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  1. riotgrrl

    Sony NW-ZX300

    Sony will be introducing a second Walkman along with the NW-A40, the ZX300. The new ZX300 will have a similar design to the older ZX100, but will offer a slimmer design, include 2 outputs on the top of device like the ZX2. Controls have been moved to the side of the device with a touch screen...
  2. riotgrrl

    Is there a portable headphone amp similar to Audiolab 8000A ?

    Hi,   I have a DX50 and a pair of HD598's. I've been somewhat disappointed with the sound but recently I ran it through my 17 year old Audiolab 8000A and suddenly everything makes sense! The 598's are really singing now!   The sound is so much more fuller and really gives the phones the...