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    Some of the myths associated with K701/2

    -Its bright -needs lot of burn-in time -its power hungry -its lacking in bass -it sounds "plasticy" -it sounds "chalky" -it has cheap cables -its made in china -it does not work well with tube amps -only poor people like it -it needs a $10,000 system -it can put a dent on your skull...
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    Asus Xonar STX built-in amp and K701 synergy

    This is a scientific validation as to why Asus Xonar STX built-in amp has almost perfect synergy with AKG 701 at its 64-300ohms setting. AKG 701's maximum power input 200mw at 1hz. Asus Xonar STX power output 3.52V @ +12dB for headphones with impedances of 64–300 ohms • Power (P)...
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    I think this would a good idea

    I think people need to list the sort of music they listen to most frequently in their signature. I say that because every time one asserts that, "x headphone sounded better to me than y headphone." People should have an idea as to 'based on what sort of music'. In case that is inconvenient...
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    JVC FX66 is the best headphone I have owned since HD600

    JVC FX66 is a must have headphone for all head-fi junkies. its comfortable, fits snugly and it sounds wonderful. huge soundstage, punching bass and lovely highs. its the best sounding headphone at its price and more. Get one and try it, you'd be surprised. I'm not somebody who gets...
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    Need your feedback with this simple experiment

    I don't post here that often but I'm a regular visitor. Anyway, hopefully I have contributed something positive to head-fi with this simple experiment. The obligatory picture first: As you can see those two headphones are [left] creative EP630 and [right] JVC FX33. I simply put the...
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    I listened to my HD600 after more than a year...

    Don't ask me why. All i can say is that life sometimes overwhelms you and you loose sight of those small pleasures... So, anyway, my HD600 had been laying on the shelf (inside its box) and today I finally took it out and started listening... All i can say is that I felt emotional by the...
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    Depeche Mode fans take notice

    Someone on youtube have made a politically charged video of the single by Depeche Mode, "John The Revelator". Not only is this video really well-made but almost feels like a professional job. Please only comment on the artistic nature of the video, no politics...
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    I had a can of Red Bull and a half hour later i fell asleep!

    Recently I have been feeling really tired so I thought, why not try an energy drink. I bought a four pack of Red Bull and drunk one of the cans (250 ml). I lay in my bed, ready to be energized and feel alert, to my surprise I had fallen asleep, and I woke up really grouchy. Today I drunk another...
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    I just bought Sony XD200 for CDN$39

    From sony store in my local shopping mall. Futureshop also sells it for the same price online... couldn't say no to it for that price -- I'll post some thoughts later on.
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    If you have the dreadful Sony MDR-V600 I have a suggestion for you

    Replace its cable with a well shielded DIY cable and terminate it with a nice mini or 1.4" connector. I had an MDR V600 which I had received as a gift long time ago. This morning I was kind of bored so I replaced it's cable with a 6' CAt5 cable... Now you expect me to tell you that...
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    This new toy is hot!

    Quote: OAKLEY THUMP™ is the world's first digital music eyewear. No more wires. Just high-performance optics forged with an integrated, state-of-the-art digital audio engine. Listen to music virtually anywhere. Change the way you see and hear the world. OAKLEY THUMP comes in seven color...
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    How to install SoundBlaster Audigy 2ZS drivers on Live!/Audigy/Audigy 2

    Check THIS thread in driverheaven for the original post. This is a very simple soft-mod and worthwhile for those with Live/Audigy and Audigy2 soundcards... I installed it for my Audigy2 OEM which I use for gaming. I followed the direction in the guide and everything went without a hitch...
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    How to make best use of this beast? [56k warning]

    This is a TOA 500 Series Amp model A-506A - Details. I bought this amplifier really cheap from someone to see what I can do with it. After I brought it home I realized that I have no idea how to use this amp, the back connections are totally confusing... I would really appreciate some...
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    ASIO4All stopped me from getting rid of Chaintech AV710

    Out of curiosity I purchased a chintech AV710. I received it a couple days back and went to install/set it up according to ‘graphic guide…’ thread. Everything went smoothly and I did not encounter any trouble with Audigy2 also installed (w/ all it's bloatware) in the same computer. Then after...
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    External PCI slot for PCI soundcards

    People who criticize PC as source usually mention that the soundcard inside the computer case is susceptible to internal noise and electronic activity of the computer components. I agree with that opinion to a certain extent, but I think there is a potential solution to that problem. Since...
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    FYI: CHAINTECH AV-710 for CDN$19.99

    I came upon this deal in NCIX ( ) couldn't resist so ordered one. As of posting this thread only 21 left!
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    What does "Digital" imply on headphones packing?

    In some headphones packing one finds 'digital' marking, it is usually in packing or on the ear-cups. Most of these headphones are cheap consumer level cans, but I have always wondered what 'digital' has got to do with headphones where these cans connect to an analog regular output like all other...
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    Impressions on the Sennheiser Orpheus by Jan Meier

    Link I saw this post in headwiz forums... go and read it you will be surprised!
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    Diana Krall, I never thought this will happen...

    I posted a month or so asking to recommend me a female Jazz vocalist... among many recommendations there was Diana Krall... I found few mp3s of all those recommended singers and thought let me see which one is to my liking. The great old female Jazz singers like Elle Fitzgerald, Billy...
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    Breakdown of Gaming Headphones/Headsets [Link Inside]

    Here is a comprehensive breakdown of gaming headphones/headsets with review and score. The article is from and will be a useful reference thread for those 'recommend me a gaming headphone' questions. Quote: Final Verdict: Rank Headphone/Headset Movies Music Games...
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    Behringer HA4700 Powerplay Pro XL Headphone Amplifier for HD580?

    What you think about this amp for my HD580? This amp or headsave's minime?
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    PX100 sounds better than SR60?

    This is very strange... I have with me right now a well burned-in Grado Sr60 (stock pads), and a Sennheiser PX100, which is not burned-in as well as the SR60. Same setup Audigy2 without an amp. I'm listening to "Once up a time in the west", Dire Straits. PX100 sounds more detailed...
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    Is "" reliable?

    Hi, I live in Toronto Canada, and I ordered a Sennheiser HD580 fro etronics... I placed the order on Nov 13, and except a single e-mail confirming my purchase I have not heard anything else from them. I send an E-mail to them, no response. I called them up, and they're saying that it has gone...