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  1. BeauRoger

    Sound card recommendation for Sennheiser HD598?

    Im by no means an audiophile, but Istill cared enough to invest at least some money in a sound solution because I listen to music mostly through my computer and do a fair bit of gaming as well. I got myself a pair of Sennheiser HD598 to that end, and since i didnt want to spend too much more...
  2. BeauRoger

    UE600 for 73 $ or Soundmagic 30 for 58$?

    So i have been looking around this site and some other review sites and have found these two canditates.. Logitech UE60 and Soundmagic E30. I dont know much about headphones, but id rather not go over 80$ and i live in sweden, so many of the popular headphones around here are not available to...