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    Free Headphone Amplifier DIY Package

    So, I used to build headphone amplifiers and some of you might even have some of my creations. And now, I need to clean out the garage. So, everything I have left is up for grabs. The only catch, you have to take it all.   What I have? Three Akro-Mills full of components (resisters, all VD...

    THAT High-End Balanced Line Receiver

    This part isn't available yet, but it uses a design that I read about in the technical paper. It sounds like a very nice solution for connecting a balanced output card (like the Emu 1212m) to an amplifier such as a PPA. Of course, a board would have to be built, but there is room above the input...

    EAGLE is driving me nuts!

    ExpressPCB is super easy to use, but the board costs are insane. So I'm trying to learn Eagle to design my next project. This program just seems very non-intuitive and difficult to use. Does anyone know of a good tutorial for circuit design using Eagle that includes multiple IC's and so...

    PPA Voltage Drop to Op Amp Question

    I have started building my PPA (thanks for the quick shipping Tangent, the boards were here in two days). I plan to initially use the amplifier with the 637/627 combination, but I also have a set of three AD8610 chips ready to be mounted on adapters for some op-amp rolling to compare sound. I've...

    RFC: ITZBITZ Power Supply Board Layout

    After a long vacation from electronics (around ten years), I just built my first headphone amp a few weeks ago (PIMETA). Since I listen to music all day at work, I've gotten hooked on hi-fi. After ordering a Sonica and all the parts to build a PPA, I decided I need to build a really cool power...

    Using +/- Power Supply Versus +/G For Amp

    I'm fairly new to all this, so I'd like to pass a seemingly simple question that I can't seem to find an answer to yet. I want to build a power supply for various amp projects (PIMETA so far, PPA coming soon) and I'm looking at the PS-1 as an example. While I don't mind waiting for the PPA PS...