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  1. pdupiano

    Questions of Science and Progress?

    A few weeks ago I chimed in on a proscience/cable debate and well since the last post I made, i've pretty much stayed away from the science forums because of something I read. The quote I read from Rroseperry was:     Quote:   From what I can garner from his previous posts, he is a...
  2. pdupiano

    MOT/ Diyer/Psuedo-pro/Pro/issues

    In light of recent events including some MOT's and N_Maher and Dr. Gilmore's findings with regards to some Singlepower amps as well as the massive uproar and mob-like mentality on head-fi, its becoming clear that there needs to be some form of regulation (well maybe not regulation) but something...
  3. pdupiano

    Modding my way to the perfect Grados

    I've been a long grado fan... for well since I started head-fi and getting into music. I know that a lot of folks don't like grado for a lot of various reasons, but I've always felt that there is truly something amazing about the openness of their headphones. Its just so uncany that no other...
  4. pdupiano

    The argument to end all cable wars

    Well sorry the title is BS. obv there isn't one. but I just wanted to see if you'd read this... But while you're here, try this argument out: 1. Science is based on a. Observations (experience) b. Reproducibility of a phenomenon 2. Listening to cables is based on a. Observations (my...
  5. pdupiano

    MarkL modded K701

    I've been posting a lot of non diy material lately so I figure I'd post this up. I recently markl moded my k701's using blue tack as a "trial" attempt. I can't take pics at the moment, but I will when I open them up again to do a real markl mod using dynamat. I wantd to mod them to increase...
  6. pdupiano

    Working on the gs1000 (*****56K Warning****)

    Hey folks, does anyone know of a "safe" way to recable the gs1000's? I've worked on several grado models, but none of the wood cupped ones (rs and gs series). I was wondering what the process looks like because the wood ones feel lighter and easer to break as opposed to the metal and plastic...
  7. pdupiano

    MDR sa5000 pads

    Hey folks, I tried looking for a fresh pair of SA5000 pads on the web and I sent a few emails to sony, but I haven't gotten anywhere. I was hoping someone who owns a pair knows where I can get a hold of some fresh pads otherwise I'd have to make them myself. Thanks, Paul
  8. pdupiano

    Diy Balanced Dac

    Does anyone know of a Diy balanced dac floating around the net? I was thinking of just making an inverter for my gamma 1 to get the signals necessary, but I'm worried about the possible phase shifts if I'm not careful. Before I go down that route, I'd appreciate any inputs, especially if anyone...
  9. pdupiano

    IPhone LOD

    I'm curious if any DIYer or MOT have tried making iphone LOD's with some form of noise canceling like copper braid around the wires etc.. I don't think the rf noise is an issue for other ipods but the iphone should be susceptible. The way I figure, the LOD is acting as the only real bare part of...
  10. pdupiano

    DIY Exotic Supplies

    Hey everybody, I've been looking into getting some exotic lumber to work with like rosewood and after a few hours of internet surfing, I've found a relatively local store (about 2 hours away) called I'm located in New Jersey and I was wondering if anyone knew of any stores...
  11. pdupiano

    Quick Sennheiser IE8 Test please help

    Hey Folks, I just noticed that my senn's are a little weird. I plug them into my pc and I check the left and right channel. I go to the volume control and while I have music playing I toggle the balance to the left and to the right. When I toggle to the right, I can only hear music from the...
  12. pdupiano

    ATH-ESW9 Request for Info

    Hey everybody, I'm in a DIY mood as of late and I want to try to make my own portable headphones. Could someone get the dimensions of the ESw9 headband? Here are pics for the measurements I would need. Thanks for the help everybody. I think a piece of string tracing out the lenght of...
  13. pdupiano

    How to DIY Balanced XLR

    Hey everybody, I've been looking online to make my own balanced cable for my headphones, but everywhere I look all I see are 3 terminal XLR's not balanced (2 plug, 3 terminal) XLRs. Does anyone know how the wiring is done for the 2 plug balanced XLR? Thanks in advance for any help
  14. pdupiano

    The Monster.... Turbine... thinggy

    Just got my package and I wanted to put up some pics of the packaging etc.. Looks pretty nice and the mini triple flanges are a real surprise, I Wish more companies (Cough cough.. ety) would make them. Enjoy, I'll post impressions later in the week. I've been listening to these for about 30...
  15. pdupiano

    try this with your iems

    If you have interchangeable tips (particularly small diameter shafts (etys and shures and westones) Try the reverse mod seen here: I posted it in the W3 forum but I think it works for most iems, its really good with the etys esp if your not used to the triple flange feeling. The best part...
  16. pdupiano

    KSC75 resistor?

    So I just finished recabling my KSC75's and I decided to add a resistor in line (approx 75ohms). I just measured the resistance and its about 132ohms/channel. First impressions... well they seem pretty good, and I have to say I might just end up preferring these to my SR80's. They just seem more...
  17. pdupiano

    Van the Man

    Has anyone gotten a chance to listen to both the original Van Morrison CD's and the newly remastered ones? If so do you guys have any comments/recommendations? Thanks.
  18. pdupiano

    ipod Mini Help

    Hey everybody, I recently got a batch of ipod mini parts that I wanted to try out but I noticed something wierd. I put together an ipod mini with all working parts, board/hd/headphone jack/battery etc.. And it works great out of the case. I can sync etc.. Then when I put it back into the case...
  19. pdupiano

    Receiver as an Amp

    Hey folks, I've gotten fairly lucky in the past few days.I bought a broken Marantz SR8400 Receiver and a Rotel CD951 for about 10% of their MSRP. With a bit of tinkering, I was able to fix the headphone output on the Marantz and I've been using it as a headphone amplifier for the Rotel CD951...
  20. pdupiano

    Girlfriends and IEMS ... and the trouble they cause

    Hey everybody, My gf's birthday is coming up and I wanted to grab her a pair of iem's (I would go for full blown headphones like the akg's or senn's but I doubt she'd ever use them....but I would). Anyway I'm thinking of getting her a pair of Se530's. I love my pair to death, but I think I...