desktop rig with an amp and DAC for the past few weeks. I have been using my portable iBasso d-zero running from my macbook pro for this purpose for about a year now but we all know how it goes, you start wondering how your gear can...