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  1. snarkyd

    Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones Review

      To be fair, my P5s technically still work. They just gunk up my hair every on occasion :-\     I agree, ViolinsNVolta. It's unbelievable. Especially for the price, which is quite a bit (yes, I know there are cans that cost more than $300). Also, I agree that the 598s are excellent and...
  2. snarkyd

    Bowers & Wilkins P5 Mobile Headphones Review

    My P5s are the same way. Slimy and gross. I think the adhesive that bonds the cloth to the metal melts, but it's strange that it doesn't solidify again. Some of it actually migrated to the outer edges of the leather pads. It has sort of soured me on the headphones and B&W in general, sad to say.
  3. snarkyd

    Best headphones for classic music

    I already love this thread. Looking forward to trying out the other headphones people have recommended so far. I enjoy the 650, too. I also recommend the K712 Pro, which has exceptional imaging and enough in the lower end to capture the resonances of cellos, basses, drums. I should also...
  4. snarkyd

    (NEW) FiiO E12A for IEMs!

    Sadly, I find the X3 LO to be much too high as well. Using the e12A on low gain I can barely get the dial past 9 using 846s.
  5. snarkyd

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi, fellow head-fiers!   Just wanted to introduce myself. Longtime lurker/browser that finally decided to join the community and give back after many years of using the forums as an excellent place for opinions about new cans.   Though I have somewhat broad musical tastes, I primarily listen...
  6. snarkyd

    Buyer's remorse ... Did I just waste my money? Note4/SE-535's/FiiO E12A

    I don't have experience with the GN4. That being said, I ran the e12A via ho on my iphone 6 using shure 846s as the iem. It was noticeably better. The imaging was superior, the bass was prominent but didn't intrude on the mids, there was virtually no hiss, and it made the overall sound a bit...