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  1. cn11

    Reply to review by 'cn11' on item 'AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal'

    They now have 'regular' variation at Audio46. Just got some in, and they really do help with sound overall on my Softears Turii. A very nice tip option!
  2. cn11

    Reply to review by 'cn11' on item 'Lotoo Paw Gold'

    Awesome review man!! Nice work... I recently picked up a Questyle QP1R. Would you like to meet up to compare the sound signatures? 
  3. cn11

    Reply to review by 'cn11' on item 'FitEar TO GO! 334'

    I did give it a 3.5 on value, since it's so pricey. It certainly takes no prizes in value. Compared to other earphones I have, well, there's no comparison really. The sound is much more headphone-like than any other IEM I have. Spaciousness (by that I mean instrument location within a sense of...
  4. cn11

    Reply to review by 'cn11' on item 'AKG K3003'

    My wallet thanks you purrin. Brutal honesty like this is needed more often around here, over so much prevalent hype.
  5. cn11

    Review by 'cn11' on item 'Sony Walkman X Series 32 GB Video MP3 Player w/ OLED Display'

    This Sony X has been my mainstay DAP for a solid year and a half. That alone should speak to its staying power. Prior to this unit, I'd been through DAP after DAP trying to find the one for best audio quality. Now I have found it. Even the much touted AMP3, being the supposed 'audiophile'...
  6. cn11

    Review by 'cn11' on item 'EarSonics SM3 Universal Fit IEM'

    I can't add much to the above reviews. They are some amazing universals. I can't understand any comments that the treble is lacking. To me, that comes from the 'trebleheads' who think the end all be all of audio is just how much extension we can eek out of the top end. Puh-leeze. There is so...
  7. cn11

    Review by 'cn11' on item 'Headstage Arrow 12HE'

    This little beast of an amp is great. The sound is very neutral, yet full of power. The ability to adjust bass boost, gain, impedance, and crossfeed make it an excellent amp to use with any DAP, including iPod stuff (with their lack of user EQ). Mids are wonderful on this amp, being nicely full...