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    Wives and the hobby

    Hi all, I'm about to get married and I'd like to know about the experience of fellow forum members with wives and the hobby. Tips, experiences, recommendations, all of them are very welcome. In case that it helps, one thing in favor of the hobby is that my bride loves music and I've given her...
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    Converter for Schiit Bifrost

    Hi everyone! I got a second hand Bifrost for use at the office, but my computer there only has the 3.5mm input. Do you have any recommendation you can give me to use it? Maybe an adapter, an external soundcard, etc.
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    IEM upgrade over the Shure SE535

    Hi all, Presently I have a shure SE535 and I was wondering if someone can recommend me an IEM that provides a notable upgrade over the Shure, for less than US$700. I mostly listen to classic and latin music. I don’t mind buying a used one on the forum
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    Help between the HD800 and HD800S

    Hi all, I'm trying to decide between the HD800S and the HD800. Currently, a Sennheiser representative here in Colombia is in a stock liquidation and is offering the headphones at aprox. US$1000 and US$900, both new. I listen mostly to classical and latin music and I'm considering purchasing...
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    Best headphones for classical music

    Hi I absolutely love classical music and I would like to know your opinions about which open back headphones are best for classical. It doesn't matter if the headphones may not be the best for other genres, as long as it excels for classical. To limit the budget, I would say to be found...
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    People for a meet in Bogotá, Colombia?

    Hello everyone! I created this post to see if there are people in Bogotá or neaby for a meet in Colombia. I know it is not easy to be in the hobby in the country, but that's precisely why is a great idea to have a meet. Please, post here or send a PM if you're interested
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    better headphones or buying first desktop amp?

    Hi. I'm in this amazing hobby since 2015 and I'm thinking about getting serious into it. So far I have avoided buying a dedicated player, desktop dac and amp. My music is streamed from Tidal (Desktop and iPhone) and my audio gear is a HiFiMan HE400S, Shure SE535, NAD HP50 and a Creative E1...