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    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    Yes, the design looked a little too amateurish, IMHO. I also don't see how this type of utility device would benefit from having a 2.5D screen. I think it's safe to see many would prefer durability over the limited benefit of a flowing screen.
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      I'm eagerly awaiting for it to officially drop, but, now that it's taken so long, I'm honestly considering getting another (used) PHA-3 and calling it a day. Not sure what I'll end up doing.
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    New Sony PHA-2A portable DAC

    ...why did Sony not honor the warranty? Along with the overall sonic experience, post-sale support on any device should always be factored into the buying decision.   I eagerly await your impressions.
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    New Sony PHA-2A portable DAC

      I too would like to know how this newer model holds up against the 1A/Z.   If anyone else has any experience with this and the PHA-3, please share as well!
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    The death of the DAP?

    Apple (and other companies) are moving away from dedicated DAPs because the money is no longer in the simple sale of music. Over the years, app stores and ebook stores have grown in popularity, hence more of a focus on larger, touch screen devices.        
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    Best Portable MiniDisc

    I still have this and I'll never forget: I saved up about $250 and blew the whole wad on this when I started high school many, many moons ago. It's built like a tank, and it runs on one AA battery -- not to mention the battery compartment can charge a battery within the unit as well...
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    Refurbished Sony 16GB NWZ-S545 - $68

    Just saw this in their weekly deals, and figured I should post it in case someone need a decent player with above average storage - - for under a hundie. NWZ-S545BLK | REFURBISHED - 16GB S Series Walkman® Video MP3 Player | Sony | Sony Style USA
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    Nokia N97 vs X6?

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheAndre SQ wise they are identical. I see no reason to switch to x6 which has exactly the same outdated arm11 processor that is used in n97/5800. If you want an upgrade consider n900. +1 Not to mention Nokia still hasn't decided to give their...
  9. Newtype2011

    Amp for Shure SRH840's

    Quote: Originally Posted by Achronas I am looking for an amp for the Shure SRH840's for use with my iPod Touch 2G while walking on College campus, any suggestions? I'd prefer to keep it under $100 but any suggestions over that are welcome too! I am also currently using Bose...
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    Looking for headphones, please support me :)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Shike Dude . . . he said he doesn't want sparkle and actually wants bass impact. This is not the time for Grados. I think he mentioned them because the OP isn't really sure what he/she wants. If anything, they are a step in the right direction.
  11. Newtype2011

    MP3 phones: worth bothering? best model?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Sparky191 I thought the N96 SQ isn't that good? You have to listen to it to really hear the beauty of it. Further: -dedicated sound processor -2.8 inch screen -16GB internal + microSD slot -Last.FM support: scrobbling/streaming radio...
  12. Newtype2011

    Official: Zune HD

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bullseye Gizmodo - Zune HD Hands On: Photos and Video Tour - Zune hd preview If internet browser works good on that device (and fast), I WANT ONE! I will also wait for 3rd gen itouch, but I only want it as a pda (for internet search) I was just...
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    Replace the battery or replace the iPod?

    Quote: Originally Posted by smrtby123 I am not sure of the comparison of quality from the Mini to the Clip, so hopefully someone can explain, but I love my Mini. I put a new battery in and replaced the HDD with a 32gb CF drive, and rockboxed it. Its compact, plays my flac files, has a...
  14. Newtype2011

    phone with decent SQ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by mark2410 erm why not just get a sonyerricsson smart phone then? why do americans think iphones or blackberrys are the only smart phones available? ok your canadian but same difference Outside of BB, Apple, and Nokia (S60), who else is making a...
  15. Newtype2011

    AT&T to sell iPhone without contract...

    This is non-news until Apple releases them unlocked. Further, any AT&T user with an -AT&T iPhone- will be forced to pay $30 for the data plan, regardless if the phone is unlocked/jailbroken/etc...the system can look up serial numbers and force you to pay for the more expensive data plan -
  16. Newtype2011

    apple stores got the new shuffle today

    Quote: Originally Posted by sno1man Very early impressions It's difficult to directly compare apples to apples because i dont use the apple buds with my 2nd gen shuffle and you have to with the new model. So using the new apple buds with both 2nd and 3rd gen models i do hear a...
  17. Newtype2011

    nokia 5800 xpressmusic sound quality

    Quote: Originally Posted by 3X0 The N85 I have now is respectable, better to my ears than my recently-sold iPod 5.5G Video and perhaps even comparable to my old Cowon iAudio X5L. Everything just sounds right, it has a warm sound signature (possibly different than the 5800XM?), and the...
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    suggestions for a new portable source unit

    How much should a 4th Gen Classic cost these days? I found a refurbed 30GB photo for ~$94 shipped and I'm curious if thats a decent price -
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    Sony Ericcson Walkman series better than ordinary Sony Ericsson phones?

    SE walkman phones do not have dedicated audio chips, where as some high-end Nokia's and Samsungs do. The sound of a SE and say, an N96, don't even compare: the N96 just reproduces sound far better. ...further, there is only one high-end SE that has a 3.5mm jack built-in to the unit, where as...
  20. Newtype2011

    Ipod Touch 2g is very very impressive!

    Quote: Originally Posted by rasterscan There is a rumor that Apple will allow $20 premium game on the App store. We may see games hit PSP quality/game play. Graphics-wise, I agree... ...I just don't think the controls will work well enough to justify a $20 price tag.
  21. Newtype2011

    iPod Touch - Battery life

    Battery life is good enough, especially considering what the device is doing while on eis using it under "harsh" conditions (wifi/music/touching it constantly). ...I only ever notice the battery getting slammed while I'm playing Tower Defense and listening to music at the same time.
  22. Newtype2011

    Is the iPod Touch 3G coming anytime soon?

    Quote: Originally Posted by shigzeo alas, that would just kill apple for many of us. we don't need 6 month product cycles like nvidia do for the pc enthusiast group: too expensive. plus, i think they would never be able to pull off a worthy upgrade in 6 months. one year and we got...
  23. Newtype2011

    ipod shuffle 2gen question?

    Quote: Originally Posted by profusion Hi, is sound quality of shuffle is equal to all ipods? or it cannot be compared to classic, nano and etc? It's considered by many to be one of the worst sounding ipods (which means slightly below average sound), but it can't be beat for...
  24. Newtype2011

    Beware! Version 1 Sansa Clips are showing up in Version 2 packaging...

    ...and which version is shipping with the refurb units from I suspect v1 -
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