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  1. synesthesiac

    Best Bluetooth IEMs w/ battery life as #1 priority?

    I know someone's gonna say "google it" or "search the forums" but there is surprisingly little on this... Single posts here and there, reviews by sites that are not trustworthy, inconsistent Amazon reviews... I have the Brainwavez BLU-100s, which are nice, but incredibly annoying running out of...
  2. synesthesiac

    Looking for an IEM like the im-50

    I've gone through 3 sets of im-50s in the last few years... I really like them and they're my first ever IEMs. I like that they go around the ear and can't fall off. I like their sound quality. They also fit me well. I want another more reliable set of IEMs, but with those same qualities - and a...
  3. synesthesiac

    Reverse engineering IEMs and design topics

    It feels like there is enough knowledge between members of this forum to create an amazing "open source" IEM. I'm down!
  4. synesthesiac

    Recommendation for Better fitting ATH IM50s

    Quick question: A dog just ate my IM50s (pretty epic story). They were my first IEMs and I really enjoyed them (had them for 2 months), so I'm fine stepping it up a bit. I'm willing to pay ~$150, and I'd like another pair of IEMs with bass at least as good and better fitting if possible. I also...
  5. synesthesiac

    Where/from whom to buy customized KCS-75s?

    I wish someone would just make a better version of the KCS-75 that I could pay for... I guess I'll be buying cables to replace the broken ones.
  6. synesthesiac

    Where/from whom to buy customized KCS-75s?

    I've gone through 10 pairs of KCS-75s and I'm about to buy another. What I'd rather do is spend more money on someone replacing the cable with something high quality - I don't have the time or patience to do this currently. I was also thinking about spray painting the nasty cases on these...