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  1. mikaveli06

    Sony MUC-M1BT1

    Anyone have experience with this cable?
  2. mikaveli06

    narrowed field, help me decide (shure 1540, dennon 600, akg 545)

    Narrowed field to (in order of consideration) Shure 1540 Denon 600 Akg 545 Looking for closed portable with quality boosted bass, "emotional/up front mids, good stage, imaging, and still pretty detailed. Some sound leakage is ok, treble isnt real concern, prefering relaxed to bright. I...
  3. mikaveli06

    Headphones with similar sig as ASG-2

      Looking for portable headphonessimilar sig to ASG-2 (good bass, nice vocals, big stage, and fairly detailed).  Not looking to go too expensive, and wondered about   yamaha hp200 jvc 680 senn amperior senn momentum
  4. mikaveli06

    philips fidelio s2 vs r50 vs re-400

      I have eph100 on way as a fun iem.  Of these mentioned, which is gonna be better with emphasis on   details large soundstage some bass (not bass light) instrument seperation   Or is the eph100s gonna cover need for all of these.  May also pick up carbo basso for a bass mood iem
  5. mikaveli06

    looking to get new portable rig (j3)

    Currently loving my J3, but looking to add to collection. It is great, and powerfull built in amp. But id like to get portable amp w/larger phones. Ill keepj3 for iems etc. should i go with 5th gen ipod or newer 7g. And never supported apple, but these are only player w/trie linout correct?
  6. mikaveli06

    ath solid bass question

    Looking for on or over ear portable to add to collection of iems (asg1.2..atrio mg7..cks77) $I have owned ultrasones pro 900..senn hd25ii...dt770 80ohm..denon 2000..and audio tech m50. Im looking for similiar sound sig (bassy, without ignoring other areas) i realise the aound quality wont be as...
  7. mikaveli06

    fixing driver and cable on dt 770

      I got burned in a trade and got some beyerdynamic dt770 that has the a clip on the driver broken off and need to be recabled to a new driver.  Anyone know the best place to get this done or am i better of just getting new pair.
  8. mikaveli06

    blue dragn or silver dragon

      Im looking at hifimann he-400 with one of these cable options.  I love bass but with these being a warmer headphone, and bass heavy amp, would silver be a better option here to maybe balance the sound out.
  9. mikaveli06

    rsa mustang, hornet, meier stepdance, or alo mkII

      I have Miles Davis Tributes, ASG-1's, and beyerdynamic 770 (80 ohm version)  Im sure any of these amps are more than enough for these, but i am considering moving up to something like the hifiman HE-400 or HE-4, which ive read can be difficult to drive.  Of those that ive listed, or another...
  10. mikaveli06

    Time for "Game of Thrones" season 2 premier

    Anyone else as excited as i am, i have not read the books but thoroghly enjoyed 1st season.
  11. mikaveli06

    jvc 700

    how bad is the isolation really?? is it completely non-existant, or is just not as good as others....main use would be in weight room with radio blastin across gym??
  12. mikaveli06

    stick with epic 4g (galaxy s) or get sansa??

    I just got a pair of ety hf5's and love them so far, but trying to get best sound i can, within a budget. I am runnin voodoo sound and also have rockbox installed on epic, but having hard time getting good sound. I also have power amp, and have gotten better sound with that vs rockbox so far...