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  1. buddymydog

    Bluetooth speakers

    It seems there has been a rise of bluetooth speaker popularity. i was wondering if headfiers out here have any thoughts of which bluetooth speakers sound the best/ have the best features etc. i am interested possibly in the soundfreaq kick....i like its features and my son has one so ive...
  2. buddymydog

    Tekfusion® Twinwoofers® In-Ear Headphones - Reviewers Needed!

    I am an audio enthusiast and would love to review one of your products.  I currently own a pair of xears iems, audio technical im50 and also a pair of sennheiser hd650's.  I have also owned a pair of vsonic gr07's.   Thanks so much and God bless
  3. buddymydog


    My guesses:  86.3lbs                       96.2lbs                      143.2lbs
  4. buddymydog

    Senn HD-650 amp question

    So I won a Senn HD-650 on Ebay.....woot woot   I've been curious about hearing one for about a year and I keep coming back to it so I pulled the trigger and hopefully its a great deal at $305.  My question is, I am planning on buying a Little Dot MKii headphone amp, and I am using a Sansa...
  5. buddymydog

    Headphone help

    Looking for: some bass slam with good quality and quantity, forward mids, sparkly treble, good detail, big soundstage, good attack, quick....full size, open for $400 or under (gonna get an amp later)..... I don't want a slow headphone Also if you have a suggestion, feel free to suggest a...
  6. buddymydog

    iFi nano iCAN. "Name that Attenuator" competition. Winner no. 1 winner of iCAN nano is...

    My submissions ;)   1. The iFi SoothCriminal 2. The iFi HushPuppy 3. The iFi Tranquilix
  7. buddymydog

    V-Moda XS Review!- Fantastic all arounder= small, comfortable, great features, durable, customizable and lastly great looking (Form fitting)

    I have enough for a XS  now but I was thinking about saving for a Sennheiser HD-650 and a Bottlecrack amp.    So I am looking for a "WOW" factor LOL,   All I have now is my Xears xe200Pros IEMS,  They are amazing but Just want something to Listen too at home.   I like to watch "game of thrones"...
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  9. buddymydog

    free gifts of RE600, HM700 and RE400

    Thanks so much for the opportunity I am and my twitter is Jamie grant @Jamie_Grant1972 I have liked you at hifiman electronics (wished I had known about the photo contest LOL) and I have followed you on twitter. :)
  10. buddymydog

    Vsonic GR07: Perfection (Added MKII vs Bass Edition 24/03)

    Just recieved mine, im new at this lol, how do i change the tips? Just pull them off? Is there a technique lol
  11. buddymydog

    Quick Take: Beyer DT-235 vs. Senn HD 238

    Ok heres the Deal, I haven't heard the DT's but I did own the 238's and I must say my Sennheiser PX100 sounded way better then the 238's, the 238's just sounded Veiled (kind of like being in another room) and the Px100ii's sound very engaging, I guess its just that they have way better soundstage
  12. buddymydog

    Short Sennheiser PX-100 II review

    I Have owned the px100 and I now own the px100ii, and I think the sound has been an improvement, the bass is better for me and not too overpowering, the mids are top notch, the highs could be better (after hearing the highs of the grado sr125's) and it has a very impressive soundstage. The...
  13. buddymydog

    Boston MA 3-6-2010 Meet Impressions

    Sounds like alot of fun, I live in maine but I couldn't go, but I will keep on the lookout for the next one. .. .. ... JJG
  14. buddymydog

    Custom vs non custom

    I am going with the es3x, I got a quote so far of 900.00 (thats everything) I am going to call more audiologists on monday to see if they are all in the same ballpark. Oh and how do you grow out of a custom? are we talking 5 years? 10 years? and is their something you can do about it? can you...
  15. buddymydog

    Custom vs non custom

    I have narrowed my potential choice of custom phones to the Westone es3x, (after much reading and reading and reading and my budget). but I am curious am I gonna get "better" sound with the custom as opposed to just getting a sennheiser ie8 non custom, or even having molds made for the ie8 ear...
  16. buddymydog

    Denon ah d5000

    Wow thanks Guys, your a big help
  17. buddymydog

    shure se530 vs westone 3

    I would love to hear any experience/:comparisons between the two.
  18. buddymydog

    Full size cans with an amp or canalphones without

    I will not be walking around with large headphones on my head LOL, just for home use, I would settle with my sennheiser px's for outside portable use if I bought a set of large cans
  19. buddymydog

    Full size cans with an amp or canalphones without

    I am considering a full size can for my sansa media player, I am also going to purchase an amp, I have started using lossless files. I am considering either an akg k701 or a denon ah d5000 My amp choice so far may be a headroom micro amp, ray samuels hornet or even possibly a Pico portable. I...
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