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    Jan Meier: Ultrasone Edition7

    For those who might have overlooked it, Jan Meier has posted impressions on this phone over at HeadWize. Headphone Reviews » Listening to the Ultrasone Edition7! TravelLite
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    An interesting DT770 variant

    Apparently Beyerdynamic has introduced a new specialist phone, the DT770 "M". The PDF download (230 KB) highlights quite a few differences (efficiency, impedance, isolation, clamping force, cord style, and so on) from the familiar DT770/770 PRO. News - New Products - DT 770 M...
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    Controversial/interesting digital "tweak"

    As I haven't noticed the broad subject mentioned here at Head-Fi, just for fun, I thought I'd link to the following two related Audio Asylum posts. General Asylum - "Perfect CD Sound...and PAUSE/SKIP track access" Hi-Rez Highway - "Hifi Choice Oct 2003 Issue - Jimmy’s Tweaks #13" Along...
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    Beatles' remakes: Miscellany

    Just a few examples of Beatles-tune remakes that are currently available on CD. One thing the following albums have in common is that their melody and rhythm, although often embellished, remain reasonably faithful to The Beatles originals. With the exception of the last album, all offer a...
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    Inexpensive Koss EQ for PCDP

    Does anyone have any experience, or an informed opinion regarding this product? With or without a portable amp for that matter. Koss eq50 Three-band Equalizer: Apparently, no other company currently manufactures a similar device for...