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    Free Headphone Amplifier DIY Package

    So, I used to build headphone amplifiers and some of you might even have some of my creations. And now, I need to clean out the garage. So, everything I have left is up for grabs. The only catch, you have to take it all.   What I have? Three Akro-Mills full of components (resisters, all VD...

    Shure SE846 Impressions Thread

    Got mine today, and the clear bass definition is incredible. The staging is really, really good.    I'm coming from years on my SE535 (since release, they've been my only IEM I ever use) and the sound is so much nicer. I'm shocked, honestly.

    How's the dt880'03 with Downtempo, trip hop, and ambient?

    I loved the DT880 for the exact type of music you mention. I bought them in 2003 I think, so they were an earlier model, the ones that came in the metal box. I powered them with a PPA amplifier from a CD player source and they sounded great. For a while, I powered them with a Apple Airport...

    E500's are in!! Wow...what a great day!

    I don't think the e500 his as much as the e4c from my experience with the 4g ipod. Also, using the HD Audio Renderer @ 24-bit 96 KHz (change settings in QuickTime when using iTunes/ALC) these have a real nice sound to them but I have to use the included volume control since the line out...

    Shure E500's - May or June?

    FYI, I never got a shipping notice, e-mail, etc. I just got a box this morning via USPS. I ordered in early May, not sure of the date exactly but I think I posted here when I made the order about it.

    UE XXX no more!

    I guess they figured with a name like that they would never end up in the top 10,000,000 search results on Google.

    E500's are in!! Wow...what a great day!

    Quote: Originally Posted by nsjong There's already a impression here: The guy got it 2 days before! :O No lossless audio sources used for the comparison? What a waste. FYI, these just keeping getting better the more I...

    E500's are in!! Wow...what a great day!

    I got my e500's today too. I let them run for about three hours with a loud setting just lying on my desk while I attended to some work/meetings/lunch and am giving them a listen. Bass is strong, midrange is very good, highs are brighter than I expected and not fatiguing at all. The midrange...

    Shure E500's - May or June?

    e500 received!

    Shure E500's - May or June?

    Thanks for the update, I'm shure people are anxiously awaiting their parts! I'm not shure if mine have shipped yet, but you can be shure I'll be checking my e-mail soon. There should be a ton of reviews posted soon I'm shure.

    Are IEM’s any better at noise reduction than plain, old foam ear plugs?

    Quote: Originally Posted by DrJon A little off topic... but do you think Apple lossless is the best sound quality format for ripping CDs onto the hard drive, and then sending them to the ipod? Without question, it's the best sound quality out of the iPod.

    Shure E500's - May or June?

    Thanks for the update Todd, I presume our credit cards won't be charged until they ship as usual?

    UM56 with E5c or E500 (?)

    Someone from Shure replied to another thread asking the exact question and the response was that the shaft diameter has not changed so they should fit with the e500.

    Shure 500's over-hyped?

    Quote: Originally Posted by sxr71 I agree completely and also add that the last thing I want in a pair of headphones is a crossover network. They are a neccessary evil in loudspeakers and totally uncalled for in headphones. Wow, this is the type of thinking that made the Bose 901...

    UM-56 and the upcoming shure E500

    Very nice, time to call my audiologist and make that appointment.

    Driving with headphones?

    Most states amended their laws to make using a cell phone headset legal, since the earphone exclusion prevented them from wearing anything. Some states allow one ear, some states actually say "completely hands-free" but that legislation is still pending (yeah, pending a payoff from lexus and...

    Shure E500's - May or June?

    That's good to hear about June, I've got a air trip July 4th and the 14th and would like to have the upgrade to do some extensive comparisons. Now to finish my portable amp before the trip.. Stupid half-built amps lying around, one of them has to be close to working.

    Custom Ear molds for In ear buds?

    Sweet, thanks for the 411. My friend's wife is an audiologist and represents Westone so I'm getting the hookup on some UM56 for my E4c. Well, at least I was until I wanted to make sure they'll work with the E500 since I just ordered a pair of those yesterday. Either way, she's going to make the...

    Beydynamic 880 headphones / ipod question

    Without an amp, you'll never realize the full potential of the DT880. And the stronger the amp, the better.

    High End IEMs: If I bite the bullet, which way to go?

    Ah, nice, just pre-ordered. A friend's wife is an audiologist and is going to hook me up with a custom-fitted set of inserts once they verify they fit the e500 (they fit the e5c, but who knows for sure).

    High End IEMs: If I bite the bullet, which way to go?

    $399 e500? I understood they were to cost $499. And waiting for the used e4c's to show up in the marketplace might be a good idea. That's where mine will be.

    Ear+HD chassis and layout (updated pics page 3)

    Wow, that transformer arrangement looks... ahem... interesting.

    good isolating IEMs that would completely block mowers/weed eaters?

    I always mow with the triple flange e4c on the iPod. Makes it a LOT more entertaining and I don't mind the time to listen to a couple of albums. I even edge/trim and clean up afterwards.

    PCM2702 USB DAC Revision B

    Quote: Originally Posted by Alf Magsy did tests with EMU0404. The best figures were when connected to a laptop. It did not matter whether it was USB or battery. Then goes PC/battery and the worst one is PC/USB. There is no information whether ITZBITZ used a laptop or a PC. My...

    Arrgh, what happened... DT880

    I so miss my DT880's. If I was to take another "deep dive" my first priority would be to obtain another pair of the DT880's... Sourced from my SD3950 (modded with full power supply, caps, OPA627 output stage), into my old PPA juicing the DT880's was some serious late night audio-nirvana...