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  1. mmmmcheese

    I have found my sound and to celebrate…….

    Red Hot Chili Pepers - Stadium Arcadium
  2. mmmmcheese

    Portable setup giveaway!

    I would use my Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO
  3. mmmmcheese

    Speaker help

    I would suggest using something like this
  4. mmmmcheese

    Ultimate Ears 5EB...

    "too bassy" ??!!!! is there such a thing!!!? lol
  5. mmmmcheese

    How much money do you save per month?

    I am only 16 but i probaly save between 250 and 450 per month in savings
  6. mmmmcheese


    I eat there alot because i work there. I think my favorite is the double cheese burger with sweet and sour souce. Its really good.
  7. mmmmcheese

    all this talk about $$

    i am only 16 so obviously 25,000 and under
  8. mmmmcheese

    Good Gaming Headphones? (and some other questions)

    DT770 end of story. (Do some searching)
  9. mmmmcheese

    What's your favorite cheese?

    Quote: Originally Posted by tennisets Anyone else a big fan of cheese? <<<
  10. mmmmcheese

    Now I can check Head-fi EVERYWHERE!!!!

    I do the same thing on my Samsung SCH-A940
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    Welcome to headfi and sorry about your wallet I can't believe you guys... 2 posts before a real welcome... jeez
  12. mmmmcheese

    Need Recommendation: Mic for online multiplayer games?

    I have a mic that clips to my shirt and that works really well. i would get that desktop mic though.
  13. mmmmcheese

    Best bang/buck speaker cable?

    I have the av123 sp-200 cable and love it. or if you need longer lengths...
  14. mmmmcheese

    Best cans for POWERFUL and RATTLING bass?

    The reason most people don't like Bose is that they highly over price their headphones and other products and make them seem like they are the end of all products when there are many other better options IMO of course
  15. mmmmcheese

    Best cans for POWERFUL and RATTLING bass?

    The DT770 is an AMAZING headphone to use for gaming. I have had countless times where they have saved my life in counter strike source. The soundstage really gives me the upper edge on everyone else. PLus the bass in nice for explosions and shooting. They are really comfy for long hours and are...
  16. mmmmcheese

    How many hours a day, do you listen to your headphones?

    less than 30 minutes now that I have nice speakers to listen to.
  17. mmmmcheese

    Speaker recommendations <$3000

    You may want to look at the Onix speakers from They have a laid back sound that I really love. They also have some really great deals going on right now.
  18. mmmmcheese

    Check this out! (xbox 360 related)

    One of my friends from work said that he bought two 360's and sold them both on ebay for over 1000. Crazy people... EDIT: I just saw one auction over the course of less than two minutes go from $1,027 to $1,525. That was the premium bundle with no extras.
  19. mmmmcheese

    Check this out! (xbox 360 related) People are acttually selling xbox360's for over 2 grand! Oh man I need to get like 4 ps3's when they come out and sell them on the bay for that.
  20. mmmmcheese

    The "You" Sandwich Thread!

    Mine would be... smoked turkey breast with REAL american cheese and mayo, arizona heat mustard, lettuce, tomato, jalepeneos on crispy wheat bread. mmmmsandwich...
  21. mmmmcheese

    Head-fi's Annual Christmas Music Exchange!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wmcmanus Hey Jason, I'm in!!! Thanks for getting the process started again. BTW, I'd highly recommend that those of you who have not done so yet, sign up for, which sends any and all discs from their catalog to your door for $5.99...
  22. mmmmcheese

    Awesome Xmas Lights!!!

    Thats cool, I bet the neigbors would get pretty pissed with that going all night.
  23. mmmmcheese

    DIY amps: Dynalo vs. Millet Hybrid

    I have a chance to get one of these amps made for me. I am not sure about the specs but I can get it somwhat costumized. I like my sound a bit laid back with strong bass and slightly bright highs. I will be using one of these with my Onix XCD-88. I listen to almost entirly rock. A little bit of...