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  1. pomegranate

    iHP-100 series rating

    For the sake of prospective buyers (and for the sake of not interfering with people's ability to express their opinion without criticism), iHP-100 series owners, please give a rating for your player and any comments you may wish to add, particularly any specific technical problems or noteworthy...
  2. pomegranate

    iHP vs iPod sound quality

    I've just started using my iHP-120, which I bought by selling my iPod (20gb 3g) and to start with I was a bit "" - not sure if I'd done the right thing - build quality and interface seemed a bit off. But then, I turned up the volume, stuck on an EQ setting, plugged in my E2s...kawow...
  3. pomegranate

    Winamp 5 - any good for ripping?

    I've started exploring Winamp now I'm moving away from iTunes, and it looks like a pretty damn sweet package all in all (less memory-heavy than iTunes and WMP, and just found internet TV streams! niice). What I'd like to know is, is it's CD ripping any good, particularly compared with iTunes...
  4. pomegranate

    iHP-120 USB 1?

    I'm hoping to get a iHP-120 in the next few days. At the moment I've only got USB 1 on my computer, and money is pretty tight (only got the exact right amount for the iHP), so not keen to get a USB 2 card straight away unless it's totally neccessary. How much slower in practical terms is USB...
  5. pomegranate

    Two iHP-120 questions

    1. Can you use any earphones as the FM aerial, or is there something special about the supplied ones that means you have to use them? 2. What programs can be used with it? I'd like to use windows media player. I really can't stand Winamp. J River looks like a possibility though. And...
  6. pomegranate

    iRiver iHP-100/120/140 questions

    Reading around, I'm growing less satisfied with my's very good in itself, iTunes is a great jukebox IMO...but I just feel like it's not as great as it could be - it's not been the music-listening experience revelation I, for some reason, expected...perhaps I've got a short attention...
  7. pomegranate

    Expert Knowledge needed - Battery life with flash memory Vs harddisks

    Sorry, this hasn't strictly got anything to do with audio, but I figured someone here might have some info Rising out of discussions on iPodlounge about convergence devices, I've been conceptualising combi devices for my own fun (sad I know...), basically a PDA/Smartphone with extensive digi...
  8. pomegranate

    Shure E2s...itchy and dry inner ears?

    The insides of my ears..not past the opening of the canal, just the "pit" i guess, have started itching these last few days, and they're pretty dry, like there is no wax at all. I'm not using the phones particularly excessively, maybe 2 hours a day if that. But I've started using the biggest...
  9. pomegranate

    Please help - Shure in UK

    Advance apologies for double-posting ( ) but I am really desperate and realised this would be a better place to ask: does anyone in the UK (THE UK, for emphasis) know where I can get Shure earphones? I've found a store in London, but would...
  10. pomegranate

    UK availability of

    Sorry to keep going on, but does anyone in the UK (THE UK, for emphasis) know where I can get Shure earphones? I've found a store in London, but would prefer somewhere in either south west Wales (where I live) Birmingham area (my sister could get them) or Cornwall (my parents). Any ideas, cos...
  11. pomegranate


    I'm probably going to settle for Sennheiser earbuds, MX400, 450RC or 500s, to replace the Apple bundled ones that came with iPod. I want to know if any of these models do that sound-isolation thing? Cos I want to be able to listen loud and clear, but don't want to have to annoy people around...
  12. pomegranate

    iPod capacity

    Apple states its capacity as 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000 songs for the new model iPod. However, I can't figure out what encoding this is based on. I am ripping my cds into AAC 224, what sort of volume of songs will this result in for the 20GB model? P
  13. pomegranate

    Expert advice needed, please help

    Well, having had pretty much "we don't know" back from Toshiba UK about the Gigabeat G-20, and still not being able to get over the bulk and weight of the Zen NX and the price and looks of the iHP-120, I've taken a rather drastic decision. I'm going to re-rip all of my cds into MP3 or AAC and...