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  1. akredz

    Oppo PM3 v Mad Dog Pro ...... thoughts?

    Damn you Head-fi,  I have already fallen into your clutches and have been seduced into reading reviews, buying wonderful sounding things and then wondering if something else is just the thing I need to have.............   I'm considering purchasing one of the 'phones in the title. I'm aware...
  2. akredz

    SONY NWZ-A10 Series

    Just purchased a new A17 after a long time humming and hawing about which DAP to buy. Hopefully, I'm going to love it.  Currently it's sitting attached to my laptop and is telling me to "please wait".
  3. akredz

    V-MODA M-100: Discussion/Feedback, Reviews, Pics, etc.

    Not really sure where to put this question, but as I recently purchased a pair of M100s (which I love), I was wondering what is the criteria for headphones being categorised as  portable" as opposed to "full-size" ?
  4. akredz

    Looking for super durable over-ear headphones that sound great and can survive abuse

    I imagine they will survive.   I've been impressed with my M100s.
  5. akredz

    SONY NWZ-A10 Series

      Not that I've found. No price drop that I have seen - if anyone does spot one,  please shout.
  6. akredz

    V-MODA Shield Design Discussion

    My M100 with my printed shields took 6 days from ordering to delivery.
  7. akredz

    I Need a DAP - and what else?

    Yeah, I've been checking the for sale ads on here regularly.   Was thinking I was leaning towards the Sony, as the safe choice but I'm intrigued by the new iBasso DX80 which was launched today.
  8. akredz

    Ibasso DX80

    How quickly will someone get one and post their impressions  :)
  9. akredz

    Portable Hi-Fi Player under 300USD

    Amazon currently have the DX90 for $368  and the X5ii for $349.  
  10. akredz

    I Need a DAP - and what else?

    Watagump, I see from your signature, you have the DX90.  Can I ask your thoughts on it?
  11. akredz

    I Need a DAP - and what else?

    But I'd still need to provide a music source, would I not ?   And I want my setup to be portable. I don't mind a bit of heft, it doesn't need to be matchbox size.
  12. akredz

    I Need a DAP - and what else?

    Thanks vividcard, great points well made.   Your comments about Fiio UI are perhaps tipping the scales a little. 
  13. akredz

    I Need a DAP - and what else?

      No problem at all classicalman, your questions (and budget) are almost exactly the same as mine, so hopefully we will both benefit from the community's collective wisdom.   I have read great things about the A&K players, but as the cheapest one I have seen is around $500, I've pretty much...
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