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  1. dabblerblue

    Koss Can't Be Beat! (Video)

    Saw this on the Everything Is Terrible! site. Koss Can't Be Beat! Is this for real? Yikes!
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    Current amp just bit it -- Time for a new one.

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll need to get my hands on a special screwdriver to take a look at the fuse. Hopefully I won't end up having to replace this after all! If it has finally and definitely kicked the bucker, i'll check out Woo Audio.
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    Current amp just bit it -- Time for a new one.

    Well essentially I was listening to it and it shut off. Can't get it to do anything now. Swapped for a different cable and changed outlets...still nothing. Haven't tried opening it yet, but I wouldn't know what to do once I got in there, anyways.
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    Current amp just bit it -- Time for a new one.

    Well, after almost exactly 6 years of constant and faithful service, my Corda HA-1 MkII just bit the dust. R.I.P. So the search begins for a worthy successor to power my Sennheiser HD-650 and Grado RS-1 headphones, as well as many others. Thinking about trying tubed this time, like maybe...
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    Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy - Buckethead

    I'm listening to this now, and was liking it just fine until I got to 'Street Of Dreams'... ARGH
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    Happy Fallout 3 Day!

    Picking up my super duper extra special lunchbox edition today. Anyone else excited about playing this game today? War... War never changes.
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    B grade songs you like from B grade movies.

    The entire Hardware soundtrack! (Yes, I know this is cheating.)
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    A buddy of mine just released his first album. It's kind of high energy, all electronic industrial-influenced stuff. Some people here might like it, and he released mp3s of the album on his site, so I figured I'd spread the word for him as a friend. The site. The mp3s, including album art.
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    Good source for free Album Art?

    I uses a lot.
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    Metallica - One - any remaster ?

    There is actually a decent japanese remaster, in the form of one of their mini-LP editions (which are actually CDs, despite the name). Beefs up the bass somewhat. This is my preferred version to listen to atm. I believe it's OOP atm, but I'm pretty sure you can find them through ebay or...
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    Your Favorite Nine Inch Nails Song

    Gave Up, as remixed by COIL on the Fixed EP got me into the band, so I'll stick with it.
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    Official Foobar Gallery

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    help with my xfi audio settings for gaming.

    Ah, thanks for the input. Much appreciated!
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    Yuin Pk2

    Just ordered a pair of these for the same purpose, as well! Can't wait for them to show up
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    0404 USB and ASIO question

    I've always had this problem, as well. There doesn't seem to be a fix, and the 0404|USB is the only device this happens with (doesn't happen with 0404|PCI or Auzentech X-Fi Prelude). While I was using the 0404|USB, I basically just had to deal with it, since it persisted through several...
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    help with my xfi audio settings for gaming.

    Do these different modes have much of an effect on the audio quality? I just bought the prelude to use as a gaming solution, and I was going to use my 0404|USB for listening to music, but I'm starting to wonder if I can just put the prelude in gaming mode (with Crystalizer and CMSS disabled) and...
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    Cowboy Junkies - The Trinity Session

    They're supposedly re-recording this album for some anniversary release, but I can't see how they could possibly improve upon it. A real canadian classic. I pass by the church they recorded it in a lot.
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    Boston lead singer Brad Delp dies at 55

    When I was a young kid, 'Long Time' (with the awesome 'Foreplay' organ intro) was probably my very first experience with Rock and Roll music. I have since moved on through other genres and artists which I enjoy far more, but I'll always remember that song quite fondly for sparking my interest...
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    Joy Division remasters

    Interesting. On Amazon there are listings for remastered Joy Division albums coming out at the end of the month. Unknown Pleasures Closer Still I sure hope they turn out well!
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    Does Gears of War deserve all the rave?

    The game is just a hell of a lot of fun. Co-op mode with headsets is good for a laugh, and unlocking achievements together (the Dom-specific achievements are hilarious) is just an all-around good time. Plus, Cole Train is just an awesome character in the story!
  21. dabblerblue

    Music videos - The Internet gold mine

    I've been going pretty nuts over Youtube, too. Seems like a good way to check out bands to see if you'll like the music. Here are some of my favourite youtube vids: Joy Division - Transmission (live, with some bonus John Cooper-Clarke) David Bowie - Heroes (live) Nine Inch Nails -...
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    Looking for stuff like :wumpscut: and Rammstein..

    Back around the Bunkertor 7 album, my friends and I used to comment on how :wumpscut: sounded a lot like Leatherstrip. Specifically, the "Underneath The Laughter" album.
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    Katie Jane Garside

    I'm sitting here listening to a new Katie Jane Garside album (lalleshwari - lullabies in a glass wilderness), and it's quite nice. Which is a neat trick, because I thought she was dead! Apparently I have a good 10 years of her music career to catch up on, hah!
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    Sarah Maclachlan

    I'm pretty big on just about everything off of Fumbling Towards Ecstacy. There's nothing else she's done that I care for.